The other troubles of this kind involved cations or anions, so i was able to recognize the cation together the Lewis acid and also the anion together the Lewis base.

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However, this concern does no involve ions. So i tried come look in ~ the lone pairs on the molecules. Because they both have lone pairs, ns figured because $ceSO2$ has much more lone pairs, it would act as the Lewis base. Also in the final molecule, the hydrogen atoms would certainly be bonded to two different oxygen atoms, therefore I believed of lock as migrating to the lone bag on the $ceSO2$ oxygen atoms.

However, the textbook states that $ceSO2$ is the Lewis acid and also $ceH2O$ is the Lewis base.

Why would this it is in the case? acid-base
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Molecules the contain polar multiple binding can role as Lewis acid since the main atom is electron deficient v a vacant orbital that can accept an electron pair.

When $ceSO2$ disappear in water , it creates the weak diprotic mountain $ceH2SO3$ (sulfurous acid) from Lewis acid/Lewis basic reaction:

$$ceOond=Sond=O + H2O H2SO3$$


The $ceO$ atom that $ceH2O$ molecule donates a lone pair come the $ceS$ of $ceSO2$,forming a new $ceSond-O$ $sigma$-bond and breaking $ceSond=O$ $pi$-bond.

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The oxygen in $ceH2O$ currently has the orbitals ($2s^2$,$2p^4$) filled and since oxygen is in the 2nd row of the regular table it can"t kind hypervalent molecule (That means that the oxygen would have an ext than 8 valence electrons).Sulfur meanwhile is in the third row of the regular table and also can therefore type such molecules.

Because the this it is clear, that the $ceH2O$ can"t act together a Lewis mountain as it can"t have actually any much more electrons. Because of this it has to be the Lewis-base which leaves $ceSO2$ as the Lewis-acid.

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