JD Pardo as EZ Reyes in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 2 illustration 7 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

The happy reunion has actually EZ thinking around his very own mom and also he returns to his trailer come go with the paperwork he gathered surrounding her fatality once again.

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Picking up with the Galindo family, market Pena (Alexandra Barreto) has called Emily (Sarah Bolger) and also Miguel (Danny Pino) in for a meeting. She tells them Marlon, one of their clerks, took his own life. Prior to his death, Marlon sent an email to the Mayor and other board of directors members confessing he embraced bribes because that the agri-park project. (Very thoroughly job, EZ.)

With the Chinese agency out of the running, Emily’s proposal has actually won the contract.

After they leaving the office, in an answer to Miguel’s questions Emily denies knowing anything around Marlon. Miguel’s clear unconvinced, but Emily do the efforts to guarantee him the only thing he needs to understand is the Galindo enterprises – his heritage – is relocating one step additional away native bloodshed.

Emily leaves in a different vehicle which allows Miguel the possibility to instruct Nestor to keep an eye top top her. Miguel wants to recognize where she is 24/7.

Later, Emily rings up Miguel and says she has to head come the clerk’s office due to the fact that Marlon’s death has hit Ileana hard. She start the building and lets EZ in through a window. They’re meeting in an enig so that no one to know she enlisted his help. He explains what went down at Marlon’s place and also that he figured out Marlon’s past-due bills would certainly make it show up as despite he was depressed and also killed himself. He sent out the emails to wrap up Emily’s problem.

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Emily seems to truly realize because that the an initial time that Marlon’s fatality is on her hands. EZ corrects her and also says Marlon’s dead since of him. “Marlon’s dead since he pulled a pistol on me while i was act a favor because that someone I treatment about,” he says.

They hug as Emily many thanks him. She assures she’ll do every little thing she deserve to to help if he and also his family ever need anything. EZ instantly takes her up on the offer. He pulls out part papers and says, “It’s a household thing.”