There space dozens of Looney tunes DVDs and Blu-Rays for sale. Warner Bros has actually released four "Collections" that contain some distinct episodes but contain a majority of dupliates. Part individual compendiums room 100% duplicates of currently sets, while part have unique episodes. Unfortunately, Warner Bros hasn"t provided a guide on how to maximize the Bugs rabbit for her buck. So, what"s the best way to acquire every one of the Looney tunes episodes easily accessible on DVD today?

Fortunately, Wikipedia editor have constructed episode lists! illustration lists for each DVD to be scraped native Wikipedia and analyzed v Python. A CSV (tab-delimited) document containing the scraped content is available here through sample password at the end of this post.

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The complying with were excluded indigenous this review:

DVDs that were only TV specials containing mixes of clips and also not complete episodes (Cupid Capers)DVD releases that were explicity subsets ("and Friends", "Center Stage", "Showcase: Volume 1", "28 Cartoon classics Premiere Edition", etc)"New" illustration (Looney Tunes reality Check, Taz-Mania, etc) not from the "classic" 1930-1969 runsTV Specials were treated as a single episode when consisted of as an extra featurePorky Pig 101 which contains 99 black and white and also 2 Technicolor Porky the Pig episodes

Note: No attempt was made to catalog full vs wide screen episodes. Some, but not all, that the episodes in the super Stars collection were improperly cropped. Some, yet not all, of the it was crooked episodes were fixed and also rereleased in the Platinu

Summary : There are 548 distinctive episodes easily accessible on key (and end 500 that room not). The gold Collection and also 7 that the 8 DVDs indigenous the at sight Stars Collection have actually a linked 477 distinctive episodes, or 87% coverage. Including the Platinum repertoire results in 507 uniques for 93% coverage. Both the finest of Warner Bros<1> and also Spotlight arsenal Volume 6 contain one distinctive episode. The Academy Awards Collection and Unleashed discs save no unique episodes.m Collection.

DVDs contained in this Analysis

Dohtem gives a comprehensive background of Warner Bros relax of Looney melody DVDs (and has organized the #FinishTheWabbit campaign).

Release Years# Episodes# distinct Episodes% Unique
Golden Collection2003 - 200836911732%
Spotlight Collection2003 - 20142061Platinum Collection2011 - 20141502316%
Super Stars Collection2010 - 20131439766%
Best of Warner Bros2013501<1:1>2%
Academy Awards Collection<2>20081700%
Essential Bugs Bunny201019526%
Essential Daffy Duck201123940%
Mouse Chronicles2012302480%
Collection Comparison

From the table it is evident the fastest means to develop up unique Looney tunes episodes is to start with the collections. The gold Collection to be targeted in ~ collectors with many bonus features. The Spotlight repertoire was released in tandem through the golden Collection however was cheaper and also aimed at families. The Spotlight was almost a perfect subset of the gold Collection, however it contains two extr episodes: Rabbit Rampage and also Sniffles takes a Trip. Spotlight Volume 6 is the only circumstances of Rabbit Rampage on disc. The omission of Rabbit Rampage from the golden Collection will certainly be ignored going forward; it is assumed that there is no reason to buy the Spotlight Collection as soon as the golden Collection is a much bigger superset.


A Venn diagram of the three continuing to be collections (Golden, Platinum, and also Super Stars) shows the overlap between the collections. The Platinum collection has far-reaching episode overlap v the golden Collection; it only gives 37 new episodes. The super Stars Collection, on the other hand, consists of 108 episodes not in the golden Collection.


Warner Bros included the following 14 illustration in all three collections:

Gorilla my DreamsBirds AnonymousRabbit FireTortoise to win HareCanary RowBroom-Stick BunnyTweetie PieSatan"s Waitin"For Scent-imental ReasonsRabbit SeasoningRabbit the SevilleLong-Haired HareHigh Diving HareGift Wrapped

A note On the supervisor Stars Collection: Not every one of the discs in the supervisor Stars collection introduce brand-new material when compared to the gold Collection; every one of the illustration on Feline Fwenzy and also Wascally Wabbit (Europe-only release) are repeated in the gold Collection.

Standalone bowl Comparisons

Due to the nature the Venn diagrams, that is not straightforward to present how 11 releases interact. The Venn diagrams listed below have the gold & super Stars collection or the Golden, Platinum, and also Super Stars collections grouped together one set to show how the independent discs include to the unique episode count.

Adding the Essentials

What happens to the unique episode counting if the important Bugs Bunny and also the necessary Daffy Duck room added?


Note that adding the Platinum repertoire to this diagram go not affect how numerous episodes room added!


Adding the Awards

What wake up to the unique episode count if the Academy compensation Winners and the 50 finest of Warner Bros room added?



Recommended purchasing Order

The fastest means to obtain the most Looney melody episodes is to acquisition the gold Collection.

1. Looney Tunes: gold Collection Vols 1-6

If there is just one point out on the shelf (or budget) for a Looney melody collection, it should be filled through the gold Collection . The golden Collection includes 369 the the accessible 548 illustration (67%) as well as numerous commentaries and also bonus features.

2. Looney melody Super Stars Collection

After owning the golden Collection, much more unique episodes are included by the supervisor Stars arsenal than any kind of other set. However, Feline Fwenzy adds no new episodes and can it is in ignored. Owning both the golden and supervisor Stars Collections results in 477 unique episodes (87%).

3. Looney Tunes: Platinum arsenal Vols 1-3

There are far-ranging diminishing returns when the gold and at sight Stars Collections room owned. The Platinum Collection features some full framework fixes from the at sight Stars Collection and also adds secondary 30 unique episodes come the queue (92.5%). The DVD variants the the Platinum collection volumes are missing the 3rd special functions disc, however many that the special features overlap v the gold Collection.

4. The essential Daffy Duck

Although Bugs is superior to Daffy, the vital Daffy Duck add to nine distinct episodes come Bugs Bunny"s five. Adding this set to the collection increases the episode coverage to 94%.

5. The crucial Bugs Bunny

The necessary Bugs Bunny set adds 5 brand-new episodes to the pool (95%).

6. Looney Tunes computer mouse Chronicles: chuck Jones Collection

The Looney Tunes mouse Chronicles contains 24 unique episodes (80% that the episodes in the set), however many of them don"t feature the "usual gang", for this reason its reduced ranking. Including the computer mouse Chronicles brings the episode coverage to a far-reaching 99%.

7. Looney Tunes: Spotlight repertoire Volume 6

Volume 6 of the Spotlight arsenal adds one distinct episode: Rabbit Rampage, bring about 99.6% the the easily accessible episodes being owned.

8. Ideal of Warner Bros. 50 Cartoon Collection: Looney Tunes

If it is meaningful to own The Dover boys at Pimento University or if it"s systematic to have actually 100% that the Looney melody episode accessible on disc, then the ideal of Warner Bros set is needed.

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Python Example

import pandas together pdimport matplotlib.pyplot together pltfrom matplotlib_venn import venn2, venn3# read in the life dataraw = pd.read_csv("BugsBunny.csv",skiprows=1,delimiter="\t")## convert "Volume" Columns to collection Sets# # Note: sets are used to gain collection operators for comparisons# build up collection of at sight Star EpisodessuperstarsS = set(raw<"Hare Extraodinaire">.dropna().append( .dropna(), raw<"Barnyard Bigmouth">.dropna(), raw<"Feline Fwenzy">.dropna(), raw<"Wascally Wabbit">.dropna(), raw<"Supergenius Hijinks">.dropna(), raw<"Zee finest of Zee Best">.dropna(), raw<"Hilarious Ham">.dropna(), raw<"Marsupial Mayhem">.dropna()>, ignore_index=True))# build up collection of Platinum EpisodesplatinumS = set(raw<"Platinum Volume 1">.dropna().append( .dropna(), raw<"Platinum Volume 3">.dropna()>, ignore_index=True))# develop up set of gold Collection EpisodesgoldenS = set(raw<"Golden Volume 1">.dropna().append( .dropna(), raw<"Golden Volume 3">.dropna(), raw<"Golden Volume 4">.dropna(), raw<"Golden Volume 5">.dropna(), raw<"Golden Volume 6">.dropna()>, ignore_index=True))# build up collection of Spotlight EpisodesspotlightS = set(raw<"Spotlight Volume 1">.dropna().append( .dropna(), raw<"Spotlight Volume 4">.dropna(), raw<"Spotlight Volume 5">.dropna(), raw<"Spotlight Volume 6">.dropna(), raw<"Spotlight Volume 7">.dropna(), raw<"Spotlight Volume 8">.dropna()>, ignore_index=True))## do Standalone Sets#academyS = set(raw<"Academy Awards Collection">.dropna())essentialbugsS = set(raw<"The vital Bugs Bunny">.dropna())essentialdaffyS = set(raw<"The essential Daffy Duck">.dropna())mouseS = set(raw<"Looney Tunes mouse Chronicles">.dropna())showcaseS = set(raw<"Showcase Volume 1">.dropna())unleashedS = set(raw<"Looney melody Unleashed">.dropna())warnerS = set(raw<"Best that Warner Brothers">.dropna())## do Comparisons!## discover # uniques in supervisor Stars Seriesprint("Super Star Uniques")print(len(superstarsS - platinumS - goldenS - spotlightS - academyS - essentialbugsS - essentialdaffyS - mouseS - showcaseS - unleashedS - warnerS))# discover Unique illustration in Warner Bros CollectionwarnerS - unleashedS - showcaseS - mouseS - essentialdaffyS - essentialbugsS - academyS - superstarsS - platinumS - goldenS - spotlightS# print the episodes shared in between the 3 collectionsfor s in superstarsS & goldenS & platinumS: print("* %s" % s)# make a Venn because that the collectionsvenn3(, set_labels=("Golden","Platinum","Super Stars"))# Venn that the collections and also the "Essentials"venn3(, set_labels=("Golden, Platinum, & supervisor Stars","Bugs","Daffy"))