I am using this block of code to get all the combinations of the rows of a matrix as I have to apply brute force.

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function combinations(training)S=dec2bin(1:2^size(training,1)-1)=="1";allSubsets=cell(size(S,1),1);for i=1:size(S,1) allSubsetsi=training(S(i,:),:); display(allSubsetsi)endendIf I run this function on a small matrix of lets say 7 or even 20 rows it works perfectly fine. But once I increase the size of the matrix to 25 it gives me this error.

Out of memory. Type HELP MEMORY for your options.

Error in dec2bin (line 55) s=char(rem(floor(d*pow2(1-max(n,e):0)),2)+"0");

Error in combination (line 11) S=dec2bin(1:2^size(training,1)-1)=="1";

Moreover, when I increase the number of rows up to 120 it gives me the following error :/

Maximum variable size allowed by the program is exceeded. Error in combination (line 11) S=dec2bin(1:2^size(training,1)-1)=="1";

I have to run this on a data of 2000 rows having 69 columns. Please help!!

matlab combinations
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