The mission that the Lebanon Police department is to continually boost the safety and also security that the residents and visitors that the City that Lebanon.

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Welcome to the Lebanon Police Department"s website.

Our site contains advantageous information about our department, the solutions we provide, and other helpful sites pertaining come our city and also law enforcement agencies that business the area.

You have the right to reach the Lebanon Police room by dialing 615-444-2323 because that non-emergency calls or 911 in an emergency. Our Public information Office have the right to be reached by dialing straight to 615-453-4398 and also they will aid you and your informational needs.

The City that Lebanon to be originally incorporated in 1801 and also is located roughly 25 miles east of downtown Nashville in what is commonly referred to together the Middle-Tennessee area. The is the ar seat the Wilson County and was named after the biblical cedars that Lebanon of i beg your pardon a state park the the same name have the right to be uncovered just south of the city limits. Lebanon is the corporate house of Cracker Barrel, power Food Group, and Lochinvar and Cumberland University. The city has actually a complete area of about 39.53 square miles.

The Lebanon Police Department has been protecting the neighborhood for over 2 hundred years and also was started on might 2, 1819. In July the 2020 the department relocated to its brand-new location in ~ 1017 Sparta Pike Lebanon, TN, 37087 enabling all divisions to reside at the very same location.

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Chief Mike Justice regulates the department of 147 employees. The department is made up of 4 significant divisions; Patrol, unique Operations, Criminal Investigations, and also Administrative Services. The room is certified and accredited through Tennessee legislation Enforcement Accreditation (TLEA).

Neighborhood clock Program

Neighborhood watch Programs are accessible to those areas wanting to take it a more diligent stand against crime. It brings law enforcement and citizens together to mitigate crime. The services of a neighborhood Watch regimen are lock promote gaining to recognize your neighbors and also their consistent routines, so the suspicious or the end of the ordinary activity can be identified and reported. Historically, energetic Neighborhood Watch locations have lower events of crime and a stronger sense of community. If you are interested in setting up a community Watch program, you re welcome emails Sgt. PJ continuous atpjhardy