"Married at first Sight" Season 3 couples Sam role and Neil Bowlus (from left), David Norton and also Ashley Doherty, and also Vanessa Nelson and also Tres Russell.FYI (center); Zach Dilgard (2)
Warning: This article contains spoilers from “Married at an initial Sight: six Months Later.”

For the second season in a row, all the “Married at an initial Sight” couples space breaking up.

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Last week’s Season 3 finale of the FYI truth show left Tres Russell and also Vanessa Nelson as the only couple choosing to stay married at the end of their six-week televised marital relationship experiment. However Tuesday night’s “Six months Later” reunion distinct revealed the the previous lovebirds room no much longer together.

“Things just dropped apart,” Vanessa states through tears in the episode. “We stopped being physical intimate.”

She tells show expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz the things fell apart as soon as she and also Tres got into a large argument after ~ he no come house until 5 a.m. One night — which caused them spewing some “really median things.”

“It was terrible. Tres speak me that he doesn’t have romantic feelings because that me,” she says. “Things weren’t perfect in ~ all, yet I believed it was at the very least that we preferred each other.”

In his own confessional, Tres admits that the push of gift a married couple got come him.

“I simply felt favor at times we would certainly take every these procedures forward and we would have to start all over,” the says. “I felt choose it didn’t issue what I claimed … ~ a while i got shed out ~ above trying to prove myself.”

He take away the blame for the intimacy dissolve in your relationship, saying he mistakenly thought they required to cool points down in order to focus on structure a more powerful friendship.

“Intimacy just passed away out because that us, which is definitely a mistake as soon as you’re married,” the says. “And the definitely brought out a lot of insecurities in her, which i understand.”

At the finish of the reunion, Tres and also Vanessa perform agree come go the end to dinner the following night to talk points out — and manage come reconcile their friendship, if not their marriage.

“I don’t have any kind of regrets since I obtained to understand you and also I got to know an ext about myself,” Vanessa tells she soon-to-be ex-husband.

Tres offers, “No issue what, I’ll constantly feel bonded v you.”

As for the various other couples:

• Ashley and also David can’t also be in the very same room together, rather filming their reunion with Dr. Pepper separately.

“I don’t view there’s any type of reason for us to obtain together … it would end up doing more damage than good,” Ashley says.

She likewise pushes back versus the suggestion that she seen of her marriage solely because she wasn’t attracted come David.

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“There to be so much much more to it. Us are simply two an extremely different people. We didn’t attach on any type of level,” Ashley says. “I couldn’t get my space. It was frustrating emotion smothered all the time.”

In a separate sit-down, Dr. Pepper presses David on him messaging one more woman throughout his marriage, speak she no buy his “friend” excuse.

“Was I trying to find some validation? Probably,” he admits. “My intentionally was not to cheat on my wife, specifically when you have actually a camera crew complying with you 24/7.”

• Sam and Neil success the “Cutest Ex-Couple” award for their genuine post-breakup friendship and also they even seem open to a possible reconciliation under the line. Also Dr. Pepper admits, “There’s part hope in me that there’s part future because that these two.”