Are you in search of information on the Israeli basic Consulate in Los Angeles? This short article will be your ultimate overview to every little thing you must know.

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Whether you require to find their contact information, desire to find what services the Consulate offers, or are merely looking for precise address – we’ve got whatever you need. We’ll likewise share v you just how can aid you through it all!

The Consulate the Israel in Los Angeles offer the complying with jurisdiction:

ArizonaUtahNevadaColoradoWyoming Hawaii 

If friend live in one more state, click here to discover out i m sorry Israeli Consulate is responsible for handling your state’s consular processes and also inquiries.

Where is The Consulate basic of Israel in Los Angeles?

The exact address of the Consulate general of Israel is:

11766 Wilshire Blvd

Suite 1600

Los Angeles, CA 90025

How have the right to I get to The Consulate basic of Israel?

The Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles is just a bus ride away from the Los Angeles nationwide Veterans Park, follow this instructions for the fastest means to come at the consulate making use of public transportation:

Exit the Los Angeles Veterans Park and also you will certainly arrive at Wilshire BoulevardFrom here, take it bus number 2 towards “Downtown SM”Ride for 3 stopsWalk for 2 minutes to with the Consulate general of Israel

How have the right to I Schedule an appointment at the Israeli basic Consulate in Los Angeles? 

All you’ll must do is click right here to find the kind to schedule an appointment, fill the end your an individual information, which services you require, and when girlfriend would favor to visit the consulate (according come their availability calendar).

How deserve to I call the Israeli Consulate basic in Los Angeles? 

Address11766 Wilshire Blvd

Suite 1600

Los Angeles, CA 90025

Phone+1 323-852-5500

Telephone Hours


Office HoursMonday to Friday

9:00 to be – 12:00 pm

How have the right to the Israeli Consulate-General in Los Angeles assist Me? 

The Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles can assist with the following consular proceedings:

Visas (including visitant visas, working visas, student visas)Replacing shed or steal National records (passports and IDs)Providing Translations to main DocumentsRegistering Israeli kids Born AbroadApostille Stamps (Legalising foreign Documents)Registering transforms in marital statusNotification of Deaths the Israeli Nationals

How much Do I have to Pay for Consular Services?

Passport – Adult​$82
Passport – Minor$43​
Provisional Passport – Adult$43​​​
Lost/Damaged Passport -Adult$87​​​
Lost/Damaged Passport – Minor$43​​​
​Visitor Visa B/2$27​
Student Visa A/2$54​
Notarial Service$15
Additional Notarial Service$7
Verification that A Copy$7​
Registered letter – FedEx (Except Hawaii)$10​​

How can assist You call the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles?

COVID-19 has actually made gaining an in-person appointment at the Israeli general Consulate in Los Angeles more daunting than usual, and also it have the right to be a frustrating procedure trying to acquire all the answers friend need.

We have an easy and efficient solution to aid you navigate this issue! With, you can make the procedure faster than ever. The AI-powered robot lawyer have the right to send one automated email to contact any type of Embassy or Consulate you want and attend to all the questions you could have. All you need to do is:

1. Form in “Contact Embassy” ~ above



2. Select to call a international embassy in the US.



3. Briefly define the concern you great to resolve and also any pertinent details.

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4. Get in “Israel”.


That’s it, you done! you will obtain a direct response from the Consulate-General of Israel in Los Angeles to your email. Contacting the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles has never been easier!