LET IT dice - basic Tips & Tricks

Some beginner tips and tricks for Let the Die! ns made this in really hopes newer players will have actually a much better understanding that what to carry out when beginning out. This covers death Metal usage, Mid-Bosses and Don Bosses in the an initial 20 floors, and also many much more topics.

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Part ns – What need to I Spend fatality Metals on?

Death steels are the premium money in Let that Die. Every one is 50 cents USD and also can be provided in a variety of ways.


Death Metals have the right to be offered to revive dead personalities on the spot, to rush study and development (R&D) progress, and also even come buy cosmetic skin for the wait Room. You can be tempted to usage these as soon as you dice on a an excellent run or at a boss, however this would certainly be a mistake.

Death metals are ideal used to upgrade your storage!You start with 30 slots, and also can invest 2 death Metals to update the warehouse by 10. Luckily, with the updated brand-new player login rewards, you deserve to use the fatality Metals given to you come vastly increase your stash size. The login bonuses will certainly amount come 24 fatality Metals, which is 120 storage slots! This will certainly make storing necessary crafting ingredient you’ll require for later on much easier.

Part II – Haters and You

Now the you’ve gained your warehouse settled, let united state talk about the dead human being in the room. It is you. In Let it Die, you’ll die A LOT.

Haters and YouWhen you die in this game, her character becomes what is called a Hater. A Hater is an enemy that represents other player characters. They show up in every room of the game, and also high-level Haters can spawn in low-level areas. Be aware of this as soon as leveling a brand-new Fighter, as also the low-level floors space not safe.

When one of your fighters dies and becomes a Hater, you have actually a few options:

Spend kill Coins (which are debated in component III) to revive the character through their equipment and also inventory.Use among your other Fighters to go back to the room you passed away on and kill her old character. Act so will strip lock of all gear and also decals, however will return castle to her Freezer. Let them die. Once your character i do not care a Hater, they will certainly roam right into other players’ games and potentially kill them, which will certainly net girlfriend in resources. 

Typically, I discover spending kill Coins to it is in the best and also most time-efficient option. Kill Coins are simple to attain from raiding and simply by playing the game. However, the prices because that returning a Fighter vary on the tier the Fighter.

Part III – Farming

In Let the Die, farming is a component of life, as it is in any type of F2P game. You’ll should farm two types of currencies in the game: SPLithium, and Kill Coins.

SPLithium SPLithium is a blue fire money that can be gained from death Haters or Hunters, raidng in the Tokyo death Metro, or from login rewards. You use this come upgrade her Waiting Room’s facilities. There are 4 things you can upgrade in the wait Room: her Fighter Freezer, your death Coin Bank, her SPLithium Tank, and your Prison.

Upgrading every of these will rise the max capacity of sources they deserve to hold. Upgrading also increases their in its entirety health, making lock harder to damage when raided.

SPLithium is used in crafting items upgrades. The higher the Tier of item, the much more Lithium you’ll need.

Kill CoinsKill Coins are the main money of the game. You’ll use them to recover lost Fighters, buy expensive equipment, decals, and more. Always keep an eye ~ above how numerous Kill Coins girlfriend have before you leaving for a new, attention area. Personally, ns feel it ideal to have sufficient to immediately buy earlier my present Fighter, must they die.

But how do you farm for death Coins? two decent and also consistent ways are detailed below.

The Tokyo death MetroThe Tokyo fatality Metro or TDM is the asymmetrical PVP next of the game. Exactly how it functions is every player have the right to be raided when not in your Waiting Room. The Raider can come right into your waiting Room, destroy your SPLithium Tank and also Kill Coin Bank, and also leave with some of your cash. You have the right to stop invaders by setup some of your unused fighters to defend the base. Friend can also equip her Defenders through an alarm, that will spawn different species of opponents to death the invader. The TDM is a an excellent way to make cash fast. Raids are minimal to 3 minutes and also usually various other players’ defenses space lackluster, therefore you need to be fine. Be sure to bring your ideal equipment and Fighter to this; if they need to die, they’ll only be returned earlier to the TDM Monitor.

Each player you have the right to invade will have a rank. The general dominion of thumb is the lower the rank, the lower their defense will certainly be. If you’re still using a Tier 2 Fighter, I would certainly stick come raiding rank 20 and also below people.

You can easily make tons of money act this, yet beware, anyone girlfriend raid will have the opportunity to raid you back. They’ll usually have the ability to raid you for around 5000 death Coins, so the won’t be the finish of the world.

The regular WayThe various other route of agriculture in allow It die is to simply climb v the Tower. You can conveniently net about 16,000 kill Coins in a 20-minute run-through that floor 1-10, and even an ext if you run 11-20. I will certainly admit this is slower than the TDM route, but will result in less world trying to raid you. Be certain to level your LUCK stat when going for this, together LUCK increases the quantity of kill Coins girlfriend receive.

Hunting for the rare Crafting SuppliesIn the game, you’ll require two types of make supplies: metals and also normal resources. Metals are typically the rarest kind of make ingredient, and I extremely suggest storing any type of of these you discover as soon as possible. There space various species of metals, in addition to different colours. Usually, bosses are farmed for uncommon drops of metals. Bosses room covered in the next section.

The remainder are sources you will uncover laying about in each floor. This will range from cloth, steel, clumps the copper, wood, and a miscellaneous others. Every tier the armor and weapons is intended to be provided for each of the ten floors. Tier 1 because that the an initial 10 floors (1-10), Tier 2 for 11-20, and so on. Typically, you’ll discover upgrade materials for every tier top top their particular floor. Just keep her eyes out!

Part IV – The Bosses

The Mid-BossesThere are enemies in the game dubbed Mid-Bosses, who show up on different floors and also are essential to defeat at the very least once to progress further in the Tower. In this section, I’ll be spanning all the bosses you’ll conference in the an initial 20 floors the the game.

1-10FYou’ll encounter your first Mid-Boss ~ above 3F Tamata.This boss is COEN, a hulking monster that has bad eyesight but excellent hearing. You have the right to crouch to momentarily do him shed you, if you have to heal. This struggle is an extremely easy, and also you can very quickly power through it, as long as girlfriend have totally leveled your starting Tier 1 Fighter.

The next is JIN-DIE on 6F Moka-Magome.JIN-DIE is quickly the weakest that the four Mid-Bosses in the game. Her weakness is slashing damage. She is a teleporting sniper, that will pelt you with projectiles and also beams of gore. Prefer the COEN fight, as long as you’ve leveled your fighter together high together possible, you’ll be fine. The many dangerous move she has actually is a gore beam, i beg your pardon is poorly telegraphed and does high damage. However, she rarely provides this strike on this floor, so girlfriend shouldn’t have to worry about it.

On 10F Shimo-Omeno you’ll face your first real boss, Max Sharp.Max is just one of the four Dons, the four main bosses the the Tower. Beating each of them will earn you a rubber stamp and access to the next ten floors. Beating Max will certainly unlock girlfriend Tier 2 Fighters, who can reach level 50.

When you start the fight, friend will have to run a gauntlet v two moving trains, racing in the direction of the front to challenge Max. The train is constantly moving, however if you loss off you’ll just be placed ago at the beginning of it. There are miscellaneous traps and also enemies throughout it. Most notably space spinning saw blades that relocate in a pattern, and also a couple of Bone Tubers who deserve to be an extremely lethal.

Once at the front of the train, you’ll be inserted into a small arena with Max. The edges of the Arena are made up of one electrified wall that will certainly stun the player if they hit it.

Max will perform a stomp attack. When he go this, you can string together a 3-hit combo. Continue to carry out this till the struggle is over. 

11-20F11F Maka-Tsutsumi is your very first encounter v GOTO 9. GOTO 9 is one agile four-legged boss that will spray areas with vomit, making you trip, and jump right into the air and also smashing right into you, dealing huge damage. GOTO 9 can be distracted by throwing mushroom in the arena through him, enabling you to obtain some hits in. This fight should be manageable, if you have actually a fully-leveled Tier 2 Fighter.

16F Kaga has one more JIN-DIE. This fight is among the an initial major hurdles because that the player. She has actually a high health bar and also does high damages to a Tier 2 Fighter. If you discover yourself having actually a hard time with this fight, go ago to farming the an initial 10 floors together with the floors leading approximately 16 for crafting items. Gift decked the end in decently upgraded Tier 2 armor and weapons should push you through the fight.

From floor 11+, friend can find Transparungus Mushrooms, which will rotate you invisible because that 15 seconds, or thirty seconds if you grill it best in a fire. As soon as cloaked, she won’t shoot friend or teleport, allowing you come deal huge amounts of damage without worry. Be certain to cloak prior to you enter the arena.Once she is defeated, you will certainly have accessibility to Tier 3 Fighters.

20F Hachiyanma is where you will fight Colonel Jackson. Jackson is the 2nd of the four Dons, and like JIN-DIE, will certainly pepper girlfriend in projectiles. This time, those projectiles are explosives that deal high damage.

The Encounter begins with disarming three bombs situated within the arena, each in a corner of the map guarded through Screamers.

Once you have actually disarmed the bombs, the real fight begins. Jackson will certainly be put into a body similiar come JIN-DIE, and teleport similar to her. When again, Transparungus Mushrooms deserve to let girlfriend hit him there is no worry. This hit is honestly nice easy, just annoying. Be certain to share up on many of heal items and also you’ll be fine, as there is so lot cover within the arena you have a an excellent amount of breathing room. As soon as the struggle is complete, you will have collected your second large stamp, follow me with access to the following 10 floors. Right here is a video of the fight.

Congratulations! You’re halfway come the top! It just gets harder indigenous here.

Part V – general Tips

The JackalsThe Jackals room body collectors for the 4 Dons, and also best to be avoided at every costs. They space level 200 and will one-shot many players. Lock spawn into a floor once you have actually killed everything and stuck around too long, or if you’ve stuck approximately too long in general. As soon as one spawns, a siren will sound in the level, so you much better get running! Be certain to no tap the exit button while running though, together it will reason you to perform a dive kick, letting a Jackal teleport behind friend to complete you off.

The Mushroom MagistrateThe Mushroom Magistrate is a crazed Mushroom collector in the Tower, and sells girlfriend decals. Decals are provided to upgrade your character, and also you can put one extra decal on because that each tier friend have. A Tier 1 fighter deserve to only placed one decal on, yet a Tier 3 can use three. Be sure to examine in regulary ~ above what she is selling, together you’ll unlock much more powerful decals together you progress.

Haters will fight typical enemies!Encounter a Hater and also don’t want to struggle them? Herd them towards a group of enemies. If you have the right to lose castle all, they’ll start fighting every other! In fact, friend will frequently stumble throughout a Hater fighting regular enemies, which renders your life easier.

Golden Beasts can be supplied for XPI recognize it might be tempting to sell a gold Beast you get for kill Coins, but if you have a brand-new Tier Fighter, you can easily get them to a high level instantly by killing gold Beasts! This deserve to save hrs of leveling and also get you back into the action. After all, those death Coins can quickly be regained indigenous raiding.

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Don’t be afraid to Let the DieThe Game, i mean, not your character. Allow It die is hard. The is unforgiving. It will test your patience and time, and also if the isn’t for you, that’s okay! The an initial ten hrs are extremely easy and an excellent fun, but after that, the game becomes a grind. Ns really enjoy this game, but it won’t be because that everyone. Provide it a shot, carry out your best, and also when girlfriend feel favor the video game is becoming too difficult, you have the right to safely simply let the die.