We"ve carry out the most detailed research possibile ~ above July 21, 1969, here"s what ours experts discovered out: it to be Monday, under the authorize of Cancer (see zodiac top top July 21, 1969). The us president to be Richard Nixon (Republican), the UK prime Minister to be Harold Wilson (Labour), Pope St Paul VI to be leading the Catholic Church. Famous world born ~ above this day include Godfrey and Klaus Graf. In that one-of-a-kind week the July human being in us were listening come In The Year 2525 (Exordium & Terminus) through Zager & Evans. In UK Something In The Air through Thunderclap Newman remained in the optimal 5 hits. Night the Bloody Horror, command by Joy N. Houck Jr.

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, was one of the many viewed movie released in 1969 while A long Row of Candles through C.L. Sulzberger was one of the ideal selling book. If you chosen videogames friend were most likely playing Space Travel. But much an ext happened that day: discover out below..

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Neil Armstrong and also Edwin ''Buzz'' Aldrin end up being the first men come walk top top the Moon, during the Apollo 11 mission.

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Night of Bloody Horror

Release year: 1969

Directed by: delight N. Houck Jr.

Starring: Gerald McRaney, Gaye Yellen, Herbert Nelson, Evelyn Hendricks


Release year: 1969

Directed by: Pierre Grimblat

Starring: Serge Gainsbourg, woman Birkin, Andréa Parisy, Daniel Gélin

The happy Deceivers

Release year: 1969

Directed by: Bruce Kessler

Starring: Kevin Coughlin, Brooke Bundy, Lawrence P. Casey, Jo Ann Harris

Career Bed

Release year: 1969

Directed by: Joel M. Reed

Starring: Jennifer Welles, john Cardoza, honey Hunter, Stioge Glyspayne

Castle Keep

Release year: 1969

Directed by: Sydney Pollack

Starring: Burt Lancaster, Patrick O"Neal, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Peter Falk

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