You know, the boy that I secretly like and I was about to questioning out, however then Andie asked him an initial "cause she didn"t know I favored him, and also now I have to avoid him due to the fact that he"s date my friend and also every time I check out him I acquire the crushies?

That Holden.

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Liv, us haven"t hung out lot lately.

Do friend wanna go mini golfing after school?

I don"t yes, really know about that.

I really just spend time with civilization who have bejeweled welding masks.

I have actually one the those.

Hey, Andie.

Hey, Liv.

Hey, Holden.

Liv"s walk mini golfing v us after ~ school.

- Oh, awesome.

- Oh.

We"re going v Holden.

Wait till girlfriend see how amazing the is.

- You"re amazing.

- No, girlfriend are.




Wow, I just realized I have actually I have stuff to carry out after school.

And I likewise have things.

Aw, well, that"s a bummer, however okay.

- Definitely one more time.

- Okay.

When you"re done with your things.

Don"t forget the stuff.

- Crushies?

- ns don"t wanna talk about it.


Three, two, one.

Of course I"ve obtained the crushies, Maddie.

It happens every solitary time I"m around Holden.

And I want to hang out through Andie.

She"s just she"s always with him.

I don"t know.

What carry out I do?

Liv, ns think just until you get over your feelings because that Holden, you just need to discover something that you and also Andie have the right to do without him, you know?

- What up, mine twins?

- Hey!

- Who desires to sign up with me in the battle - I"m in!

- of the bands?

- No, I"m out.

How around you, Liv?

You song while I death it ~ above the drums?

Wills, i didn"t know you played the drums.

Yeah, took it increase recently.

Needed something to beat with a stick to relax your pent up frustrations about Joey no returning her affections?

Why won"t that love me, Liv?


Anyways, the battle.

What execute you think?

I think that Andie dram the bass, and if us were in a tape together, we might hang the end without Holden.

You know, he"s the male that I covertly like and I was about to questioning out, but wait, i totally currently told you guys this.

Oh, hey, Andie, Willow and I are starting a band.

Do you want to it is in in it?

You bet ns do.

A band with my girls?


We have actually a band.

- Yay!


- Oh!

Oops, dorn twin.

Help me.

Where"s nimbus?

We need to do a sound inspect asap.

Pardon me, have actually you seen my vectron fuel cell?

I left the in right here after the hovercraft races.

It"s around yay large and yay deadly.

You gifted and talented kids crack me up.

Hey, give us a mic check.


I mean, I"m no Johnny nimbus, but I"ll give it a hello, Stevens Point, we room coming come you live from the fight of the bands Bands bands A-bravo, a-bravo.

But you lack the nimbus flair, the gives even the dullest of story a feeling of importance.

Well, thanks for filling in, kid.

Now step aside.

The experienced is here, here, here.

Hey, don"t acquire crusty because I pretended to it is in you.

Not my error if ns made favor a hammer and nailed it.

The son was quite good, Johnny.

Yeah, I can probably take her job.

Listen, kid, I"ve been doing this due to the fact that legendary weatherman Gus t.

Wind was sucked up in a twister earlier in "97.

The way I inflect takes years to perfect.

"The way I inflect takes years to perfect.

" every right, beginner"s luck.

I mean, anybody deserve to do the for a sentence or two, but try spewing this an effective enthusiasm, making her voice go up and also down and also all round, 24/7.

Dude, a trained monkey could do that.


Well, I"ve interviewed several monkeys, clever guy.

And trust me, castle can"t talk.

It doesn"t it seems to be ~ that tough to out-nimbus the nimbus.

Here we go.

You rooneys could turn sit down right into a competition.

I sit far better than every one of them.

I sit prefer a boss.

Okay, lil" boss, I challenge you come a host battle, right here, mañana.

- You"re on.

- Boom!


It"ll be a fight of the fight of the bands hosts.

It"ll be a match-up that the mic men.

- See, that"s what i said.

- Yeah, yet I claimed it better.

All right, how about this for a surname Liv and the blowtorches?

Andie, i don"t recognize if i necessarily wanna be "Liz and also the" anything.

We need a name for us.

How about the dream?

"Cause it to be duct recorded to my bass drum when I to buy it in ~ the thrift shop.

Works for me.

Yeah, every right, the dream it is.

Let"s execute this!

Okay, so 2 summers ago, i played lead etc in the movie the funaways.

I mean, okay, so i mimed playing, yet how tough can it be, right?

- the was - just don"t say anything.

I already know.

I"m likewise just now realizing that my movie guitar was no plugged right into anything.

Liv, the dispute is tomorrow.

We need a lead guitarist.

Okay, let"s every one of us think.

Do any type of of us know a lead guitarist?

I recognize someone.

Is that me or did us just discover our lead guitarist?

You know we did.

What do you say, Holden?

I"m in if you"re in.

- Liv?

- What?

Yes, oh, yes.

I to be so in Trouble.

Artie, let"s speak band names.

I have acquired the perfect surname for our brand-new hip-hop sound examine it.

Joe mama.


You love it?

Naw, I can tell friend love it.

Naw, ns don"t.

But I have actually a band name which will fit perfectly through our new glam rock sound and look red heat.

Red heat dons one-piece jumpsuits with stand-up collars, studded lapels and capes v mini-pianos.

Well, I just hate everything about this.

Especially the component about the minions gift upstairs at my house.

Well, I hate everything about your face.

Well, I hate everything about your natural boys, boys, what is walking on here?

Artie"s being impossible.

Well, Joey"s being possible.

Wait, that"s not right.

What"s the opposite of impossible?

Nope, it"s possible.

Boys, sit down and also we space gonna have a chat.

Always mental the number one dominion to every relationship.

You never go to bed angry.

I"m sorry.

That"s simply something Pete and also I room working on.

- Mom.

- T. M. I. , Mrs. Rooney.

You open up your heart and also you say just how you feel.

I feel Crispy.

It"s exactly how I feel.

Please don"t negate it.

Joey, currently I feeling Kitty.

We have actually a tape name.

Crispy kitty!


Already agreeing ~ above something.

Yeah, mom, currently that we have actually a therapist.

But it"s not prefer we can have a therapist all the time.

I assumed you"d never ask.

Of food I"ll join your band.

She"s magnificent.

I"d love to argue with you, however I can"t.

Hello, Stevens Point.

We"re live in the Rooney kitchen with Karen Rooney.

Honey, what space you increase to?

I"m perfecting the nimbus flair.

I did a scientific evaluation of Johnny"s on-air voice.

This an equipment registers my voice as I speak.

See, come announce prefer nimbus, friend gotta hit the red, then carry it on under to orange, then up to red again, and then way on down to green.

I have no idea what goes on in that small head the yours, but I to be honored to witness what come out.

So what"s ~ above the food selection tonight, Mrs.


Well, Mr. Nimbus.

Your audience could be interested to know that i am make the efforts something new.



Looks like she"s acquisition a culinary threat with chicken vindaloo.

How it"ll go over is anybody"s guess, yet it"s curry in a rush on crane street.

Nimbus out.


Liv, are you okay?




I"m just kind of having trouble focusing.

I just need something come block out all my distractions.

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You know, like, sunglasses, or, like, a blindfold or blackout curtains to block the sun that shines in Holden"s eyes.