Torrey DeVitto Biography- Wiki

Torrey DeVitto is one American actress, previous fashion model and also musician that was born and raised in Huntington, new York, united States. Currently, she is known for playing the role of Melissa Hastings top top Pretty small Liars. Torrey played the role from 2010 come 2017. She additionally played other lead functions in drama series like Vampire Diaries amongst others.

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Torrey DeVitto Age

She to be born top top June 8, 1984, in Huntington, new York, United States. Moreover, Torrey turned 35 years old in 2019. She additionally celebrates her birthday on June 8.

Torrey DeVitto Photo

Torrey DeVitto Parents

Torrey is the daughter of Liberty DeVitto, a absent drummer and also his spouse mar DeVitto. She has two siblings, Maryelle DeVitto and also Devon DeVitto.

Torrey DeVitto Boyfriend

As that 2019, Torrey is single. She damaged up v her boyfriend, Jesse Lee Soffer in may 2019. The two finished their relationship after dating for ripe months.

Torrey was also in a relationship with actor rick Glassman from 2014 to 2016. She likewise dated the Dancing through the Stars pro called Artem Chigvintsev from 2016 to 2017.

Torrey DeVitto Husband

Currently, DeVitto is living a single life. However she to be married prior to to gibbs Paul Wesley from April 2011 till your divorce in December 2013. The two began dating in 2007 and also tied the knot in a personal ceremony in new York City. The factors for your divorce is still unknown.

Torrey DeVitto Paul Wesley

Torrey and also Paul acquired married in 2011 yet they divorced in December 2013. Wesley is a well known actor, director and producer recognized for playing multiple functions on Vampire Diaries.

Torrey DeVitto Pretty small Liars

Pretty tiny Liars is a teen drama an enig thriller TV series that premiered top top June 8, 2010, on Freeform and ended ~ above June 27, 2017. It follows the stays of four high institution girls whose clique drops apart after ~ the loss of your leader. Torrey landing a recurring duty in the series pilot as Melissa Hastings.

Torrey DeVitto One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is a TV drama series that premiered top top September 23, 2003. It is mainly about the lives of two half-brothers, Lucas Scott (played through Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (played through James Lafferty), who contend for location on your school’s basketball team. As the movie proceeds romance and also drama mix up your goal. In this series, Torrey appears as a guest star.

Torrey DeVitto Vampire Diaries

DeVitto appears in The Vampire Diaries series as Dr. Meredith Fell, a member that the founding Families, and also hence a member the the town Council. She is a medical professional at Mystic drops Hospital throughout Season Three and also Season Four. Dr. Meredith is later on fascinated through Alaric’s powers of recovery and slowly grow to it is in fond of him.

Therefore, she at some point becomes his love interest, but their relationship becomes facility after Alaric becomes the Darkness. The is later on revealed the she relocated to Alaska v her new husband, who’s a pediatrician.

Torrey DeVitto Chicago Med

Chicago Med is a clinical drama television series that premiered ~ above November 17, 2015, top top NBC. It concentrates on the happenings in the emergency room of the fictional Gaffney Chicago Medical facility where Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) works. Dr. Manning is a doctor from Seattle act a fellowship in emergency medicine. She is additionally a widow through a young son.

Torrey DeVitto net Worth

Her approximated net worth has been evidenced to it is in $5 million dollars. However, details around her salary and a luxurious way of life are tho unknown. This is because of the reality that she likes to keep her an individual details far from the public.

Jesse Lee Soffer and also Torrey Devitto

Jesse is the ex-boyfriend the Torrey. The duo broke up in may 2019 after date for nine months. The reason for their break up is still unknown. As with his Torrey, Jesse is one American actor well-known for depicting the duty of will certainly Munson ~ above the CBS soap opera dubbed As the people Turns.

Torrey Devitto Movies

2020 Divertimento 2013 proof 2019 Flyby 2008 eco-friendly Flash 2007 Heber Holiday

2006 I’ll constantly Know What girlfriend Did critical Summer 2008 Killer Movie 2015 road to expect 2005 Starcrossed

2016 Stevie D 2018 The Hoaxing 2012 Cheesecake Casserole 2011 The Rite

Torrey Devitto TV Shows

1999 for sure Harbor 2000 noah Knows finest 2003 Dawson’s Creek Girl 2005–2007 Drake & Josh

2005 The King of queens 2005–2006 Beautiful world 2006 Runaway football Coach 2008 CSI: Miami Kelly Chapman 2008–2009 One Tree Hill Carrie

2009 lock Sierra Goodwin 2010–2017 Pretty little Liars 2011 Marcy Torrey Episode: 2012 The actual St. Nick 2012–2013 The Vampire Diaries

2013 army Wives Maggie hall 2014 CSI: Crime Scene investigation 2014 major Crimes 2014 Stalker Elaine

2014 ideal Christmas Party ever before 2015 It had To it is in You 2015–present Chicago Med 2016–2017 Chicago P.D. 2017–2018 Chicago Fire 2019 Write before Christmas

Torrey DeVitto Facts and also Body Measurements

• full Name: Torrey Joël DeVitto • date of Birth: June 8, 1984 • location of Birth: Huntington, brand-new York, USA. • Nationality: American • Marital Status: Dating • Height: 1.7 m tall • Weight: 54 kg

Frequently request Questions about Torrey DeVitto

Who is Torrey DeVitto?

DeVitto is a renowned American actress, musician and also former fashion version of every time.

How old is DeVitto?

She was born top top June 8, 1984, in Huntington, new York. As of 2020, she will certainly be 36 years old.

How high is DeVitto?

Torrey stands at a height of 1.7 m.

Who Is Torrey Devitto’s Father?

Sources have actually revealed Torrey’s dad is Liberty DeVitto.

Is Torrey DeVitto pertained to Danny Devito?

No, they space not. Danny is one actor and also filmmaker.

Is DeVitto married?

No, however sources have shown that she is currently dating Jesse Lee Soffer. However, she had actually been married before.

What function did DeVitto beat in Vampire Diaries?

Torey played the function of Dr. Meredith on the Vampire Diaries fantasy drama collection from 2012 to 2013.

Is Devitto related to Danny Devitto?

No, supposedly there are no details that plainly explain if the 2 are related or not. Furthermore, Torrey has actually not shared any details around the matter as well.

How much is DeVitto worth?

DeVitto’s approximated network worth has been evidenced to be $5 million dollars.

How lot does DeVitto make?

Details around her salary space not known. But judging indigenous her net worth it is clear that Torrey is a successful actress and model. Therefore, she is earning an tremendous amount together net worth.

Where does Torrey DeVitto live?

According to trusted sources, Torrey has not revealed her existing residence. Therefore, much more details will certainly be shared as soon as your out.

Is Torrey DeVitto dead or alive?

Yes, she is tho alive and also in good health.

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Where is Torrey DeVitto now?

Torrey is one American actress, musician and also former fashion model of every time.



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