Nothing too spectacular because that the very first one, simply some quick questions native the last few chapters.

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Oh, Zwei is on the way. And now he’ll have three kitties come play with! >:)



These two concerns sum up many of the reviews because that chapter 35. Everyone seems confused as to whether I’m having actually Roman it is in Summer’s brothers or Raven’s. This… was no my intention. :p I believed I had actually it spelled out pretty clear, but apparently, i screwed increase somewhere. However -and you’re walk to hate me because that this- I’m a enjoying anyone trying to figure it the end a little to much. So, I’m not telling you level out. The story will execute that soon sufficient anyway. However, I will tell you this: He’s the brother of one of them, and was a girlfriend to the other.



Honestly… i didn’t. Reality be told, as I was writing the bot fight, it fully slipped my mind the Ozpin didn’t know around Penny. Don’t as me how. ~ re-watching volumes 2 and also 3, I have actually no idea just how I forgot something for this reason blatantly obvious. I only figured it the end after i posted thing 32, and also people began freaking the end because“Ozpin knows! Ozpin knows!” Que two weeks of me freaking out as I tried to completely understand just how human being shattering this is, and also I scrambled come come up through something, ANYTHING, to do it work. But, together I watched volume 3, and also listened to the totality Fall Maiden thing again, the coin situation, through all the secrecy and such, started to make a lot more since, to the point that ns truly believe that this was Ironwood’s plan.

In short, i screwed up, tried to solve it, and ended up progressively solving something that had bugged me because that over a year. Go me! ^_^

That’s it for this one. Not sure how often I’ll placed these out, but hopefully the was sufficient to meet for now. Anyone has more questions, ask’em, and also I’ll execute my ideal to price them.


I’ll be honest, I type of do this page and just forgot about it till now. So, guess I better fix that.

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Hello, i am OmegaInfinity, OI for short. Writer of the RWBY fanfic connected in Life and Love, but also the Storm falken fic Stregnth in weakness (it’s not dead, I’m just focusing on LiLaL at the moment). Not rather sure what I’m walk to use this web page for just yet, probably Q&A’s. Or… a location for civilization to write-up fanart the the fics, maybe? Eh, we’ll view what happens.