I was turned into a greedy, piggish bottom

Hypnosis changed me from a gay optimal to a huge bottom!

By: Brent in Denver

I was cynical at an initial but not anymore.

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Pretty much my entirety adult life, ns have figured out myself as a top – an exclusive top. Sure, i did oral on dudes and also let lock reciprocate however when it concerned anything going in up my behind end, it no happening.

There are some world who space wired to it is in tops and others who room wired to it is in bottoms, you know?

Straight increase – I came out that the womb together a optimal man.

Just come tell friend something about myself … i’m a 35 year old and live in Denver, Colorado. I finished up settling in the Centennial State after doing 6 years in the Army.

If you’ve ever before come here, you know the name of the gayborhood is referred to as “Cap Hill”. Well, that’s wherein I live. For work, ns employed for a big bank and also in my spare time, I favor to tinker roughly with cars.

Hate to use labels but since this is a happy blog, you can say i am a muscled increase wolf. Whatever.

Anyway … for the previous 4-years, I’ve remained in an open up relationship through a man named Heath.

Part of the reason my partner and I aren’t monogamous is because in the past, ns was can not to execute some the the points he to be sexually wanting native a man – specific bottoming.

And for this reason we concerned an understanding that he would perform his thing and I would do mine with a few rules thrown in because that safety. Just being honest.

“I used to it is in a top”

As i was saying, I’ve constantly been a top. This matched my personality type, i m sorry is relatively dominant yet not in the controlling, obnoxious way.

I’m no a leather guy or anything like that. Just your median masculine gay dude who likes drilling on various other men.

Well, at least I provided to.

What else can I call you about me? hmmm … I’ve constantly played safe and also used protection. And also for the record, i have traditionally been attracted to males who room slightly less constructed than me but none the much less masculine.

So around 2-years ago on part random weekend, my friend Heath really want to acquire inside of me – favor he was on a mission.

We had tried in the past plenty of times and also but it never ever worked. He’d get the pointer a tiny inside the me but that is as far as it would certainly go. The ache just ended up being too much. I can tell he to be pretty disappointed.

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And so a couple of days later over breakfast, health told me the he necessary to have an open up relationship due to the fact that it was essential for the to have actually sexual flexibility in a guy.

I was hurt but completely got what he was saying and agreed to the arrangement.

Not that unusual in our gay world, right?

As one aside, my i can not qualify to bottom for various other guys has actually been going on since I’ve been active – i m sorry dates earlier to college. For some reason, i just might never permit a guy penetrate me.

I even talked to a professional around it in my late 20’s and he said me that about 75% that my difficulty was psychological.


Erotic hypnosis convert me come a happy bottom

Well, around six months earlier a gym friend of mine called Austin (who I admit I"ve play with) started talking around this thing called erotic hypnosis.

He’s in his mid-30s, good looking and also probably making use of some form of steroids due to the fact that he’s massive.

Austin competes several times a year in body structure shows and also works part-time as hypnotist to do money. I additionally suspect he is an escort but I’m no judging.

In the past, I’ve constantly thought that hypnosis together a bunch the BS, similar to tarot map readings and also those civilization who case to have the ability to talk to dead people.

“Let me shot to hypnotize you as soon as Brent. Ns promise, it’s not what friend think. Just provide it a shot and also if aren’t down through it – we deserve to stop.”

After putting it off as long as I possibly could, ns finally discussed to his apartment to let him do his thing. In ~ this point, i was open up to anything since I really want to make things far better with my boyfriend and also be the lover he wanted me come be.

When I acquired to Austin’s place, i was a bit nervous but likewise curious. Ns was expecting the to put me right into a chair and pull out a watch or something – you know, prefer you view in the movies as soon as someone is hypnotized.

He explained to me that hypnosis to be nothing like that. He also shared that I would be conscious and aware the entire time and that ns was always in control.

Then, that asked me to lie down on a recliner. We did some deep breath exercises and then, once I was relaxed, the hypnotized me.

I can not recall every solitary thing however what I execute remember is that he mentally guided me come a calm ar while ns was laying earlier chilling. He referred to as this “guided imagery”.

Using this approach, Austin helped me to envision myself gaining thumped through a guy in a means that to be detached native pain.

The totality thing lasted about an hour or so. Ns don’t’ specifically remember. What I do remember is that once I come out the hypnosis, i was super alert and really calm.

“How perform you feel man? can I gain you some water or anything?” he stated as looked at my face.

I called him i felt good – just a small drowsy. Us chatted a bit an ext and the told me my drowsiness to be normal. “You’ll feel that way for about 15-20 minutes” that said. Us then speak a little more and basically passed time.

I think the was waiting for me to “wake up” a bit prior to sending me on mine way.

If you were hoping to hear the Austin and I messed around, ns sorry to disappoint. Prior to coming over that night, we both had actually agreed the the purpose of my visit was to be hypnotized. He didn’t want to confuse things by having a hookup part of the mix, which sort of made sense.

As i left to leave his apartment, the handed me a book to take it home and also told me to take into consideration it as “homework”. “Thanks bud!” I claimed as ns left his place.

Gay Erotic hypnosis and also bottoming 

Over the next several days, I could tell something had adjusted inside the me. Much more and more, I began to think what it would be like to bottom.

I understand a the majority of this had actually to do with the hypnosis conference I had with Austin … to add that book he had provided me. Never before was I emotion so urged to shot it.

So one quiet Saturday night, Heath request me if I wanted to spend the night at his place. I was cool with it and headed on over to his condo. Usually, when he wants an overnight, it also means he desires to mess around.

Let me call you around Heath. He is 6’3 and 191 pounds v seaweed environment-friendly eyes, chiseled jaw and also hairy chest. Ns wouldn’t say he has actually a six pack – but more like a 4 pack. He works out practically every day and kind that personifies the form of male I like. He even sports a flattop.


And in instance you are wondering, health is likewise extremely large. He’s not long but in regards to girth, he is seriously beer party sized.

That night, when he was riding me, I could tell the was really enjoying it. That’s once I made the tip to “flip” and also see what would certainly happen. He was taken earlier a bit but very quickly regrouped.

He said me he would certainly be supervisor slow and then handed me a brown bottle.

All I have the right to tell friend is the after around 5 minutes, i swallowed that up inside of me favor Jonah the Whale. I’m no talking about his reminder either. All of it, appropriate down come his pelvic bone.

He pounded me for around 3 minutes straight and also I couldn’t manage it anymore. In fact, he couldn’t either.

We both exit at the very same time and I need to tell friend it was the hottest point either of united state had ever before experienced.

I am confident that most of this was attributed to the fact that he had never topped me before.

“Where walk you find out to journey a guy like that stud?” the asked me while us cleaned up.

All the this sounds an excellent – right? not so fast.

After the night in ~ Heath’s, I found myself flashing back to that being within of me. Ns couldn"t assist but think about how remarkable it was to feel him thumping me like a rabbit.

I might even feel him shooting his male juice in me, i m sorry is odd because I always thought you never ever felt that.

So over the following several weeks, I started spending the night much more and an ext at my boyfriend’s condo. Every time, we would certainly mess around and also I would bottom because that him.

It got to the allude that he started calling me a “selfish bottom” due to the fact that that’s all i really want from him.

He was half joking as soon as he claimed this but as with most jokes, there"s always a tiny bit of truth in there.

Had hypnosis revolutionized me into a large ol" strength bottom?

Had ns turned a strength bottom?

The price to the is apparently yes due to the fact that two weeks ago, I had a team hookup with some men I met top top a smartphone app. To do a long story short, I ended up acquiring group banged.

And you recognize what else? I never topped any of lock – simply oral.

I called Heath about it not too lengthy after and he claimed I had actually graduated to “power bottom” status. Ethical to goodness, I had never heard of that term prior to until he stated it.

Apparently, a power bottom is a dude who have the right to keep taking.

Had I graduated to strength bottom? Perhaps. I understand this much but … i am a lot more submissive 보다 I ever was in the past. I"m even duty playing with my friend in mine old military fatigues and letting that order me around.

What"s weird is that i still feeling the sensation once a guy is within of me however not intense pain choose before.

Oh – ns don’t usage drugs and I don’t “parTy” or anything prefer that. simply poppers.

The only thing ns am concerned around now is gift able to top for other men again. Ns feeling like all I desire to do is bottom. In fact, i can’t it seems ~ to gain enough.

Remember Austin, mine friend that is the hypnotist? I dubbed him and shared all that had been happening.

He called me that i was just experimenting a brand-new side that myself and that ultimately things would certainly chill.

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I hope that’s true since right now, the doesn"t feel that way.

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