Married at first Sight‘s Season 9 couples got to their first marriage milestone in Wednesday’s episode, “One Month Down, never to Go.” And, as the location indicates, that milestone is their one-month anniversary.

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While the chance was cause for celebration, no all joyous moments have the right to be offered to settle the troubles that have actually formed between some spouses. Below, we’re breaking down every one of the dramatic moment from the episode, and some of the sweet highlights that continue to have viewers question if the large experiment of gift married at very first sight yes, really works.

Read on for all of the vital moments from the episode, however beware of major spoilers.

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In the prior episode, Jamie went along with Elizabeth’s an ext spiritual side and agreed come partake in something including what she referred to as ‘moon water.’ Essentially, moon water is a glass that water left out overnight under the full moon, and drinking the supposedly spreads confident energy, according to Elizabeth. If girlfriend weren’t cringing, we’d be surprised.

Outsider’s Perspective

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Both Iris and also Keith disputed their marital relationship with world who are essential to them. For Keith, it was his finest friend, and also in Iris’ case, that was she mother. Needless to say, they both expressed worry over Iris’ virginity, and also after deep conversations v both parties, it shows up that the spouses room on the same page more than they previously thought together they both expect to remain in the union because that the lengthy haul.

Checking In through Pastor Calvin Roberson

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Expert Calvin Roberson payment Deonna and Greg a visit ~ above the one-month anniversary of their marriage to see exactly how things space going between the two. Overall, he was happy to view growth in between the pair, as Deonna has come to be far more affectionate and also open 보다 she’d been at the beginning of the marriage.

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After last week’s disappearing act from Matt, he and wife Amber started the illustration on much far better terms. Once he arrived home to discover her prepare dinner, he brought home flowers and dessert because that his wife.

Friendly Competition

Deonna’s competitive side come out in a game of bowling v husband Greg, however it was every friendly in terms of the match. They each offered each other fun punishments choose a chicken dance routine or PDA, and overall the experience appeared to have actually a positive impact on the couple’s view of each other.

Brownie Points

Jamie earned himself some serious brownie points with Elizabeth when he had her meet him in ~ the ar of their wedding ceremony. There, Jamie offered his wife flowers, and they shared a distinct meal on location with climbed petals and candles as decorations.

Keith surprised Iris for their anniversary through a expedition to a farm where they rode horses, which ultimately led come a one-of-a-kind location. Once the pair arrived in ~ their distinct location, they common a meal and some light conversation.

Special Delivery

Each couple was presented v a box containing their marriage licenses and also wedding albums amongst other things, yet many of them likewise took time to existing their very own gifts. One an excellent reaction was Iris’ tears when Keith offered her a necklace with a heart pendant, and his resulting cheer when she gave him vinyl.

Walk under Memory Lane

While every couple got their own box, Amber and Matt’s dinner out was made far better when they to be treated to a look at at your wedding video clip on the huge screen. Their resulting awe-struck deals with were practically as sweet together what came next…

Trying to rotate a reality TV romance into a long-lasting marital relationship is a challenge, but you have better odds top top some reflects over others.

Earlier in the episode, Matt’s knack for music was hinted at when he practiced a tune on guitar, but in respect of the occasion, he play a special song for his wife. It showed up to have actually the effect he wanted, together she to be rendered speechless by the tune.

Long Haul

When Deonna and Greg arrived residence from one evening the end to dinner, Greg saw serve Deonna your wedding cake topper, but she quit him. She reminded him that they would eat the on their first year anniversary. The statement, back casual, conveyed that she’s in the connection for the lengthy haul despite her look at closed-off behavior.

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Beginning the the End?

Jamie and also Elizabeth’s relationship has actually been much less than steady the past couple of episodes, so that wasn’t a shocker to watch their quite anniversary night devolve into something much less cordial. Apparently, Jamie took Elizabeth’s comments around their wedding image in a method she hadn’t intended, and he finished up leaving their apartment declare the marital relationship is over… but is it really?

After their honeymoon mishap, Keith had his wedding ring sized, and also the episode adhered to him and wife Iris come the jewelers as soon as the item was prepared for pick-up. Thankfully, the fit’s much better, however will the ring stay on forever? Viewers will have to find out by tuning right into Married at very first Sight on Lifetime.