Given an integer N which represents the variety of Vertices. The Task is to discover the maximum variety of edges feasible in a Bipartite graph of N vertices.

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Bipartite Graph:A Bipartite graph is one which is having actually 2 sets of vertices.The collection are such that the vertices in the very same collection will never share an edge in between them.Examples:Input: N = 10Output: 25Both the sets will certainly contain 5 vertices and also eexceptionally vertex of first setwill have actually an edge to eexceptionally various other vertex of the second seti.e. total edges = 5 * 5 = 25Input: N = 9Output: 20
Approach: The number of edges will certainly be maximum as soon as eextremely vertex of a given set has an edge to eexceptionally other vertex of the various other collection i.e. edges = m * n wright here m and n are the variety of edges in both the sets. in order to maximize the variety of edges, m have to be equal to or as close to n as feasible. Hence, the maximum variety of edges have the right to be calculated through the formula,

Below is the implementation of the above approach:
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