On September 16, Oreo authorize a new difficulty to cookie pan everywhere. A new secret Oreo flavor started to roll out ~ above shelves nationwide, with Oreo offering a potential $50,000 prize for appropriately guessing the flavor. To us, the sounds like the ultimate mystery—Oreo is release a new clue every week to aid guide cookie detectives towards the answer, and also celebrities are even weighing in v their own guesses (Stranger points star Gaten Matarazzo is convinced it’s French toast). But of course, among the ideal ways to figure out the unknown smell is to try it, so we did.

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Even prior to taking the an initial bite, an enig Oreos remind united state of cinnamon. They have actually a strong cinnamon smell, and also the flavor is just as powerful when you shot them. Still, Oreo would certainly never select a mystery flavor as an easy as level cinnamon (or would certainly they?), for this reason the guesses native curious taste-testers top top the bromheads.tv team often tended to it is in a little an ext complex.

According come our society media editor, “It’s clearly Dunkaroos—they taste similar to my childhood.” one of our assistant editor is also on Team Dunkaroos, and I have to agree, there’s a hints of graham cracker flavor to the cream along with the cinnamon. Ns think it’s possible that the odor is just cinnamon graham cracker (they smell specifically like one), but the included creaminess could also suggest toward Dunkaroos.

Cinnamon Teddy Grahams were also a famous guess in our office, and the flavor is dead-on (plus, choose Oreo, they’re owned by Nabisco). Gold Grahams grain is likewise a possibility, yet that guess provides us a tiny pause. After ~ all, Oreo’s 2017 secret flavor turned out to be Fruity Pebbles, so would they yes, really choose one more cereal? They might just to throw us off track, but golden Grahams virtually seems a tiny too obvious. The secret flavor is just in the cream, follow to Oreo, so tasting it alongside the chocolate cookie can be tricky too.

That brings us to my an individual favorite guess: Churro. The cinnamon flavor is exactly right, and also there’s a little more to the that could hint at the cinnamon-coated fried dough. But what really marketed me top top churro as the prize is the very first clue that Oreo released: “Its name it stole and background kept. Probably from a creature that resides on the steppe?” The clue is paired with a snapshot that looks choose a lamb or a goat, and also some fast Internet sleuthing into the history of churros rotate up an additional clue. Apparently, some people believe that churros were developed by Spanish shepherds, and also there’s a each other of sheep called the “Navajo-Churro.” They’ve obtained horns favor Oreo’s photo too, and a “steppe” is a flat grassland in Siberia or southeastern Europe—perfect for sheep, in various other words.

Still, that was simply the first clue of eight, and we’ll need to wait until September 23 to find out if churro is hold up as the answer, or if we should be transforming directions. In addition, Oreo keeps reminding us that “the ideal mysteries have multiple twists,” so i wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an ext to it than simply plain churro. There’s support for Dunkaroos together the answer too—the Dunkaroos mascot is a kangaroo, and also kangaroos are native to a level grassland in Australia (also called a steppe).

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We’ve got a long an enig ahead that us, and we wouldn’t be surprised if there space a couple of twists, turns, and red herrings follow me the way. Oreo will certainly be publication a new clue to assist each Monday until the competition end on November 10. No matter just how confident you room in your guess, you have the right to submit response each work on Oreo’s website, and also if one of them is right, your correct answer will get in you right into the sweepstakes for the grand prize, $50,000. If girlfriend follow in addition to the case, your detective work could pay off large time. Oreo has likewise teased the the answer could be a combination of two previous Oreo flavors, for this reason you could want come brush increase on your Oreo knowledge while you're in ~ it.