Mercenaries Saga Chronicles is a collection of three tactical RPGs arisen by Rideon Inc. And also published by circle Entertainment. The compilation is composed of 3 games: will certainly of the White Lions, order of the silver- Eagle and The Gray wolves War. Before the move release, White Lions to be a Japan-only mobile game while the various other two to be released top top the 3DS in lot of markets. Under the Chronicles collection, you acquire three finish games for the existing price that $14.99USD. It’s tough to not appreciate the worth that the games show up to give, particularly given the price point. However the million dollar concern is this: Is Mercenaries Saga Chronicles in reality worth playing?

As a quick (but important) aside, I will be to compare Mercenaries Saga Chronicles to last Fantasy tactics a lot since the former is plainly heavily influenced by the latter. But please keep in mental that methods is a full-fledged retail priced video game from a developer that was arguably in your prime while Mercenaries is a series born from the mobile platform and offered in ~ a much lower price (from likely a much smaller developer). That isn’t necessarily fair to attract strict objections when comparing the two, especially considering the advance backgrounds of every title. But I feeling it is crucial in my testimonial to compare and also contrast the characteristics of each in some cases. Through that the end of the way, onwards to the review!


Two of the four class combinations because that each character room gated behind puzzle pieces. This article is rarely uncovered in sweetheart chests and from monster prey (the last is an also rarer occurrence, in mine experience). Back you can view the ability of every of these classes prior to committing to the unlock, i just discovered it one odd way of locking the selections behind a system. It would be one point if these puzzle item classes were thought about the uber combinations, but many time the non-gated ones are just as good, if not, far better than them.

I believe this to be a side effect of will certainly of the White Lions in certain being a mobile location originally, together the puzzle piece may have actually been a purchasable article there. However given that there aren’t any microtransactions in the move version, you number they might have readjusted the attribute accordingly. Regardless, this might prove to be irritating come those who want accessibility to all classes appropriate off the bat.

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There are two fight modes in Mercenaries Saga Chronicles; story mode and cost-free battle. Both that these, despite being different systems, are accessible to usage in tandem during your adventure. You can either development the story through its corresponding mode, or grind out part money and levels through complimentary battles. Think of totally free battles together your traditional random encounters, but not random at every (so just…encounters?) together you development the story and also gain levels, dozens the these complimentary battles will certainly unlock. The caveat is the they never change. In final Fantasy Tactics, you might fight ~ above the very same battlefield plenty of times, however monsters and also their location on the maps are more or less random. In mercenaries, totally free battles have absolutely nothing random to them outside of the name of the adversary units.

While some may take on the idea of having actually the same specific fight advertisement nauseam as opposed to taking care of random elements, I uncovered it to be a very grating experience. In a video game that expects you to grind rather a bit (especially towards the end of the game), mine desire to do so diminishes if I have to see the same precise thing every time. One might argue that plenty of JRPGs room victims of supplying the same fights over and also over during a grind session, and also that is true to a certain extent. Yet in countless of those cases, over there are commonly pools of premade encounters that are preferred at arbitrarily each time you acquire into a battle. While the system has its limitations, that still manages come send you assorted sets of opponents rather than a solitary selection. Mercenaries Saga Chronicles cost-free battles are literally the precise same every solitary time girlfriend play them, i m sorry I have actually a difficult time appreciating.

The right solution come this trouble would have actually been to either permit random enemies on every map, or simply have each complimentary battle scenario range in regards to its level. Together it stands, you have a single free battle selection per leveling bracket. Friend can definitely repeat any kind of unlocked cost-free battle as lot as friend like, but the enemy’s level stops scaling after a particular point. If you don’t like a particular totally free battle in your current level bracket, friend either have to hope you can power with via story mode (which isn’t constantly a choice) or simply suck it up and also grind through it. Again, offering randomly created monsters or scaling the cost-free battles (thus permitting any the the unlocked ones to be repetitive regardless the level) would breathe a many replayability into these otherwise revolution maps.

On the topic of maps, those who have actually grown accustomed to a rotatable battlefield in their tactical RPGs may uncover Mercenaries Saga Chronicles’ supplying a little jarring. By your offering, I median that there’s no method to revolve the map whatsoever, which can be difficult in countless situations. Luckily, you aren’t organized to your movement selection until after ~ you carry out an action, making activity mistakes normally fixable. Also still, it would have been quite to have the ability to rotate the map at will, also if you’re simply doing that to clock an attack animation play out.

Despite my concerns with countless of the game’s systems for this reason far, the core combat mechanics space actually well done. I enjoyed almost all of the story fights exterior of a couple of that were poorly designed (the fight whereby demons slow-moving you every single round was dreadful.) even though you have the right to blow a chunk of the story objectives with ease (especially if you room the grinding type), there room plenty that will give you a operation for your money.

New tools opens up in the shop ~ every couple of completed story sections, offering you a nice sense of booty progression. On top of the standard shop inventory, over there exists rare and also unique equipment, i beg your pardon is typically stronger 보다 their vanilla counterparts. Both the rarely blue items and also rainbow uniques deserve to be acquired by monster drops and treasure chests, though the uniques space far more uncommon. A handful of uniques are obtainable in exchange for puzzle pieces, yet I never discovered the should purchase them the way. However even if i did want one, ns never found enough puzzle pieces in my playthrough to make the acquisition in the very first place. Keep in psychic that ns didn’t grind hours on end, so there could really well exist one avenue because that farming puzzle pieces that is past the border of my experience. Regardless, I thought it to be worth discussing for the benefits of being thorough.

The shop likewise offers a few blue item that room randomized every time you clear a story or complimentary battle map, yet I would argue that 99% of the moment they aren’t precious the investment. An ext often than not, this pieces are a tier or two reduced than your current gear and also have dreadful modifiers. Recognize the occasional piece with decent modifiers go happen, yet it’s about as typical as water in a desert. Unless you are a low level beginning out, you will likely never find anything of use in the shop’s blue equipment section. If therefore many negative modifiers exist for the benefits of balance, i would have actually liked to have actually seen focus on top quality or quantity. You might have cut down the strength of an excellent modifiers (if that’s also an issue) and reduced the overwhelming amount of bad ones to in reality make the mechanism somewhat useful while not overpowered.

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In the game’s defense, there is a synthetic shop that, at least in theory, is supposed to resolve this problem. The shop can incorporate two blue items right into one while maintaining modifiers of her choice, however I never uncovered much use in it. This is due to the mix of scarcity in blue items of the appropriate tier, advantageous modifiers and the price of the synthesis itself. In its present form, it yes, really serves as a counterproductive process. This feature might see more use as soon as you grind endgame maps, yet I can’t say for sure. Nevertheless, that would have been a pretty to make use of throughout the game instead that (possibly) simply at endgame.

I realize that I have actually been very (and possibly a bit overly) vital of Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, and I carry out stand by my statements. However, it’s hard to refuse the truth that the series does sell a most content because that the price. While countless of the solution were as well flawed to it is in of long-term enjoyment because that myself, rather may have the ability to overlook them and also get hrs upon hours of enjoyment. Are the games worth the price tag? Absolutely. Are they worth her time? If you room okay with a trio the tactical RPGs at a bargain price the are almost identical, have actually solid combat however lack the intuitive flair and also storytelling of bigger tactical RPGs, climate this game may be for you. Otherwise, you might want come stick to Disgaea until more games in this genre show up on the platform. Here’s to hoping last Fantasy Tactics comes to the move sooner rather than later. Hey, I can dream, right?