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Chicago duo Louis The Child have actually just dropped your six-track Love Is Alive EP on Ultra Music and it sounds great. The rising electronic act has been among our favorites come watch over the past couple years, having actually premiered their breakout single "It's Strange" feat. K. Flay back in 2015 and seeing lock consistently supply quality releases prefer "Fire", "Love Is Alive" and "Phone Died", all 3 of which deserve to be uncovered on their new EP.

The project's lead track is "Go" i m sorry goes under an indie pop road and actually attributes the vocals of Louis The Child's very own Freddy Kennett. The tune carries a basic and light beat that's straightforward to cool to and also Freddy's soft vocals mix nicely through the instrumentation. Among the most interesting productions on the EP is "Slow down Love" feat. Chelsea Cutler as it attributes these dark, lush soundscapes yet then switches come a unique steel north sequence. 

"World top top Fire" is another brand-new track to come from Love Is Alive. Ashe's silky vocals have actually such a romantic, classy, movie-like feel to them the make the song extremely soothing to hear to. As soon as again, the manufacturing is fairly simple, yet every creative choice has actually a certain purpose and gives the tune a feeling of fullness. Overall, this is a great EP and also something that will not only please existing Louis The son fans, but bring in new listeners. 

The duo puts a range of genres, moods and also energies on display with their brand-new body of work. We had actually the pleasure of speaking with Freddy and also Robby the Louis The Child about the EP too. Girlfriend can examine out the interview and also stream the six-track Love Is Alive EP below. Also be sure to check out their upcoming festival days to hear some of these melody live. Enjoy!

Louis The child – Love Is alive EP | Purchase

What is the story and meaning behind this Love Is Alive EP?
This EP is a repertoire of songs the we've made throughout the past year and a fifty percent or so. The EP is about finding love and also happiness.

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Why go you males want to release a project as opposed to singles?