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I love the dimples in the little of her backThe way they're speak to me as with thatRed wine made my creativity runOh, I can taste it on the reminder of my tongueLet that run, let that rollBaby, i am under your controlLove me fast, kiss me slowHang on come anything you can holdIt's a long means downTo wherein I wanna goIt's a long way downTo the center of your soulIt's a long method downAnd I'm a loaded gunBut i love her salt and sugar on the pointer of my tongueGirl, think me when I speak it's trueNobody makes me feel the way you doWell, ns love you from the morning 'til the setting sun, yeahI have the right to taste the s on the guideline of my tongue
Let the run, let it rollBaby, ns am under your controlLove me fast, kiss me slowHang onto anything you deserve to holdIt's a long way downTo whereby I wanna goIt's a long way downTo the facility of her soulIt's a long way downAnd I'm a invited gunBut i love her salt and also sugar top top the guideline of my tongueYeah, ns love your salt and sugar top top the reminder of mine tongueIt's a long means downIt's a long way downIt's a long way downAnd I'm a invited gunBut i love her salt and sugar ~ above the guideline of mine tongueYeah, i love your salt and also sugar ~ above the pointer of mine tongue
I wanna love friend 'til my days space doneI wanna tell girlfriend that ns think the you're the oneOh girl, you know when it's every said and doneEverything about you's top top the pointer of mine tongue
Kenny said,

With all the an excellent songs that have actually been written in this town, ns think you constantly want to carry out something a small different, ns think there’s this moment when you look at someone and also you understand they contain everything. You desire to recognize everything, consume everything around them. It’s why us say ‘It’s a long means down,’ because you want to understand it all. And also the finest part: We gained a melody that feels like what’s walk on lyrically. The music matches the words, and also you can just drift in it


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