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Facts the K. D. Aubert

K. D. Aubert
December 6, 1978
42 years
$2 Million Dollars
AmericanAfrican-AmericanSan Diego State UniversityView much more / View less Facts that K. D. Aubert

Karen Denise Aubert is an American actress, singer, and fashion design who winner the afri Oscar because that her role in the film transforming Point. She has appeared in miscellaneous music videos and films, as well as serving as a co-host top top MTV’s Kidnapped. Karen is among the 4 original Fantanas, a female design squad who appear in ads because that the soft drink Fanta.

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Progress in her career:

K.D, the stunning model, used to occupational at Macy’s together a make-up artist. She then went ~ above to model for Noxzema, Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s that Hollywood, Escada, and a range of other brands. Fearbut Lite, Bacardi, win By Dr.Dre, Old Spice, walk Daddy, and also Cola have actually all featured K.D in advertisements. Percentage, silent No More, In the Mix, spirit Plane, What Now, and Lap run are simply a few of the films she has showed up in.

Karen has likewise appeared in music videos such as profession It All part II; She acquired Her Own, her Pop’s Don’t prefer Me, and Got It for Me. She’s also been in the TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bones, and CSI: brand-new York. Her series, as well Close come Home, is currently in its 2nd season.Karen’s success as an actress, singer, and also model has helped she amass a staggering net worth the $2 million.

Karen’s previous Relationships!

The lady is apparently single and unmarried at the age of 38. Karen showed up to be preventing relationships these days and also concentrating on her profession. She has vowed to store her relationship and also boyfriend speculations the end of the public eye.

The now single lady, top top the various other hand, had actually previously remained in 2 relationships. Karen had actually previously date Nas, an American rapper. She had an affair with Jeff Bowler, an old American film/TV producer, together well.

Karen to be unable come marry and enjoy life through her husband regardless of her number of romances. She supporters are still hoping the she would certainly marry and also have a happy marriage. However, it stays to be watched whether this stunning lady will certainly divulge details about her current relationship and an individual life.

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Her fast Bio

K.D Aubert was born on December 6, 1978, and also is of mixed heritage. Karen was born and also raised in Los Angeles, California, and also graduated from mountain Diego State University. She is expert in French. She has gorgeous eyes and also a gorgeous elevation of 5 feet 10 inches, i beg your pardon complements she demeanor. She is now starring in the second season that the TV show Too Close to Home.

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