Drake White composed this v Monty Criswell and Shane Minor, motivated by a comment indigenous his father-in-law about his wife, Alex. "They live on the river, and also we"re constantly grilling and also drinking the end behind their house," White shared, "and was sitting there, and was around six beers in, and also he to be like, "Man, she makes you watch good!" I assumed that was cool.""It"s a good way to respect that soul that she has," the singer continued. "She"s always caring for other people, and, specifically as one artist, I"m constantly needing something. To have somebody that cares therefore much and sacrifices so much for a song and for music and for the pan … I"m simply so thankful."
White dubbed the monitor in a video teaser his "tribute to soul music." "Growing up in Alabama, i was constantly obsessed with heart music," he explained.

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Night MovesBob Seger

Bob Seger gained inspired to write "Night Moves" after ~ watching the movie American Graffiti, which proved young civilization growing increase in his "neck of the woods."

ns Will always Love YouDolly Parton

Don"t beat "I Will constantly Love You" at her wedding - Dolly Parton wrote it about leaving who behind to strike the end on her own.

Hash PipeWeezer

MTV wanted Weezer to document a variation of their song "Hash Pipe" together "Half Pipe" come appeal come the underpants crowd. The tape refused, and also MTV listed the tune as "H*** Pipe."

open Your HeartMadonna

The child in Madonna"s "Open your Heart" video became a successful songwriter. His songs include Amy Winehouse"s "You sent Me Flying" and James Blunt"s "1973."

my WayFrank Sinatra

According come Frank Sinatra"s daughter, he hated "My Way," but had to song it at every show when it became his signature song.

TragedyBee Gees

The thunderclap sound heard in the punishment Gees tune "Tragedy" was made by Barry Gibb v his mouth.

Little big TownSongwriter Interviews

"When seeds that girlfriend sow grow by the wicked moon/Be sure your guilty will discover you out/Your past will hunt friend down and turn to tell on you."

Butch VigSongwriter Interviews

The rubbish drummer/songwriter produced the Nirvana album Nevermind, and Smashing Pumpkins" Gish and Siamese Dream.

Emilio Castillo from Tower the PowerSongwriter Interviews

Emilio talks around what it"s choose to write and perform v the Tower of strength horns, and also why every struggling tape should have actually a friend favor Huey Lewis.

waiting For The rest of Day: Three standard Songs about All-NightersSong writing

These Three well known songs actually describe how they were created - late right into the evening.

The advancement of "Ophelia"Song creating

How four songs portray Shakespeare"s personality Ophelia.

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"Stairway to Heaven" Lawsuit: A TimelineSong creating

Untangling the occasions that led to the "Stairway to Heaven" lawsuit.