John Dickinson to be an American statesman, delegate come the continent Congress and one of the writers of the short articles of Confederation.

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Who Was man Dickinson?

John Dickinson to be a starting Father the the United claims of America who was known as the "Penman the the Revolution." He winner fame in 1767 together the author of "Letters indigenous a Farmer in Pennsylvania, come the residents of the brothers Colonies." The letters assisted turn windy opinion versus the Townshend Acts, spread by the british Parliament. Dickinson also helped breeze the articles of Confederation and craft the U.S. Constitution. His heritage is honored v Dickinson College and also Penn State's Dickinson school of Law, both in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Early Years

Dickinson was born in 1732 to a affluent Quaker family members in Maryland. 6 years later, the household moved to an estate in Delaware. At age 18, Dickinson complied with his father, a judge in Delaware, into the study of legislation at a Philadelphia regulation office. In 1753, Dickinson walk overseas and also spent four years examining in the London court system. While there, the heard top minds of the day talk about Enlightenment philosophy and individual rights. The experience lugged into sharp focus the connection between background and politics and also would affect the rest of Dickinson's life.

Returning to Philadelphia in 1757 to practice law, Dickinson saw his reputation in the legal field grow. 3 years later, he made his an initial foray right into politics and also was soon chosen to both the Delaware legislature and also the Pennsylvania assembly (made possible by Dickinson's residency in both regions). In 1764, he challenged Benjamin Franklin ~ above the issue of instead of Pennsylvania’s proprietary charter v a imperial charter (Dickinson was against it). Dickinson lost both the debate and also his assembly chair in Pennsylvania.

The Era of Discontent

In the after-effects of the 7 Years battle (1756-1763), the british government found itself deep in debt and also began looking for ways to generate revenue. Conference enacted the rubber stamp Act the 1765, which implemented a straight tax on details products imported to the colonies. Predictably, the colonists met the taxation with fierce the opposite claiming tax without representation and organizing boycotts on brothers goods.



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Dickinson, with his strong, measured voice, was favored to stand for Pennsylvania at the rubber stamp Act congress in 1765, where he drafted the body's anti–Stamp plot resolution. Though Parliament repealed the rubber stamp Act in 1766, the ignored the colonists’ protests and passed the Townshend plot of 1767, i beg your pardon imposed brand-new taxes on goods imported to the colonies. Soon after, Dickinson began publishing in the Pennsylvania Chronicle his "Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania to the occupants of the brothers Colonies" under the pseudonym "Fabius." The letters advocated peaceful resistance come oppression and also warned against transformation as an answer to Britain’s violations. The letters were republished in many colonial newspapers advocating a careful opposition to British tyranny.

In 1770, Dickinson married mary Norris, the daughter of the former speaker that the Pennsylvania Assembly, and the pair go on to have actually five kids (although only two endured infancy).

Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution

After serving in miscellaneous roles, including battle during the Revolutionary War, Dickinson was elected to the Delaware legislature and was later elected governor. Throughout the second Continental Congress, there was high tension amongst the delegates and also intense dispute over revolution, but Dickinson refused to poll for or authorize the explanation of Independence, saying the emerging nation was not prepared for open revolt against the most an effective empire top top earth. In the end, he abstained indigenous voting so that the overall tally for independence would be unanimous.

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In 1779, after the Revolutionary War, in i m sorry he combated in varying roles, Dickinson served in the Confederation Congress and was chosen president that Delaware two years later (in 1782, that was chosen Pennsylvania president). In 1786, that chaired the Annapolis Convention, convened to resolve concerns over the short articles of Confederation. The following year, Dickinson stood for Delaware at the constitution Convention in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, illness kept Dickinson indigenous signing the document, and also a colleague placed his surname to the parchment.

Final Years 

Dickinson went back to Delaware wherein he split his time in between private life and political duty. He offered as president of Delaware’s constitutional convention and was an informal advisor to President cutting board Jefferson. Dickinson passed away on February 14, 1808, at his house in Wilmington, Delaware.

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