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I just wanna dedicate this songTo every the lovers in the world tonightAnd I mean that to be the whole worldBecause everybody demands someoneOr something come love, yeahWhen it's cold outsideGirl, who space you holding?You'll it is in holding meWell, well, well, well, wellSaid if y'all don't mindCan i talk around this woman i have?She's always complaining around the points she ain't gotAnd the points her girlfriend's gotBut lady I will certainly let friend knowI can't be in two areas at one timeIf friend think you're lonely now, ooh yeahWait till tonight, girlOh, you much better wait 'til tonight, yes babyWait till tonight, girlIf girlfriend think you're lonely nowWait until tonight girlI'll be long gone(If girlfriend think you're lonely now)Yes ns will(Wait until tonight, girl)You better wait till tonight
When skeletons come the end of your closetAnd chase you all about the roomMemories sound prefer a ghostAnd you are scared talk to me, babyIf girlfriend think you're lonely now(Wait until tonight, girl)Wait until tonightWait till tonight, baby, yes yeah(Wait until tonight girl)You better wait till tonight(If friend think you're lonely now)Do you believe me baby?(Wait till tonight girl)Ain't it funny just how tables turnWhen points ain't goin' your wayWhen love walks out, pains walks inYou can't help to sayIf you think you're lonely nowWait till tonight, girlIf friend think you're lonely now(You far better wait girl, yeah)Wait until tonight, girl

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If you think you're lonely now(If girlfriend think you're lonely now)Hold on, ooh yeahWait until tonight, girlI wanna testifyI wanna testifyI wanna testify to yaI just obtained one point to sayIf you think you're lonely nowIf friend think you're lonely now(Baby, yeah)Wait until tonight, girl(Share her feelings)If you think you're lonely now(Ooh yeah)Wait till tonight, girl(Oh, don't it is in a fool)If friend think you're lonely now(Baby please don't it is in a fool)Wait until tonight, girlIf you think you're lonely now