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Distance in between John F Kennedy global bromheads.tvJFK and Los Angeles worldwide bromheads.tvLAX, flight Time/Duration

3974.01 km
2469.33 mi
Flight / air Distance: Kilometers: 3974.01 km.

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, Miles: 2469.33 miles., Nautical Miles: 2144.37 NM. Estimated flight time: 5:14 hours. (With average aircraft speed the 567mph and additional time).
This page display screens distance v distance Map US
and Flight time between John F Kennedy global bromheads.tvJFK and also Los Angeles worldwide bromheads.tvLAX. The street is presented in km, miles and also NM units. Central locations in the JFK and also LAX are used to calculate the distance. Also the estimated plane flight time is displayed.
Below space the charts of ranges of john F Kennedy international and also Los Angeles international indigenous world"s some significant

John F Kennedy international street To bromheads.tvDistance (mi)Flight Time (hr)
Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta international, Atlanta759.342:14
Chicago O"Hare international, Chicago738.052:12
Los Angeles worldwide, Los Angeles2469.335:14
Dallas fort Worth global, Dallas-Fort Worth1388.633:18
Miami worldwide, Miami1091.772:37
Denver global, Denver1621.573:34
Charlotte Douglas global, Charlotte540.91:38
Philadelphia worldwide, Philadelphia93.591:07
Phoenix skies Harbor international, Phoenix2148.674:32
San Francisco global, san Francisco2579.685:22

Los Angeles global street To bromheads.tvDistance (mi)Flight Time (hr)
Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta international, Atlanta1942.174:17
Chicago O"Hare global, Chicago1741.074:03
Dallas ft Worth worldwide, Dallas-Fort Worth1232.233:07
John F Kennedy worldwide, brand-new York2469.335:14
Miami international, Miami2337.885:05
Denver global, Denver860.642:21
Charlotte Douglas international, Charlotte2120.354:30
Philadelphia global, Philadelphia2396.095:09
Newark Liberty worldwide, Newark2448.715:13
Phoenix sky Harbor global, Phoenix369.31:26

Below room the charts of ranges of john F Kennedy global and also Los Angeles international from your nearest

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John F Kennedy global street To bromheads.tvDistance (mi)Flight Time (hr)
Philadelphia international, Philadelphia93.591:07
Baltimore/Washington international Thurgood Marshall, Baltimore183.521:13
General Edward Lawrence Logan global, Boston186.511:13
Syracuse Hancock worldwide, Syracuse208.521:15
Ronald Reagan Washington national, Washington212.631:15
Washington Dulles worldwide, Washington227.611:16
Greater Rochester global, Rochester263.481:19
Burlington worldwide, Burlington266.661:19
Portland global Jetport, Portland273.331:19
Richmond worldwide, Richmond2881:20

Los Angeles global distance To bromheads.tvDistance (mi)Flight Time (hr)
Mc Clellan-Palomar, Carlsbad85.931:06
Santa Barbara Municipal, Santa Barbara88.41:06
San Diego worldwide, mountain Diego109.171:08
Palm Springs international, Palm Springs109.311:08
Meadows Field, Bakersfield109.421:08
Santa Maria Pub/Capt G Allan Hancock Field, Santa Maria134.171:09
San louis County regional, mountain Luis Obispo155.371:11
Visalia Municipal, Visalia173.351:12
Fresno Yosemite global, Fresno209.231:15
McCarran international, ras Vegas236.111:17

*Please note that all the distance between the is calculated together shortest street on planet surface and not the actual trip travel distance.