Create the highest possible quality custom fake pregnant Ultrasounds. Featuring real Ultrasound Paper!

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The fake ultrasounds are printed with medical-grade thermal printers on genuine thermal 100x75mm paper with a glossy and also bright finish. If you’re trying to find maximum realism, our heat prints are precisely like the genuine thing!
All of ours printed assets are packaged carefully and also shipped in our discreet level cardboard mailers. There space no markings that recognize the materials – you have the right to prank in pure confidence!
Our premium glossy photos and thermal prints are are mailed via USPS v Tracking available. The majority will with our customers within 3 company days. Shop through us if you want fast and convenient customer service!
You will receive our digital Ultrasounds immediately! If you choose a printed and also mailed premium Ultrasound, we will discreetly package it and dispatch it within five organization days. Relying on where you live in the unified States, it should arrive in ~ 3-5 organization days native the minute it ships. Quick and easy!COVID-19 NOTE: Please note that because of COVID-19 related delays of non-essential packages, mail might take increase to an additional 2-4 organization days because that delivery. We aplogize because that these additional delays.We additionally offer door to door tracking - just email united state if you"d like an upgrade on her package status.

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An ultrasound scan or sonogram is a non-invasive clinical test that supplies high-frequency sound waves to instantly catch live public/images from inside of her body. The technology is very similar to sonar and also radar. Ultrasound scans are often used to evaluate fetal advancement and check on the wellness of the occurring baby. Unlike other imaging methods (like X-ray), ultrasound offers no radiation. For this reason, it’s the safe and also preferred an approach for the town hall a occurring fetus.
These printed and digital practice fake ultrasounds look really close to the genuine deal! We market multiple products, and also it"s possible to purchase one of our fake ultrasounds on 100% yes, really Ultrasound thermal record (100x75mm)! They appear to it is in authentic at an initial glance, and are great for playing jokes! we encourage you to prank responsibly. A joke isn"t funny if it is as well realistic!
These prank or gag ultrasounds watch realistic, yet they room NOT real tests from a doctor. This ultrasounds room in no way scientifically specific - lock are totally fake and for amusement only! This website is no intended to take it the place of a real medical diagnostic or any kind of other exam or treatments that have been or might be recommended by a healthcare provider. If you room experiencing uncomfortable or symptoms, please seek out clinical care. If you space pregnant, please look for prenatal care from a licensed medical care provider.
Your privacy and security is important to us! We carry out not keep or share any type of of your personally-identifiable, private information unless you share it through us in bespeak to delivery a product to you. In order to create the ultrasound we ask because that a name of the patient, however feel totally free to supply any information the you like! We perform not collect your email attend to unless you supply it come us. We will not call you unless you inquiry to it is in contacted first.We do not save your credit card information. Digital payments room passed via a for sure socket layer come a payment processor whereby your details is tokenized - this means that a random number is generated to stand for your payment. Our payment processor is PCI compliant i beg your pardon ensures that your information is being taken on in accordance with sector security standards.
These ultrasounds are fully private! We perform not retain any type of information the can connect you to any particular generated ultrasound uneven you stimulate a premium test. We will never ever share her personally identifiable info with an outside party, except payment handling or ad network cookies. You have the right to prank in complete anonymity, if you like!
An prompt digital distribution is accessible for $10. One printed and shipped photograph is easily accessible for $20. One thermal photo on real Ultrasound record is obtainable for $25. One thermal picture on genuine Ultrasound document and 3 printed and shipped premium photos are easily accessible for $40. All published photos come v an immediate digital distribution for free!
We ship utilizing USPS. Shipping arrive in ~ 3-5 organization days. We also offer door to door tracking - simply email us if you"d like an update on your package status!COVID-19 NOTE: Please note that as result of Covid connected delays of non-essential packages, mail may take increase to an additional 2-4 service days for delivery. We apologize because that these additional delays.
Yes, we offer door to door tracking - just email united state if you"d choose an upgrade on your package status.COVID-19 NOTE: Please note that part customers space reporting tracking numbers that perform not update. This tracking numbers might report as "Pre Shipment," regardless of the package having actually been mailed. Due to COVID-19 parcel volume, some USPS workers will not scan items into their device to conserve time, and as a result the tracking numbers will certainly not update till they space close to delivery. This happens on a case-by-case basis, and is outside of our control. Thank you very much for her understanding.
Unfortunately we execute not have actually the current capacity to delivery internationally, together we are based in the USA. Us recommend that every one of our worldwide clients stimulate a digital PDF and print their ultrasound locally. Digital duplicates are ceded instanteously worldwide! All global orders will certainly be refunded, minus a $10 fee because that the digital PDF generation.
All of our documents are pack in discreet, plain white cardboard mailers with no identify marks. The return attend to is provided as document Service. Nobody will recognize what is inside the package unless they open up it!
All sales room final, unless otherwise noted. No refunds are given once baby Maybe starts working on her order, which means we have received her order details and also your payment. We imply that every customers dual check configured documents prior to placing one order. Please call us if girlfriend have any questions about this basic policy. For more information, please check out our Refund plan page.

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Generated Ultrasounds space unscientific and also are for entertainment functions only. This website is just for customers 18+. This website is no intended to take the location of a diagnostic or any type of other exam or therapies that have actually been or may be recommended by a health care provider. If you room experiencing uncomfortable or symptoms, please look for out clinical care. Our store does not ship Premium photos or heat prints exterior of the joined States.


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