I watched this amazing documentary with my 18-year old apache attack helicopter, and quite frankly, i was blown away by the impressive cinematography. This deals with some really crucial themes, such together human-aeroplane relationships. This masterpiece enabled my 18-year old strike helicopter pertained to terms v his true identity.

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Yeah I used to clock it top top TLC earlier in the beforehand 2000's and also honestly the animation is creepy and also hasn't aged fine at all.
This insipidly plotted show is mostly harmless, yet I don't know why anyone would watch it or desire their youngsters to clock it as soon as there space much much better choices. Over there is one thing about the display which I discover to be extremely OBJECTIONABLE. There are a pair of personalities "of color" including a tow truck named Tuffy. Now, I'm every for ethnic diversity in children's programming, however did they have to make the one oriental character someone with incredibly slanted eyes, buck teeth, and a speech impediment? i admire Tuffy's tenacious attitude, however that's virtually a stereotype, too.I know the personalities are supposed to have actually a "retro" look come them, however Tuffy is too much! following they'll introduce an afri American car that looks choose Buckwheat native The small Rascals.
Somehow I meant the official writeups top top this site to warning me if something was full of spiritual indoctrination. We watched one illustration of this show, willing to acquire past the completely creepy human encounters popping the end of the airplane if our kid liked it, but we will never ever put that on again because every one of the god the was shoehorned right into it. A plane was fear to start college so he ran far to hide. This can have been a good message for youngsters scared of institution or various other life changes. One older aircraft comes and talks come him and convinces him to present up - and also it transforms out that older friendly aircraft is the teacher. Yet throughout there were these sentences choose "God will keep you for sure at school", "God made the brave enough to go to school", etc. The is no what I desire my son to it is in watching.
EXCEPT because that THE ONE EPISODE where JAY JAY THE JET airplane TURNED right into A TERRORIST!!! Yeah, Jay Jay the jet airplane got wild one episode, and he crashed a large building, acting prefer a self-destruction bomber!!!! OMG this is not what our children should be watching!!! Anyways... They take it that episode off the air, for this reason NO concerns now. :) have a nice day!
I don't like to pick on a show that's designed because that toddlers, especially when I know that the creator was influenced by his little boys love the aviation. However, this is too sugary sweet and also the voices of the planes because that the many part, simply over the top. Toddlers don't need such a hefty dose of syrup! The themes room alright however the manufacturing misses the note in mine estimation. There are much far better shows for this period group the end there.
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