Matamoros is situated on the unified States-Mexico border across the Rio Grande River.

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This area is beautiful, tropical and humid.

Tourists may be interested in such places as Museum Of modern Art that Tamaulipas, mexican Agrarian Museum, Casemate Museum.

Some travelers come right here to visit Bagdad beach which is situated not so far from the city.

Here you can do all sorts the water tasks such as fishing or swimming, and also you can additionally take advantage of its dunes because that walks ATV.

Also, an interesting place in Matamoros is The Juarez Market.

It is a pedestrian area and besides to buy some from a an excellent selection the hats, shoes, timeless candies and also handicrafts travelers deserve to enjoy assorted architectural formats of streets.

Warnings & dangers in Matamoros



The threat of gaining into trouble is high sufficient at Matamoros. Traveling alone in a rental auto is not a good idea. Countless gang showdowns and poor police regulate of the area do this region not an extremely safe for travel.



Taxis room usually without taximeters, and it’s far better to agree on the price that the trip before you gain into the car. Recording a taxi on the roadways is quite dangerous. Public carry is not safe, over there are many numbers of kidnapping from rout buses.



The danger of becoming a pickpocket victim is no particularly great here. However, vigilance and keeping valuables in a safe place is recommended.


NATURAL tragedies RISK : LOW

In Matamoros exist risk from river flooding because of coastline and also rivers here. Inspect authorized sources on these risks before the trip.



The aftermath of careless actions in the city have the right to lead to kidnapping, carjacking, and also even murder.



There is a minimal risk of terror in Matamoros. However, the nature that the border and the ready accessibility to human smugglers and also counterfeit documents proceed to make this area a potential transit point for global terrorists.


SCAMS hazard : HIGH

There are a lot of credit card frauds in the city, criminals gained the hang of skimming cards and also you have the right to easily end up being a victim of such violence. It"s recommended to use ATMs just in certain places.



Due come the fact that the Matamoros district is rather unsafe in itself, ladies traveling alone have actually a good risk that falling into an unpleasant instance where they can not struggle back. It is no recommended to women take trip alone here.

So... How Safe Is Matamoros Really?

The crime rate in the border areas of Mexico is rather high and also Matamoros is no exception.

The random violence and also one that the highest possible kidnapping rates in Mexico – space the key crimes here.

Local will shot to cheat friend if they watch that you are a foreigner.

Serious hazard crime in Matamoros a murder, robbery, carjacking, extortion, and sexual assault are fairly common.

Also, armed criminal teams target public and also travel passenger buses. Unfortunately, the possibility of being taken hostage because that demanding ransom payment are extremely high.

Federal and state security pressures have restricted capability come respond to violence in many parts of the state.

Exercise caution once using debit or credit cards in the Matamoros area – many instances here are regarded cloning or counterfeiting debit or credit cards.

Take with you only a forced amount that cash, use reputable ATMs in for sure areas.

Roads room not safe for lonely travelers as result of their isolation.

Incidents of gunfire between criminals and Mexican police time from time happen on the highways.

To be aware of what is happening, tourists room advised to review OSAC’s Mexico-specific webpage for proprietary analysis reports, Consular Messages, and also contact information.

Useful Information

Visas - No visas compelled for traveler proposals to enter Mexico for countless countries of Europe, united state citizens and so on. You should have actually a precious passport and also a tourist permit. The maximum possible of stay is 180 days. For a longer stay or other options, you have to visit the mexico embassy.Currency - The mexico peso - is the official money in Mexico. There are one hundred mexican centavos to every peso. The symbol for the mexico Peso is $, so you deserve to see MX$ or MN$ in banks and also exchange points.Weather - The ideal times to visit Matamoros for ideal weather are from November to April.The mean temperatures in Matamoros differ somewhat. The opportunity of rain is low throughout the year. Most crowded months space June, July, and also December.

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Airports - There is basic Servando Canales global Airport in Matamoros, located 10 km away indigenous the city center. It handles national and international air web traffic for the city of Matamoros.Travel insurance allowance - The clinical travel insurance allowance is compelled for travelers in any country and Mexico. Top top the border, any traveler may be request by a customs officer to present insurance. Click right here to gain an offer for take trip insurance

Matamoros Weather Averages (Temperatures)