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No readjust in dates for Filing graph again; China EB-3 advances6.5 months in Final action Dates chart.

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The us Department of State (DOS) has actually released its in march 2017Visa Bulletin. The Visa Bulletin sets the end per-country priority datecutoffs that regulate immigrant visa access and the flow ofadjustment the status and also consular immigrant visa applicationfilings and approvals.

What go the march 2017 Visa Bulletin Say?

The in march 2017 Visa Bulletin has both a dates for FilingVisa Applications chart and also an applications Final action Dateschart. The former indicates once intending immigrants may filetheir applications because that adjustment of status or immigrant visas, andthe latter shows when an mediate of status application orimmigrant visa application might be approved and permanent residencegranted.

If united state Citizenship and also Immigration solutions (USCIS) determinesthat there are an ext immigrant visas obtainable for a budget yearthan there are known applicants because that such visas, it will certainly state onits website the applicants might use the days for submit VisaApplications chart. Otherwise, applicants must use theApplication Final activity Dates graph to recognize when lock mayfile their adjustment of status applications.

It is no yet clean which chart the USCIS will choose for March2017 filings. To be eligible to record an employment-based (EB)adjustment application in march 2017, international nationals must have apriority date that is earlier than the date listed below because that theirpreference category and country (changes from last month's VisaBulletin are presented in yellow).

Application Final activity Dates


Dates for Filing Visa Applications


On the applications Final action Dates chart, the cutoff datesfor EB-1 will remain "current" for every chargeablecountries, consisting of India and also China.

The EB-2 cutoff day for China will development by one month toDecember 15, 2012. The EB-2 cutoff dates for the worldwideallotment and also El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, andthe Philippines will additionally remain "current." Cutoff dateswill breakthrough by six weeks to June 1, 2008 for EB-2 India.

Most significantly, the EB-3 cutoff date for China will certainly advanceby 6.5 month to march 15, 2014. The cutoff dates for the worldwideallotment as well as El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and also Mexicowill advance by two months come December 1, 2016. The cutoff date forEB-3 India will not change and will continue to be at march 22, 2005. Thecutoff date for EB-3 Philippines will breakthrough by 6 months toMarch 15, 2012.

The EB-5 China cutoff date will advance by 2 weeks to may 1,2014.

Read the march 2017 Visa Bulletin.

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