The Last man on planet returns native hiatus with whole episode centered approximately a brand-new character. Unfortunately, it stops working to game viewers like the remainder of the season has. 

The Last guy on earth Season 4 episode 9 introduces us to Karl, a serial killer who has been trapped alone in a Mexico jail after anyone else succumbed to the virus. That is finally rescued through Tandy and also Todd, that seem shocked and excited to find one more person alive. 


"Karl" was important exposition, but it failure to carry out much much more than simply tell the audience Karl"s story. Only a few moments resulted in me come laugh-out-loud, and also I mostly uncovered myself wondering once the episode would end. 

This episode was structured as with The Last man on planet Season 3 illustration 10, which proved us the origin story the Kristen Wiig"s Pamela. Fred Armisen, though, is no as charismatic as Wiig.

Wiig"s solo power in "Got Milk?" moved quickly, v her quirky comedy style making the episode fun to watch, even if it to be a rest from the show"s regular storytelling style. 

The prisoner karl is painting: How"s the coming? Karl: My best work yet! It"s prefer Matisse mixed with Shakespeare, with simply a small Rhea Perlman ~ above top.

Fred Armisen absolutely has a lot to sell as Karl. He has actually an oddball comedic style, lot like Wiig, that makes him a compelling casting selection for the role of the serial killer. That does no mean, however, that he has what it takes to carry whole episode by himself. 

This solo episode felt much longer than the 22 minutes due to the fact that I quickly came to be bored that Armisen. His acting can become tiresome as soon as it is not well balanced with the job-related of others.


I think Armisen has a the majority of potential on the show. His comedic format will more than likely blend well through the remainder of the cast, and it matches this eccentric show"s brand. 

Unfortunately, he was not given the possibility to interact with castle in "Karl." except for the quick moment at the end where Tandy and Todd rescue knife from the prison, no one from the corridor was featured.

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This to be a disservice to Armisen"s talents, and to pan of the present who waited for its return native winter hiatus and also were at some point left unsatisfied. Karl"s story can have to be told in a various way, one that would have felt much less monotonous and less that a carbon copy that "Got Milk?" 

i m really sorry it’s taking me so long. I’m just looking for the perfect brush.

In addition, because we knew that karl was going to be discovered in a prison, the suspense of not knowing what he did could have been more fun for the remainder of the season. It could have retained the audience guessing and noted us with a fun an enig to deal with as Karl communicated with the gang. 

Despite the episode"s failure to keep my attention for the entire time, there were a few moments ns truly enjoyed. 

First, both boy name Short and Leighton Meester make cameo appearances.


Similar come Jack Black"s arbitrarily one minute scene on The Last man on planet Season 4 illustration 1, Short and Meester each had actually one scene v Armisen. Short ended up being one the Karl"s victim while Meester managed to escape indigenous her date from hell v him prior to she was murdered.

Neither were hugely significant to the in its entirety plot of the series, however they were unexpected and also fun surprises that included a little bit the life to a darker and dull installment of the show. 

Second, ns laughed because that an embarrassingly long time at the Titanic joke knife made ~ above his date. In fact, my fiancee, who does not watch the show and also was in the various other room, overheard the joke and laughed just as lot as i did.

Karl: have actually you ever before been painted? you know, choose a painting? His date: No. Karl: climate it"s settled. We"re going back to my ar after dinner, and also I"m walk to repaint you. Just like Jack did to Rose.

It captured me by surprise, and also by the end, I enjoyed the minute even more because it to be the only truly funny in the entire episode.

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Finally, I took pleasure in the suspense the the scene whereby Karl was painting a man and also went to find a knife to murder him. The ominous music and also dark lighting was reminiscent that a horror film. Even though that was just one scene, it had actually me top top the sheet of my seat. 


In the preview because that the next episode, we saw a glimpse of Karl connecting with the gang. It seems promising already, through a return to the layout that makes this present so special and also enjoyable.

It looks together if Karl desires to "paint" Gail. Will certainly she end up being his new victim? exactly how long will it take the gang to figure out who he really is? ns am looking front to see him connect with every character. Ns imagine it will be a an ext enjoyable journey 보다 "Karl" was. 

What did you think the The Last man on earth Season 4 episode 9? to be you bored and wanting much more like me? walk you reap this rest from the gang? friend can watch The Last man on earth online! After friend do, share your thoughts through us in the comment below!