Country music is best for beginners. Yes, there are your Brad Paisleys who space basically what Eddie van Halen would have sounded prefer if he was from Texas, however for every Jerry Donahues there space a hundreds Johnny Cashes – basic songs with basic chords and simple strumming trends – simple for beginners.

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We’re going come run with our favourite country songs for beginners, indigenous the 40s appropriate up to contemporary day. Come make things as easy as possible, we’ve contained a YouTube video clip for each track plus a attach to one of two people the chords or the tabs (and if you require a primer on how to read tab, we’ve got that too).


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Fun fact, the an initial guitar lesson ns took (as a somewhat competent player) associated Achy Breaky Heart. Some human being will to speak it’s not a real nation song, but nobody have the right to deny it’s a an easy song for guitar beginners.

While the track does have a solitary note run, the key verse and chorus sections are two basic chords, A and E, in rotation over and over. Also the single note run at the start is quite easy for beginners.

As a bonus, this song is so fine known, you deserve to pull it the end of the bag in nice much any situation and get a sing along going, from a campfire to a residence party.

Chords: A, E

Okie from Muskogee through Merle Haggard

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Continuing ~ above with an additional two chord wonder, this is just one of the most well known songs by among the many popular and also successful stars the the genre of every time. This tune was so renowned that it to be a Hot country Singles number 1 within 3 month of it’s relax – no a simple thing to accomplish back in 1969 once songs didn’t have the net to get the indigenous out and also send them to number 1 on mainly 1.

On peak of being just two basic chords, this song introduces part very straightforward guitar fingerpicking because that beginners to assist you get start acquiring comfortable v the technique. In addition, the basic melody and also storytelling technique within the song is a good pointer because that anyone interested in composing their very own songs.

Chords: A, D

Boys ‘Round here by Blake Shelton

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One of the things I like about this country song because that beginners is that there are only two chords however there room two various ways come play them in various parts that the songs. Both the A and also D can be played together either the an easy cowboy chord fashion, or (as v the video clip above) you deserve to switch that up and also take a shooting at strength chords, or barre chords.

Released in 2013, boys Round here was an prompt hit in the country world, and it’s basic to check out why. Shelton has always been a witty liricist, and this number is no exception.

In enhancement to having actually two basic chords, the strumming sample is super basic for beginners – you deserve to see why we put this right at the start of ours list!

Chords: A, D

I to walk the heat by Johnny Cash

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For many people, i Walk The heat is the an initial song that comes to mind when you say country music. Also for world who would never listen to nation music, Johnny Cash is the one guy they have time for. Cash wasn’t your common country star, and also his hard living on top of his musical genius is what made the a legend, enough to have his own biopic, called – what rather – to walk The Line.

The good thing about this track is it has actually a very straightforward chord structure and also can be played v a simple strumming pattern for absolute beginners, but for intermediary or advanced beginners, there’s the happy intro heat that provides you good practice of playing single notes in an off beat rhythm. In addition, the exactly strumming in the verse can administer a light difficulty to save you coming back to this song for more.

Chords: A, D, E

King the the road by roger Miller

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While i get it Miller is usually known purely as a nation artist, King that The road is a song beloved by pan of all genres – how plenty of country songs perform you know have actually reggae covers? This is one more one that is great to have actually in your ago pocket because that campfires or any other singalong situation.

Another an easy three country chords song, this one kicks it increase a small for medium beginners by having actually a key change mid song. You deserve to play approximately with the an essential of this song if you great to save it open chords, or you deserve to bust out some simple barre chords and also keep on trucking. In addition, there are a ton of ways to approach the strumming, native a an easy beginner technique to a an ext involved almost flamenco intermediate player strumming action. Through this one, the balls in her court.

Chords: A, D, E

When You say Nothing at every by Keith Whitley

Originally created in 1998 by Don Schlitz (who also wrote The Gambler) and also Paul Overstreet (who likewise wrote Forever and Ever, Amen), once You say Nothing At all was a boy hit double (for Alison Krauss in 1995 and Ronan Keating in 1999), however neither topped the success of Keith Whitley’s graph topping 1988 version.

While this song is only three an easy chords, it has actually a succinct strumming pattern and also a handful of basic hammer ons that make the perfect for a beginner guitarist who desires a small bit of a challenge. At the exact same time, the simple song is easy sufficient that because that many, it’s the very first song they learn to play. Important a beginner country song for all guitarists.

Chords: G, D, C

Tennessee Whiskey by chris Stapleton

Covered countless times due to the fact that David Allan Coe’s 1981 original, Stapleton put out what may be the definitive cover in 2015, and also if you’re a modern-day country fan, you will probably recognize this song off by heart. Honestly, friend don’t also need to it is in a little bit country because Tennesse Whiskey even made it right into the top quarter of the Billboard hot 100.

For guitarists, this is a really fun one come learn. The opened bassline is a blast and also quite a break from the strum hefty tunes ~ above the remainder of this list, and if you’re not super confident through barre chords, you have the right to use a capo to play the A together a G and the Bm together an Am. Simple.

Chords: A, Bm

The Gambler through Kenny Rogers

If you’re learning nation songs because that a singalong, young you need to start through this guy. When the chord changes can it is in a little tricky for a beginner as much as speed, and also the B chord barre can be a little challenging, as soon as you acquire this one under your fingers, girlfriend are ready to lead a group at a campfire.

Originally composed by Don Schlitz (who likewise wrote as soon as You speak Nothing At all on this list), the song was a hit for Kenny Rogers in 1978 and even do it end to the popular music charts. Rogers to walk away with multiple Grammys that year, and we all walked away with some of the ideal chorus text to come out of country music.

Chords: E, A, B

Country Girl (Shake It because that Me) by Luke Bryan

Country girl is a track that deserve to open a most doors for a new guitarist. The chords and strumming sample are quite simple, however if you’re any further along than an pure beginner, you’ll desire to find out the intro arpeggio, together it is a format that you’ll uncover yourself using over and also over as you learn an ext songs. Exact same with the fingerpicking in the song – you have the right to strum yet getting the fingerpicking best will open up doors for you to many other songs.

As for the song, well it’s hard to say if you can get away v the lyrics of this tune in 2021, but Luke Bryan gives the song sufficient playful energy and also catchy melody to do it clear that the tune is more tongue in cheek than directly up sexist.

Chords: E, G, A

There was This Girl by Riley Green

Often taken into consideration a masterclass in nation storytelling, There was This Girl does a masterful job in combining classic country sounds with few of the nuances of contemporary country music – and an excellent news for you, as much as the guitar in this song, you’re looking in ~ some basic guitar work. Three basic open chords run in a circle with the song, and the strumming fads are an easy enough because that anyone – though for intermediate beginners there’s a few fingerpicking riffs and arpeggiated bits to store you entertained.

Chords: G, A, D

Ocean Front property by George Strait

For a tune with a rather depressing collection of lyrics, ocean Front home is fairly upbeat come play. The chords are an easy open chords and also the strumming pattern is really much suitable for beginner guitarists spring to find out easy country songs – which is you!

Written by an every star team that Dean Dillon, Hank Cochran and Royce Porter, the song was originally released in 1986 and also quickly went on to be a number one struggle in both the US and Canada.

Chords: D, A, G

Blown far by Carrie Underwood

One that the most notable things around this track is just how well the straddles the line between being a nation song and a popular music song. The song has a popular music melody, yet the lyrics have a classic country design template – straightforward to watch why it to be such a large hit ~ above release.

For guitarists, the song deserve to be played in two seasonings – either through the simple strumming pattern, or if you’re emotion adventurous, together a fingerpicked song. This provides it a good song to find out when you’re brand-new to the guitar, and then come back to later on when you feel like fingerpicking is an ext within your reach.

Chords: Am, C, G

Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash

If girlfriend weren’t a Johnny Cash Fan before you started to learn to play nation guitar, you will be through the finish of it. There’s a factor the man in black is all over this perform – that not just writes songs that are easy to play for beginners, the writes song so good that everyone knows them, and Ring of Fire is no exception. Bust this one out for a campfire singalong and also hear everyone go nuts on the deep soar the the chorus.

Guitarwise, the song is actually quite straight forward. It has actually a very an easy strum, and uses two virtually interchangeable chords as much as fingering (G and also C) with the only real readjust being the D chord, despite you can leave the ring finger in place. You may want to start at a slow tempo to make the chord changes easier, yet after a couple of runs you should be up to speed and no longer feel the burn, burn, burn…

Chords: D, C, G

Friends in Low areas by Garth Brooks

Anyone who was even tangentially mindful of music in the beforehand 90s to know this song. I also remember this top top the radio on one of the couple of occasions we were permitted to listen to music prior to school – Garth Brooks fever recorded our household hard, as it did for everyone else.

This is a great song to break out the capo, together we’ve added the listed below chords with beginners in mind. Again it’s one whereby you deserve to learn the simple strum that the chorus together a brand new beginner, and then come ago later with some fingerpicking experience to take it on the arpeggiated verses.

Chords: G, Am, D

Jambalaya through Hank Williams

When friend talk around iconic country songs, Jambalaya has to be top of the list. Sounding no unlike cool Texas, the song has a catchy track and simple lyrics that have the right to be remembered by anyone, and an ext importantly play by anyone, for this reason it’s cult status among cowboys and the people who desire to be cowboys.

For guitarists, the tune is a doozy. The song has actually a straightforward strumming pattern and also only two chords the are practically identical – how could anything be easier?

Chords: C, G7

Jolene by Dolly Parton

Perhaps no one for pure beginners, Jolene is a an excellent target because that someone who desires to gain their fingers up to speed as much as transforming chords quickly. Girlfriend will need a capo to traction this one off with open chords (aka cowboy chords), yet Am, C and also G room just around the simplest chords because that beginners, make this lot less daunting than you could expect.

The song itself requirements no development – if girlfriend want an instance of Dolly’s songwriting prowess, Jolene is her song. Spanned by just around every nation singer since it’s release, and quite a couple of non-country singers, the song lastly received a Grammy in 2016 once acapella group Pentatonix had their version. About time!

Chords: Am, C, G

Sixteen tons by Merle Travis

It’s funny, Merle Travis is just one of those men who human being don’t talk about all that much any type of more, however you go earlier and hear to his songs and also you’ll find yourself surprised in ~ how plenty of of them friend know. Sixteen lots is an additional one of this – first recorded in 1946 and inducted right into the nationwide Recording it is registered of the Library of conference in 2015, you could not remember all the words but you recognize the tune.

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Playing wise, the track is a little an ext for the advanced beginners as it does have some pretty complicated fingerpicking, but if you deserve to pick this one up you have a great foundation for both the orientation of your fingers as well as the dexterity compelled to pull of some much more intermediate to progressed songs.

Chords: Em, C, B7, Am

Wagon Wheel by Old Crow medication Show

EASY Old crow Medicine present WAGON WHEEL Easy country Guitar great