ICD-10 code S93.601A because that Unspecified sprain of appropriate foot, initial encounter is a medical category as provided by who under the range - Injury, poisoning and details other consequences of external reasons .

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Includes: avulsion of joint or ligament that ankle, foot and toelaceration that cartilage, share or ligament of ankle, foot and also toesprain the cartilage, share or ligament of ankle, foot and toetraumatic hemarthrosis of share or ligament that ankle, foot and toetraumatic rupture of joint or ligament the ankle, foot and also toetraumatic subluxation of share or ligament the ankle, foot and toetraumatic tear of share or ligament that ankle, foot and toe

Excludes2: stress, overload of muscle and also tendon the ankle and also foot (S96.-)

Code also: any associated open wound

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