Preview a channel

You deserve to open a live preview the a channel in your web internet browser to see any kind of configuration transforms you make to the channel as you do them. Net browsers that assistance HTML5 and Flash are supported.

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There space several methods to preview a channel:

Preview a channel indigenous the information page Preview a channel indigenous the Status web page Preview all channels at the very same time

You can likewise preview a channel using Live, see Configure Dashboard panels for an ext information.

Important considerations

Some web browsers disable auto playback the videos through audio. In those cases, the audio because that the channel being previewed is muted by default. HTML5 go not support PCM audio encoding. If PCM audio encoding is configured for a channel, audio does not play in the preview attach for the channel. PCM audio encoding at 48 kHz is not supported. A live transfer preview connect is not provided for a channel the is configured for PCM audio encoding through a sampling bitrate that 48 kHz.

If HTTPS is configured because that Pearl Mini, the live transfer URL will begin with https instead of http.

The details page has preview web links for every the networks that space configured top top Pearl Mini.

Preview a channel indigenous the details page using the Admin panel

from the configuration menu, pick Info. The information window opens. Climate click see to open up a preview home window of the channel.


Preview a channel indigenous the Status web page using the Admin panel

You can use the Admin dashboard to open a preview connect for a channel native the condition page. The Live broadcast preview can be regarded using internet browsers that assistance HTML5 or Flash. You can additionally see a preview of the channel directly from the Status web page itself.

The Status web page lists information around the channel, including stream info such as the bitrate, structure size, streaming and also preview links, and the state of the services on Pearl Mini.

This feature is not obtainable using the neighborhood console top top Pearl Mini.

native the networks menu, select the channel and click Status. The Status web page opens and also a live preview snapshot appears below the present info. Right-click the Live broadcast link and also select open in a new Tab or open up in a brand-new Window.


Preview all networks at the very same time making use of the Admin panel

The resulting internet page deserve to be very large. You have the right to use her keyboard"s zoom secrets or the zoom buttons for her web internet browser to change the display screen view. Plus countless browsers support quick cuts, like Ctrl- (control minus) come zoom out and Ctrl+ (control plus) come zoom in.

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open up a brand-new tab in your web internet browser on the Admin computer.

http:///preview.cgi?channelsFor example:

To preview a solitary channel, you can get in the complying with URL: http:///preview.cgi?channel=X

where is the IP address that Pearl Mini and also X is the channel"s table of contents number.