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Our Recommendation: Jillian Michaels’ “fat burner” isn’t yes, really much an ext than a stimulant. It’s fine for a pick-me-up (although generic caffeine is lot cheaper), but underwhelming otherwise.

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Review: Jillian Michaels excessive Maximum toughness Fat Burner
Here’s the “Quick and also Dirty” Low under on the Jillian Michael’s fat burner testimonial (click each point for much more details):

Jillian Michaels

Yup, Jillian Michaels has her very own fat burner, the “Jillian Michaels too much Maximum strength Fat Burner.”

This is one of 4 Jillian Michaels brand products currently being aggressively advocated at GNC (the others include the “Triple process Body detox & clean plus Probiotic Replenishment”, a “calorie control” product, and also a 2-bottle “quick start” program).

You understand Jillian, that course, from the NBC reality T.V. Present series, “The best Loser” whereby she put her abilities as a personal trainer come the test.

Jillian is in impressive shape, and she’s drop-dead gorgeous. Yet does that typical her promotion of this product is based on its exceptional fat burning powers?

The short answer is “no.”

To check out why, let’s take it a closer look in ~ the ingredients.

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Certain ingredients replicated or un-necssary; and were chosen to do the formula watch impressive…


Let’s take a closer look at what’s in this product!

A daily, 4 capsule serving (delivered in double daily, 2-capsule servings) delivers a hair end 1,700 mg of ingredients (1.7 grams), split up favor so…

Grapefruit extract: since of the faint nature of the method this ingredient is labeled, it’s an overwhelming to assess its duty here. Is that standardized because that narinigin? after ~ all, naringin is often had in products to improve the bioavailability that ingested nutrients/nutraceuticals, although certain benefits have not been demonstrated.

It likewise has cholesterol-lowering effects, and also can influence drug metabolism. Grapefruit particle extract, ~ above the various other hand, has anti-microbial properties; nothing wrong through that, of course, however not a valid factor for its inclusion in this product.

Bitter Orange extract: Standardized because that synephrine, when thought to it is in a credible alternative to ephedra. Unfortunately, published proof shows synephrine to have actually only the mildest of weight loss effects.

Blood Orange extract: Again, due to the fact that of the “ambiguous labeling” issue, it’s an overwhelming to identify why this ingredient is included. It is a resource of potent antioxidant dubbed anthocyanin, which may help slow age-related cognitive decline. Additionally, the state “blood orange”, “bitter orange”, and the next ingredient on the list ( “sweet orange”) deserve to all be used to describe the same thing, so perhaps this is an additional source that synephrine.

Sweet Orange extract: see “blood orange”, directly above.

So far, us have four citrus fruit extracts, 3 of i m sorry are probably sources of a disappointingly weak weight loss compound: synephrine.

What provides three sources far better than one?

No idea.


Yes, there’s more. Cave in there!

To continue…

White willow Bark powder: A traditional ingredient in natural versions the the old ephedra, caffeine, aspirin stack, white pasture is standardized for salicin, a herbal anti-inflammatory. The was thought to improve the performance of the E/C/A stack, although over there is little evidence to assistance this claim. And also there is no evidence it provides any kind of benefit when included in one ephedra-free product.

Coffee p extract: most likely standardized for caffeine. Once we initially reviewed this product, the label details revealed this ingredient was certainly standardized for caffeine – which, that course, is a renowned thermogenic through a proven track document of modest load loss (see am J Clin Nutr. 1989 Jan;49(1):44-50, to be J Clin Nutr. 1980 May;33(5):989-97). The newest variation go not execute so, however given the 100 mg that caffeine had in every 2-cap dose, this makes the many sense.

Guarana seeds extract (12% caffeine): Guarana, the wild-growing shrub common to Brazil, has actually been a typical in load loss products for years, largely due to its caffeine content. Beyond that, there’s no proof to suggest it has added fat burn characteristics.

Cocoa particle extract (4% theobromine): Theobromine is a “xanthine” favor caffeine, and also a stimulant, although no as potent together its cousin. And while there have actually been researches validating caffeine’s thermogenic impacts (see am J Clin Nutr. 1989 Jan;49(1):44-50, to be J Clin Nutr. 1980 May;33(5):989-97) no such evidence exists to indicate theobromine offers similar benefits.

Kola seed extract (12% caffeine): Riddle me this… what’s the point of using 3 various sources that “natural” caffeine when the sources it is attracted from supplies no extr benefits to the consumer? The answer is… none. However it watch a heck of a lot an ext impressive ~ above the label.

To include to the redundancy, there are 4 sources of caffeine/related xanthines.

Ingredients brand-new to this version…

An earlier version of this product consisted of an undetermined amount of CLA, tribulus and forskolin. Those have actually disappeared and have been replaced with…

Cayenne pepper powder: Its key constituent capsaicin has thermogenic effects (i.e., the capacity to an increase the metabolism) when included in a potent sufficient dosage. For the record, that’s not happening in this product.

Alpha lipoic acid: A potent antioxidant with blood-sugar moderating properties. Pet studies present a load loss effect, however this has yet to it is in replicated in humans.

Now the we’ve had actually a look, what’s the verdict?

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Review suggests Jillian Michaels’ excessive Maximum Fat Burner review Conclusion

Despite the impressive number of ingredients, this is a very simple stimulant product.

That will have you jittering merrily with your day.

You may like that.

You may not.

Other ingredient demonstrated to be moderately beneficial (i.e. Alpha lipoic acid and cayenne) space likely current in doses too low to offer much in the method of benefits, while ingredients like white pasture powder market no added value in ~ all.

At the end of the day, the Jillian Michaels too much Maximum stamin Fat Burner is a very basic product disguised—by tossing in middling amounts of outstanding sounding ingredients—as something much much more complex.

Don’t obtain me wrong—many human being enjoy basic stimulant based fat burners since they administer the “ooomph” to acquire up and also going, come eat properly and make it come the gym.

But there’s nothing really distinct here.

One little bit of an excellent news at least; this product is currently much an ext affordable; a 2-week it is provided clocks in just below $15.

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At the very least now the price is a little much more in line v the value it supplies (personally, i think you’d obtain 80% the the services from a $5 dollar invest in caffeine pills).

As one alternative, check our Curvelle for Women evaluation here, or read about other famous women’s fat burners here!

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hi i have used the jump begin kit and also common feeling will phone call you when you are gaining dehydrated thats why you have to drink several water and gator aid. Ns love the fat burner pills. I am gradually loosing load you execute not desire to loose too quick one due to the fact that it will certainly come back and it will be harder to loose. Second if you sweet a many the first pounds you will loosened will be water weight. Jillian Micheals ripped in thirty is a an excellent workout video clip and the thighs and buns is also good to job-related out with i offer her weightloss commodities a two thumbs increase she kicks butt

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I am virtually 19 years old and in a month and 1 mainly I will certainly be walking on a week lengthy vacation with my boyfriend to a coast resort. Although we’ve been with each other for 4 years, i am unbelievably me conscious around my thighs, arms, and also belly. My thighs particularly would easily be considered “thunder thighs.” going on this vacation and wearing a bikini will be horrible for me and I to be considering buying Jullian’s too much fat burner when I gain off job-related today. Carry out you think this product have the right to slim me down to look much better by a month native now? ns really am desperate. I want to feeling comfortable in a bikini in public. Opinions? Please