Song Details: ns Started selling Dope back in 1986 text by Mr. Bigg. The song name is Trial Time which is sung through Mr. Bigg

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I started offering dope earlier in 1986I purchase a Cadillac and put lock thangs on that b^^hThe brain blowed out through the white leather seatsFienders screaming for that butter reason that other sh^^ is weakI was just 17 had actually the neighborhood hookedHad ’em stealing out they crib cause my crack taste prefer ribsI’m increase in the morning with the rest of this rookiesYou out here selling lock dimes, b^^h I’m out here selling them cookiesI’m flying out of town acquiring them thangs because that 12-5400 because that an ounce and also 650 once it’s dryPyrex key in the motherf^^ing kitchenWord roughly town Mr. Bigg obtained them chickensThat n^^^a purchase a residence for his ma by the lakeAnd offered his grandma set of secrets to the safeThem jealousy a^^ n^^^as and them hoes began hatingTo watch my lil’ sister drive a Benz come graduationI’m tripping on that Hennessey and also I’m smoking on lock budsI still obtained love because that them n^^^as offering them dubsI remember when I use to perform the same sh^^Buy a half-ounce and cut that up and sold the block upI can’t put my Glock up; my Glock is my hoAnd my ho go anywhere I goWhich one of you fake a^^ n^^^as wanna injury me?I claimed you better bring the Navy cause I’m gonna bring the Army

Get yo 12 white folks and take the sh^^ to trial b^^hY’all motherf^^ers talking around giving me 20 motherf^^ing yearsI got four motherf^^ing lawyers standing appropriate here and also we’ll win this b^^h upAnd if that sh^^ don’t job-related I’ll make y’all b^^hes k^^ me in this motherf^^ing court roomSo motherf^^ you, f^^ the judge, f^^ the D.A., and f^^ every you weak a^^ hoesI got to do a plan cause them laws is on my a^^I just gained a bird and I gotta sell it fastThey know around the down payments top top my 3rd houseThey know around the diamond in mine lil’ sister mouthThey know around the Benz and also the black PathfinderThey know about the vacation pilgrimage I took to ChinaThey know around the ho ns was f^^ing called CathyHeard she obtained busted with a bird in Tallaha^^eeAnd currently they tryin’ come say that the yay belong to meI understand they make the efforts to obtain me caught; these n^^^as save holding they nuts on meDickie suits, and bullet proofs, and also steel toesNo fake a^^ n^^^as just some real hoesI fill my sh^^ reason it’s time for me come goI’m getting worn down of em kicking in mine ma doorAnd even though they don’t uncover sh^^ they talk sh^^Asking concerns saying exactly how the f^^ girlfriend bought this sh^^And just how the f^^ friend don’t work however drive different carsWe obtained you top top the federal government in a Jaguar

Where that dope and also them motherf^^ing weapons at?We’ll permit you walk if you tell united state where yo child atsh^^, i don’t know nothing: irradiate it up and form it upAnd phone call the D.A. Acquire ready cause we gon’ strike the up

HelloThe damn police kicked my door in this morning trying to find you boyAsking me exactly how I bought mine house and also cars and taking images of our sh^^So you need to go somewhere and hide the end for a minute reason it’s warm down hereAight mama, I’ll holla atcha

I’m under in new Orleans through my auntie and also my grannyThe clean side of this Mr. Bigg familyThey know I’m top top the operation so ns can’t use the phoneMy motherf^^ing babies they don’t even know I’m goneLent mine mama 20,000 because that my babies and the invoice moneyI’m in the attic smoking cigarettes weed reason I think this sh^^ is quiet funnyMake ’em k^^ me or turn myself insh^^ I’m encountering life in the goddamn penTha D.A.

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Wanna see a n^^^a fryBringing n^^^as back from the pen come testifyYeah ns bought some firearms from himYeah he marketed me some dopen^^^as telling on me that ns never also seen beforeEverybody wanna sell dope and try get richOut on the corner just wait to get indictedYou told on yourself then you told ~ above meYou mighta heard of me yet you ain’t never bought no bird from mep^^y a^^ n^^^as acquired this video game f^^ed upTelling top top n^^^as simply to obtain they time cutA SKS with a magnifying scopeIf friend wanna f^^ v me b^^h you better get them white folks

Yeah motherf^^er, you b^^hes thought you can hold a n^^^a prefer be under babyBut i can’t motherf^^in’ be stoppedIt’s gonna take it a lot motherf^^in’ white people to take a n^^^a choose me downb^^h I’m ridin’ through the KVD, RV, down the Bay, BirdvilleAnd mine motherf^^in’ n^^^as off at work

All girlfriend hoes and also all girlfriend n^^^as betterTake the sh^^ come motherf^^ing trialI say, all you hoes and also all you n^^^as betterTake the sh^^ to motherf^^ing trialAll friend hoes and also all friend n^^^as betterTake the sh^^ come motherf^^ing trialAll you hoes and all you n^^^as betterTake that sh^^ to motherf^^ing trial