Hello Everyone!
I need to think the most people who are fans of LittleKuriboh"s Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged series will have already seen the video promoting the visual novel, but just in situation you let go it, right here it is!I attracted a variety of the images (I think it was ten in total) sprinkled transparent the novel. I"m very happy to have actually been a part of this project, together I"d check out the initial fanfic countless years earlier and have reread it countless times since. It"s a actual favourite of mine.
If you take place to it is in a fan would like to view the visual novel for you yourself you can still pledge toLittleKuriboh"s Patreonto get a copy on 1st March. It"s full of artwork developed by assorted artists as well as myself and it"s totally voiced through LittleKuriboh. There"s great chunk of contents to be found here. If anyone does decide to grab a copy i hope the you really enjoy it and it blows you far as much as it does me.
who organised everything!

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Jan 4, 2021
Hello, How's anyone doing? i don't know exactly how many world this journal will reach, due to the fact that bromheads.tv doesn't work and it offered to and I've lost track of many things myself. Ns didn't want to need to write this journal, yet I recognize leaving it is staying clear of me indigenous getting earlier into a an excellent routine. The last couple of months to be pretty rough for me personally. And also I know that in basic many human being have been having a hard time. However unlike, a the majority of those people, what ns was going with wasn't noþeles to carry out with this pandemic (not the it helped). Somewhere in the center of October, mine cat Sandy began behaving strangely. It wasn't noþeles I might figure out at an initial because, in ~ the time, she was still eating normally, had actually no problems toileting, and also no indicators off gift sick. She just didn't it seems to be ~ herself. It's that feeling you get when you understand something is wrong, however you don't recognize why. Keeping an eye on she for a couple of days, ns noticed Sandy would certainly lie in the same location on the sofa all
Hi everyone!This has certainly been the longest quantity of time that i haven"t been proactively posting here. I recognize that few of you have actually been worried around me. I"m i m really sorry for not saying anything in every this time. I"ve placed off writing a ideal explanation for long enough.As countless of you will currently know from my previous newspaper that I created last year, my mum to be diagnosed v a rarely auto-immune disease called vasculitis. I stated the day-to-day medication the mum was taking to hopefully acquire her vasculitis to get in remission and also after being on a high sheep of steroids, she was slowly weaning down to the suggest where she would be able to come
Hello everyone,It"s been a while. No that i haven"t to be here, however I just haven"t been interacting or posting... And that is for a number of reasons, with the key one gift what I"m walking to be talking around today.I"ve placed off making this newspaper for a lengthy time. Over a year in fact. Last year mine mum to be diagnosed v a really rare autoimmune condition called vasculitis. Most civilization will have actually never heard that this and we only discovered out the existed because mum has actually it. Vasculitis once your human body starts attacking the healthy and balanced blood vessels since it watch them together a foreign body that shouldn"t it is in there. A normal body immune mechanism is intended to fight

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It"s been obtainable in warm Topic stores because that a few months. I was a little envious that the human being living in America that were able come walk into a store to check out my T-shirt architecture in person. Although, i was really happy to view the photos that world had take away wearing mine design. It"s been quite surreal! and last main I lastly received part samples that hot Topic sent out to me. Many thanks to ~karma-koopa (https://www.bromheads.tv/karma-koopa) for every her assist after an deal with miss up (It"s a lengthy story... ^^; ) At last I have actually the shirt in mine possession!! :evillaugh:I didn"t success the the contest, but my design was chosen so lot that it to be made a runner-up. So, i really for this reason feel favor a wi