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Games excellent Quick is a charity speedrunning marathon the raises money for number of charitable organizations, greatly Prevent Cancer foundation and physicians Without Borders. Mainly organized in January (Awesome games Done Quick) and also July (Summer gamings Done Quick), the occasion has raised over $10 million since 2010 by encouraging Twitch customers to poll for character names, run challenges or entering raffles. Online, the occasion has been notorious due several awkward moment from runs and also some controversies about the taking care of of donations.


The an initial event was hosted in January that 2010, and also earned end $10,000 because that CARE.<1> The following January, it raised over $50,000 because that the avoid Cancer Foundation. The first Summer gamings Done quick was held in august of 2011, and also raised $20,000 for the organization of Autism Research. Come date, your highest complete raised is 2.2 million dollars, i beg your pardon the event raised in January of 2017.

Awesome games Done rapid 2018

On January 7th, 2018, the winter Awesome gamings Done fast event began at the Hilton Washington Dulles. The occasion ran till January 14th, and set a new record for money elevated by a games Done quick event, raising $2.26 million.<4> throughout the event, Twitch only permitted subscribers that paid a $5 per month subscription to access the chat feature.<5> This to be done to combat spam problems that had actually plagued the chat in previous years. This led others to hold Twitch streams on their accounts for this reason posters could chat freely.

During the event, several speed runs obtained media attention. Deadspin<6> extended streamer Zallard1 beating Mike Tyson"s Punch-Out!! and Super Punch-Out!! concurrently using one controller (video presented below, left). Kotaku<7> extended a stream of "Resident evil VII by streamer Carcinogen, praising Carcinogen"s hosting capacity and discussing several humorous moments from the gameplay (shown below, right).

SGDQ 2018

On June 24th, 2018, Summer games Done Quick began at the DoubleTree Hilton in Minnesota, and also ran till July 1st. Among the many notable runs at the occasion was excellent by a program referred to as TASbot. TAS, quick for Tool aided Speedrun, allows developers to enter a frame-by-frame controller input to run a video game to show a run that is theoretically feasible but nearly impossible because that a human to pull off. A TAS run of the platforming video game Celeste generated headlines from publications spanning the event, including IGN.

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Celeste was likewise raced at the event for the very first time, and the game"s creators appeared to commentate the gyeongju (shown below, left). Super Mario Bros 3 additionally was raced, and also the race was praised by arstechnica (shown below, right).<9>