Experience Montego Bay in the most fun means possible: parasail end the Caribbean Sea and also cruise end its waves on a jet ski. What space you wait for?

Experience Montego Bay in the many fun means possible: parasail over the Caribbean Sea and cruise over its waves on a jet ski. What are you wait for?

Parasailing over the Caribbean Sea
Jet skis in Montego bay

Parasailing & Jet Ski tourism in Montego Bay

At the moment you"ve selected, you"ll be choose up from her hotel in Montego Bay and also taken come the beach all set to start a day complete of adrenaline-inducing adventure!

We"ll plank a boat and also listen to abrief security explanation around parasailing, before putting ~ above the harness and enjoying a 15 minute flight above the crystal-clear Caribbean waters at more than 330 feet (100 metres) in height. Feeling the thrill of soaring abovethe sea and also admire the breathtaking see of Montego Bay.

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Afterparasailing, we"ll go back to the beach wherein ourjet skiswill be wait for us. Climb aboard and also get prepared to feeling the refreshing s spray on your face together you zoom over the tide of Montego Bay. You"ll have 30 minute to explore the bay on her jet ski and also take in the paradise beach views indigenous a new and distinctive perspective.

At the end of an hour and also a fifty percent of i can not forget fun, we"ll drop you earlier off at her hotel in Montego Bay.

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Hotel pick up

This task includes pick up at most hotels in Montego Bay. If you"re staying at the grand Palladium and Royalton Hotels, you will need to pay a supplementary chargeof US$ 30 per person, come be payment in in cash on the work of the activity.

Parasailing orJet Ski Rental

If you"d choose to do one of these two activities, we likewise offer the opportunity of booking them separately. You choose! would certainly you preferParasailing in Montego just or Jet Ski Rental?