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This is my first review so you re welcome be understanding.Itou-kun wa Koi wo Shiranai is a rom-com about a human being girl named Yoshiuchi Aika and a boy named Itou Kazuki who additionally happens to it is in a yokai, of the faceless variety. Much of the comedy is obtained from Itou's lack of understanding of the human world and the many challenges of date without a face. To placed it plainly, the key conceit of the manga feels choose a gimmick and also it's difficult to say the the manga walk anything come rise over this label, but this walk not avoid it from gift an enjoyable read. The actors is fairly small, consisting of our two leads and also perhaps two other regulars. There is additionally a much larger team of personalities that sit on the periphery however are no really keep in mind worthy. Yoshiuchi Aika is a refreshing lead, not quickly pigeon holed into any type of one archetype and most notably, is willing and also even proactive in showing affection in her relationship with Itou, crazy i know. In most other to chat mediums this is no worth mentioning but this is the world of anime/manga and it's regularly hard to find a romantic pairing who room able to be openly intimate through each various other (note: if you desire to watch the main leads being even much more affectionate then i recommend the author's Pixiv prototype that this manga titled Noppera-bou ;))Itou is far an ext of a empty slate, perhaps as result of his restricted understanding of human interactions however I suppose this have the right to be forgiven together it is a source of comedy.The story is mostly uneventful in that slice of life way and there isn't a plot to progress. The manga falls into some tropes, a romantic rival here and reveal there however nothing the overshadows the romance in between our leads.Now to attend to the elephant in the room, which is that this manga has actually a very rushed conclusion as result of what i presume to it is in its axing after just three volumes. Short manga/anime room fine, heck a many my favourites space super short but the feels painstakingly apparent that the writer didn't intent to complete this story as soon as they did. Ns think much more chapters, even a few more can have assisted this manga rather a bit.Overall I had fun and I'd offer this manga a 6.7/10Thanks for analysis