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Newscaster: In the news tonight rap star Mack 10 release his secondSolo album titled "Based top top A True Story," and also according to reliableSources Ha, the laughs in the face of the sophomore jinx. After theRelease of Westside Connection and Mack's brand-new record, gangster rapSeems to be in ~ an all time highVerse 1Either the thrill of win or the agony that defeatYou either obtained ends or struggle to make ends meetYou can either rotate square or save the mind of a rebelSome uppity livin' an excellent some challenged with fatality in the ghettoI'm a product that the highways so i vow to never ever slipSo i trust no one and also keep a P. Coltrane on my hipI constantly paid attention while my O.G's to be teachin'Rule number one if it's ~ above blast the an initial nigga reachin'Either death or the pen' shit I had to do betterIt was a have to I relocated on and also now I'm all about cheddarA young entrepreneur I fairly slang than bangNow girl be favor you walk Mack 10 baby execute yo thangSo I proceed to gain down and also I keep writin' rhymesAnd ns parlay every dollar to flip at least a hundred timesSo store your video game tight and also it's all fame and gloryAnd whatever I recite's based upon A True StoryChorus <"Story" sung in elevator throughout>You have the right to feel niggaIt's based upon a true storyYou recognize it's actual niggaBased top top a true story
Verse 2The year 1986 is as soon as it every startedNow eleven years later on we tho rough and also cold heartedAnd together the saga continues I drive the wave prefer a Sea DooNot to knock hip hop yet gangsta rap is what we doNiggas top top they very first albumAlready marketed a mil'So before you knock our styleAt the very least admit the it's realIt's all sex drugs and also violenceSo girlfriend pretend friend ain't checkin'You median to phone call me peopleReally ain't dyin' every secondNow y'all do the rulesNiggas have the right to say what lock chooseSo if friend gone ban Gangsta rapThen you got to half the newsThat means no weather reportNo Waco and the poor reverandNo channel 4 channel 7 and no film at elevenWith no high college diplomas we came to be millionairesMedia mad reason we winning and also we yes, really playin' fairSo store your video game tight and also it's every fame and gloryAnd whatever I recite's based on A True StoryChorus
Verse 3I crumble eco-friendly on a magazineReady to roll a jointDamn in this billboardI'm number one through a hollow pointIt was a rough roadway aheadBut because that my youngsters I gotta pave itSo ns twist one shiver the weed outClose the book up and save itCause my child li'l MackMight flourish up and also have a crewAnd that can show all his homiesThis what my daddy provided to doSee i was raised around gangstasAnd grindas since a youthSo the shit ns rap abouts like 99% truthWith devoted fans native bebe kidsTo bambinos and niggas that's CEO'sBefore they with they three O'sManeuver through the corporate worldMakin' moves to take oursRolling big German luxury and also Italian sports carsSo clock what you do reason you understand we playa hatedAnd everytime it's a homicide they call it gang relatedSo save your game tight and it's all fame and gloryAnd whatever I recite's based upon A True Story

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Chorus (2X)Too $hort talking: to speak Mack baby, it's yo pa'tna $hort dog manYou recognize I obtained yo ago boy. You recognize a nigga prefer me I just leftThe Ferrarri dealer man. I ain't go lie I recognize you ridin' rimsBut the problem is, it's a most mothafuckas out there that think weRappers man. That think we just sit in ~ home and make this up atOur momma's house. I hate to call y'all man some of us are actual playasReal ballers biitch