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Tonight ~ above VH1’s struggle series Love & i know good Hop Hollywood returns with one all-new Monday, October 23, 2017, episode and we have your Love & i know well Hop Hollywood recap listed below for you. On tonight’s season 4 episode 16, “Reunion part 2,” as per the VH1 synopsis, “Keyshia doesn’t think the kiss the Brooke and Booby common was innocent. Will Keyshia kiss Marcus to also things out?

Tonight’s illustration of Love & i know good Hop Hollywood will be packed complete of drama that you won’t desire miss. Nothing forget come bookmark this spot and also head over because that our Love & i know well Hop Hollywood recap this evening at 8 PM – 9 pm ET! While you wait because that our recap of Love & hip Hop Hollywood Season 4 episode 3, nothing forget to examine out every our L&HHH recaps, spoilers, news & more!

Tonight’s Love & i know well Hop Hollywood recap starts now – update Page frequently to gain the most existing updates!

Last mainly on component one that the Love and also Hip Hop Hollywood reunion there to be shocking revelations and confrontations. Alexis revealed the she to be pregnant by the father of Masika’s daughter Fetty Wap and the two women had actually a verbal smackdown which caused Hazel being gotten rid of from the stage and also leaving the reunion altogether as soon as she do the efforts to protect Alexis from Masika. The confrontations didn’t end there together it was doubted whether or no Alexis’ infant was important Fetty’s by Lucci and Alexis had actually to refute those claims. To cap off an evening of fights and confrontations Zell and Misster beam came confront to challenge under the ruse of making peace.

This main on part two the the Love and also Hip Hop Hollywood reunion Ray and also Zell try to repair fences when Zell attacks Ray. Beam yells “I have actually SOMEONE wait FOR YOU! I know WHERE friend LIVE!” As finish chaos division out ~ above the stage. Zell is escorted backstage and also out that the building.

When castle return Ray has rejoined the cast and everyone is sustaining him. Nina asks the “Are girlfriend ok?” Ray states “I’m ok. But F him for life.” Nina says “I was caught up in what to be happening yet I was told that Alexis to be laughing.” She asks Alexis “Why were you laughing?” Alexis says “I was laughing at Zell offering him a hug. Ns sorry you acquired punched in the face.” ray doesn’t think her. Nina asks Lyrica “I recognize Zell is her cousin, how do friend feel about what happened?” Lyrica says “It to be disgusting and also I don’t give of Zell’s behavior.” Ray says “I do appreciate A1 coming ago to mine room to inspect on me.” A1 says “ No problem. You’re a an excellent dude.”

Nina decides to relocate on. She asks Nikki “Why execute you think no one gets along?” together Nikki is trying to answer she is interrupted by Masika and a screaming enhance breaks out in between the 2 of them. Masika lays down on the floor and tells Nikki “Come and also attack me. I’m so afraid ns shaking in mine boots.”

When the reunion return Nina desires to attend to the situation between Brooke, Marcus. Booby and also Bridget. She asks Brooke “Are girlfriend wearing panties tonight and also is there someone you’d take it them off for?” Brooke claims “I’m not and I’m not going to have sex until I’m married.” Nina then wants to know around the background between Brooke and Booby. Booby says “The an initial kiss to be the one ya’ll saw. However we do have a history.” Nina asks Bridget “Did you feel some form of way about see them kiss choose that?” Bridget states “I think over there is a gray area and also he was ready to take that next step when she to be not.” Marcus tells them “The divorce is final.”

Nina moves on to talk around the contentious relationship between Brooke and Bridget. Keyshia moves offstage. Nina asks Brooke “What was much more hurtful come you hearing Bridget top top your song or Bridget going to Catalina through Booby?” Brooke claims “Catalina because that sure.” Bridget addresses the instance with Marcus. She states “Marcus should’ve told me that it to be his and also Brooke’s song.” Marcus states “It no Brooke’s tune it to be my song and also the present must walk on.” Nina asks Booby “How did you feel around going come Catalina through Bridget?” Booby states “Like i dodged a bullet.” It quickly gets heated and Keyshia tells Brooke “You really love this man. Why space you playing games trying to make him jealous?””

When the reunion return the focus is ~ above the relationship between Teairra and Cisco. Nina asks Teairra “Do girlfriend think your relationship with Cisco would have been various if your friends hadn’t interfered?” Teairra claims “Yes and no. Some of the points that walk on behind my back were not cool.” Nina asks Moniece “How did friend feel about talking to Cisco?” Moniece states “I didn’t think it to be ok to talk around my friends concerns with this man. But I went to the dinner to support my friend.” Cisco states “What ya’ll room seeing ideal now is one of the best BS artist in Moniece Slaughter.” Moniece gets yes, really angry and also pops off on Cisco. She needs to be taken off stage. All of sudden Nikki and also Cisco are having words. Cisco tells she “I don’t recognize why she trying come act prefer we didn’t have actually a relationship.” Nikki claims “We to be friends.” Cisco says “We were an ext than friends.”

Nina asks Teairra around her drinking. Teiarra claims “I am completely sober. I don’t even want to organize a cup also if i’m drinking water.” She also tells Nina “I’m in the studio every day working on mine album and my very first single will certainly be out in January. It’s called Uber.” anyone laughs. She tells Cisco “I feel like you played me for national TV.” Nina asks Teairra “How did friend feel once you showed up for the surprised party and learned that it to be an intervention?” Teairra claims “I wondered whereby my household was.” Cisco division in and says “I need to say that i think it was a ploy to get her the end of the means by Moniece due to the fact that as shortly as she to be gone you were in the studio.” Moniece says “If I want to ruin her i would have actually done that in a million different ways.”

When the reunion returns Nina talks to Safaree and Chanel. Safaree claims “The track that we did to be hard and it’s popular.” Nina asks Chanel “How did friend feel as soon as Hazel claimed you had to find out a brand-new dance?” Chanel claims “I felt favor it expected that I had actually to learn a dance days in advance.” Nina asks Safaree “Why didn’t you step in once things acquired physical between Chanel and Hazel?” Safaree states “I just felt prefer it no my ar to get between them.”

Nina moves on to talk A1 and also Lyrica about their concerns from the season. She asks A1 “Do friend think that Lyrica to be jealous and also that to be why she didn’t want you signing any kind of other female artists or to be it just about finishing something that was essential to her?” A1 states “It was a little bit of both.” Lyrica speak up and also says “We simply finished increase the album and now we are on a radio tour. That doesn’t have actually time to work-related with others ideal now.” She likewise says “I have rappers hitting me up to job-related with them all the time, however he no let me work with them.” A1 claims “I to be a songwriter, vocal coach and director. I perform it all. You don’t require anyone else.” Lyrica tells them “He has females in his DM wanting to job-related with him and it would certainly be fine if they had any type of talent.”

When Love and Hip Hop return they prepare come say goodbye come Safaree. Nina asks Safaree if that has any type of final words.

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The tears up and also tells castle “I just wanna speak that i appreciate every one of ya’ll up here. I love you and also I’m walk to miss you all.”