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When I first got involved to Michelle (over 10 years ago now!), I remained in the habit of living paycheck come paycheck, and also really had NO IDEA wherein my money to be going.

I quickly realized if us were walk to make our marital relationship work, I required to get on a budget!

Luckily, my brother-in-law to reduce an audiobook on my lap of The full Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, and also the remainder is history! We gained on a budget and started conserving toward our wedding, and moving out of state.

But I required a brand-new job, and I had no idea WHAT i was going come do, or how much I essential to make for united state to obtain by.

We got married, moved, and also I was able to land a project making $14 an hour. It was good to be employed, however was that enough for a recently married pair to live on?


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$14 one Hour Is just how Much per Year?

First, I figured out how much $14 one hour really WAS every year and also per paycheck.

Hourly Wage: $14 an hourYearly revenue (52 weeks): $29,120Monthly revenue (4 weeks): $2,240Bi-Weekly Paycheck: $1,120

After taxes, us were taking home roughly $1,075 every paycheck, so we had to find out to large our spending plan quickly!

Our $14 one Hour Budget

At first, we assumed we needed an ext income, for this reason Michelle gained a job. That just lasted around 2 weeks, and also we realized the we can not just survive on $14 an hour, however thrive!

Here’s a picture of our budget during that year:

Paycheck 1$1,075
Paycheck 2$1,075
Other Income$300 Side Hustle!
Babysitting Income$40
Total Income$2,490
Mortgage/Rent$580 This is an extremely LOW today, however finding roommates deserve to make this possible
Electric$120 We might have reduced this down, yet we chosen STAYING heat in the winter