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bromheads.tv planet Group 6 Puzzle 1Full Spoiler Solutions
Heavily-disputed holy City Of 3 Religions
Constellation called After A Greek Princess
Major politics U.s. Group From 1834 till 1854
A Humorous surname For A design T Ford
Fear of Bees
Someone that Travels Or remains With You
Social Media Made v Photos that Users
A Billionaire engineer Who came to be A Superhero
Jamaica competed In This 1988 Winter Olympic Sport
Unresponsive, rigid Muscles; serious Syndrome
A Musket must Not Be offered To kill It
A huge Geographic Area
Controversial English Poet of The 19th Century
The fourth One was D’artagnan
Outstanding Actions
Empire’s Headquarters Built and Destroyed Twice

bromheads.tv planet Group 6 Puzzle 2Full Spoiler Solutions
First Constitution, The __ the Confederation
Peter __ Is Tyrion Lannister In video game Of Thrones
Tropical Pepper tree With many Seeds
Giant Beast resembling An Elephant In The Bible
Stock __, where Stocks deserve to Be Bought and Sold
Characterized through Or showing A Vindictive Spirit
A Container because that The disposal Of Garbage
Deflection; Can happen With Bullets
Obstruction In The lungs Is A __ that The Airways
A Bulbous Perennial Herb aboriginal To The Mediterranean
__ at The O.k.

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Corral, Western through B. Lancaster
Someone who Is skilled With Machines, Appliances

bromheads.tv planet Group 6 Puzzle 3Full Spoiler Solutions
The resources Of Georgia (the Country)
Fettuccine Is often Covered by This White Sauce
Yuri __, very first Man To take trip In outer Space
Man who Saw The Ghosts that Christmas
Mini Hawaiian Guitar
Feeling Of gift Unhappy
___ Hart, Us nation Musician and Songwriter
Winter, Summer, Autumn and also Spring
Something that Occurs top top Its very own Without Help
Hedgehog-like pet Aka Spiny Anteater

bromheads.tv planet Group 6 Puzzle 4Full Spoiler Solutions
A Lion-headed Monster that Breathes Fire
The __, Or Sea Cow, Is A large Marine Mammal
A human Who check The Accuracy the Accounts
Otc: Over-the-__ Drug
Supply Of tools To it is in Used
Brightest Star In The Constellation that Scorpio
Liquid spread On arts To dried Shiny
War famous For The charge Of The irradiate Brigade
__ Duncan, American Choreographer
Rubber Bag Inflated through Air Or Helium
Initiates A Car’s Engine
Slang because that Premature Baby
A Sublime State accomplished In The Buddhism
Island nation In The afri South-eastern Coast
Women usage Mascara To improve Each the Them
Layered Pastry from Germany Filled with Sweets
Big __, fact Show about Contestants In A House
High __, Musical v Bing Crosby and also Sinatra
Punk absent Pioneers
Flattening, remove Wrinkles indigenous Clothes

bromheads.tv planet Group 6 Puzzle 5Full Spoiler Solutions
Computer Code
Place because that Relaxation, Rest, Vacation
Item Dropped into The Water To hold A watercraft In Place
To walk To one Event, Listen, Watch
Someone that Analyzes and also Evaluates Something
Small bones In The Foot
__ Camus, contributed To The approach Of Absurdism
Seven minute In __, Teenage Party video game In A Closet
Small amount Of Something that Exemplifies The Whole
Stevie Wonder Hit, my __ Amour
Timmy __ has actually Fairy Godparents
Part that A Garment used To Store small Items
next to Kenya, Congo, and also South Sudan