Love end GuideDon"t skip intro, top alternatives only.Don"t rape her, top dialogue option.Don"t rape her, top dialogue again.Do not damage her clothes at any allude in the encounter, and you should acquire it. Be cautious of her distinct attacks(when she turns her head prior to an attack). They"re solid enough to do it impossible to come back without special attacks in the last phase.Just posting it since nobody rather has. Despite word of note, it could just it is in the same thing as "Overthrow! The good Demonness", which way the intro is more than likely skippable.

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Update top top violation end:Defeat her and also choose service (middle option) and an option 1 for conversation.Defeat her in 2nd round and rape (3rd option) or counter rape. Climate choose second choice in conversation 2. Final round loss her and rape again.Some added things i did was destroy all garments in round 1 and rape double in final round. Not certain if that impacts the outcome but this is how I gained it.

So ns didn"t bother learning anything from this game since it lags so much I can make a sizeable roast dinner prior to being able come attack, however I have noticed something around the guides because that the endings; no one of the write-ups mention she lust levels. I"ve not figured the out completely but I had the hardest time gaining the lewd ending since it kept providing me the third instead, till I tried getting her totally aroused in each H-scene. Either some human being got lucky and also posted without all the details on how to acquire the finishing or they simply didn"t tell because of part overblown ego they"d have around knowing everything around a erotic game, but I think she arousal is the missing link a lot of of world need here right now. If no I"m in ~ a loss

This guide will most likely have actually some misinformation, so perform not expect every little thing said here tobe true. Basic Combat:When girlfriend click, you will have four options; optimal (Punch): Unleash damage on a component of Karens body based upon how high your assault bar (the bar to the right) is. Dealing acertain quantity of damage to Karens clothing will piece them off.Right (Block): Shield you yourself from Karen"s upcoming move. It will negate most damage, some will chew through and also damage you, albeit no much. Needs 50% of your strike bar to initiate.Bottom (Super bar replenish, Ki charge, everything you would prefer to contact it): filling up her super bar by 60-65%. Requires max assault barto use.Left (Open Super move menu): reveals super relocate menu.Note: girlfriend will have actually the choice to counter and rape her midway through several of her moves if you have a full super bar.Super Moves:(*s median the tier of how much damages it deals compared to straightforward attacks)*Top Left (Discount-Raesangan, Orb): Fire one orb that functions as a substitute for your normal attack. At the minute it is unknown if it does anything else special. Damages correlates to assault bar. Needs 25% super bar.*Top ideal (Downwards Strike): Unleashes a downwards strike in the direction of Karen. At the moment it is unknown if that does anything rather special. Damage correlates to attack bar. Needs at least 50% at sight bar.**Bottom Left (Uppercut): Unleashes an uppercut punch at Karen. In ~ the minute it is unknown if that does noþeles elsespecial. Damage correlates to attack bar. Calls for at least 75% supervisor bar.***Bottom best (Consecutive Strikes): win Karen many times depending upon how lot the skill has actually been upgraded.At the moment it is unknown if the does anything rather special. Damage correlates to strike bar. Requires full super bar.Skills:(These will certainly be detailed from left come right, height row come bottom. The names below may no actually it is in their specific names; I"m no Japanese translator.)Prefetching: gives you the ability to view Karen"s following attack.Uppercut damages Increase: This rises the quantity of damage the uppercut does.Ki damage Increase: This increases the lot of damages the Orb doesVitality: increases your health and also defense against Karen"s attacksStrength: rises the amount of damages you unleash top top Karen.More Positions: gives you an ext access to positions throughout rape scenes.Consecutive Strikes Increase: This increases the lot of strikes the move has, dealing an ext damage.Downwards win Increase: This rises the lot of time you damage Karen. I m sorry deals an ext damage.Speed: rises how rapid your attack bar charges until it is full.Energy Charge: boosts the amount of super energy you will obtain once utilizing super charge.Hope this assisted most of girlfriend all. Don"t be surprised if some information might be wrong.

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I got one more ending by obtaining her health and wellness really low and activating the H counters in all 3 rounds...hope this helps

Okay, here"s a an ext in depth overview for unlocking ending 1/4, Violation Ending.Skip Intro.First Fight: defeat her and choose Rape, 3rd option left come right.First Conversation: Choose an initial option.Second Fight: loss her and also choose Service, second option left to right.Second Conversation: Choose 2nd option.Third Fight: defeat her and also choose Nothing, first option left to right.

4/4 Subordinate ending (IMPORTANT execute NOT SKIP)Choice first option "and who can you be?"Choice second option "and what if i prove come be strong enough ?"First fight (defeat her and an option Nothing , the very first option left to right)Choice first option "what are you saying"Choice first option "that sound interesting"Second struggle (defeat her and an option Nothing , the first option left come right)Choice very first option "what i have to do to join"Then beat her that last time, no sex

Love end 1 - Don"t skip the prologue, pick the first choice. -Don"t H her and just keep pushing wait 3x -Beat her and also then choose the very first choice. -Beat she the second time and also choose the second choice.1/4 Violation EndingFirst struggle (Defeat her and an option Rape, third option left come right)Second fight (Defeat her and an option Service, second option left come right)Third struggle (defeat her and an option Nothing, very first option left come right)2/4 Lewd EndingFirst struggle (defeat her and choice Rape, the 3rd option left come right)Choice the second option "The chasitity that ryusen s princess to be exceptional" (idk if you pick the other selection change anything)Second struggle (defeat she and an option Rape, the 3rd option left to right)Choice an initial option "you in reality felt it, did you not" (idk if you pick the other choice change anything)Third struggle (defeat she and selection Rape, the 3rd option left come right)4/4 Subordinate finishing (IMPORTANT carry out NOT SKIP)Choice first option "and who might you be?"Choice 2nd option "and what if ns prove to be solid enough ?"First fight (defeat her and choice Nothing , the very first option left to right)Choice an initial option "what are you saying"Choice very first option "that sounds interesting"Second fight (defeat she and an option Nothing , the an initial option left to right)Choice an initial option "what i need to do come join"