Falling in love is exciting, yet finding out that the object of your affection doesn"t feel the same method is devastating. They contact it a crush for a reason, y"all. It"s a sad truth of life learning your feelings space not always going to it is in reciprocated, and as painful together it is as soon as it happens, you"re certainly not walk to it is in the an initial person who"s knowledgeable this. There are plenty of songs around unrequited love, and even once you"re feeling totally alone, the might assist to know you"re no the only one who"s ever been crushed by a crush.

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More often than not, unreciprocated feelings have nothing to carry out with you. It"s possible that the human being you"re crushing on already has feelings for someone else. Her crush can actually be date someone else. Even if her crush is solitary and available, there can be hundreds of other, legitimate reasons for the two of friend not functioning out. And also if the human you love doesn"t feel the very same way, that"s not a reflection of your worth – ever. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it hurt any less, however tunes that record this details brand of heart pain might. If you looking to feel much more understood and also less alone, this songs around unrequited love room for you.

I loved you indigenous the begin / therefore it breaks my love / as soon as you to speak I"m just a friend to girlfriend / "Cause girlfriend don"t do the things we do

Is anything worse 보다 the girlfriend zone? "Just a girlfriend to You" through Meghan Trainor is perfect because that anyone who"s ever been in a relationship that feels much more than platonic — except the other person doesn"t check out it the way.

And I dislike to say ns love girlfriend / as soon as it"s so difficult for me / and I dislike to to speak I want you / as soon as you do it so clear / girlfriend don"t desire me

Raise your hand if you"ve ever been told, "I prefer you, yet not in that way." In "Not In that Way," Sam Smith pond the devastation of gift cared about by an additional person, but not exactly in the same way that girlfriend "care" about them.

I viewed you with your other dude / he seemed favor he was pretty cool / ns was so broken over girlfriend / Life, the goes on, what have the right to you do?

Feelings don"t just go far after a breakup, and also you can definitely still port feelings for an ex after ~ they"ve relocated on to someone new. Article Malone"s "Better Now" proves that sometimes it"s much more painful to have loved and lost 보다 to have actually never loved at all.

You make me so happy, it turns ago to sad, yeah / There"s nothing ns hate much more than what ns can"t have / You space so gorgeous it makes me therefore mad

Sometimes the problem isn"t that your crush is do not have — periodically you"re the one who taken. "Gorgeous" is all around a magnetic yet elusive flirt that Taylor Swift wants and can"t have. Her inability come be v her crush just fuels she desire more, in spite of the truth she already has a boyfriend.

I claimed I didn"t feel nothing baby, however I lied / I practically cut a item of myself for your life / Guess ns was just an additional pit avoid / "Til you consisted of your mind / You simply wasted mine time

People don"t constantly fall for each other at the exact same time. What might be a casual fling because that one person might be the actual deal for someone else, and as The Weeknd sings in "Call the end My Name," it"s feasible to desire someone to stay also though lock don"t desire you.

And climate I acquired you off your knees / placed you right back on her feet / just so you have the right to take advantage of me

In suitable relationship, you"d obtain out of it what girlfriend put into it. The course, that"s not constantly the case. Halsey"s "Without Me" is all around the experience of fall hard and also fast because that someone that — fairly than returning your feelings — takes the love for granted.

Boy, you really messed about / put me six feet underground / constantly kick me as soon as I"m under / but I"m still driving with your town

A crush have the right to be so intense that also rejection can"t acquire that human off your mind. Charli XCX"s "Need Ur Luv" is all around wanting for this reason badly for a love to it is in reciprocated the you"re ready to hurt yourself in the process.

I"d favor to give you what you need / I try but you"re makin" it difficult for me / how do i make you believe? / "Cause ns love you, need you, / I need you below to stay

When you really love someone, girlfriend might believe that — with sufficient convincing — friend can get them to feeling the exact same way. But as Justin Bieber"s "Memphis" demonstrates, you can"t persuade someone into showing you the affection friend crave.

It"s a poor religion, ooh / This unrequited love / come me, it"s nothin" yet a one-man cult / and cyanide in mine styrofoam cup / I deserve to never do "em love me

Unrequited love truly is choose a poor religion you follow blindly and without concern simply because it bring you comfort. Frank Ocean has actually this revelation in "Bad Religion," and although he"s helpless to escape his feelings, he at the very least recognizes an unreciprocated crush can be as irresistible and destructive as a cult leader.

The reality is ns am a toy that people enjoy / "Til all of the tricks don"t occupational anymore / and then they room bored of me

Not anyone is walk to get you. They may think you"re “a little too much” and also write girlfriend off rather than getting to recognize you. Yet as lorde points the end in "Liability," you"re far better on your own than v someone who won"t provide you a same chance. Plus, the right human being will never dump you because that being yourself.

I tried tough to make you desire me / but we"re not supposed to it is in / and the truth will always haunt me / also though it set me free

As improbable together it sounds, finding out someone doesn"t feeling the same method can actually be a blessing due to the fact that it can convince you to move on to someone new. "Tears" by Clean Bandit revolves approximately the idea the rejecting you is sometimes the kindest thing a crush have the right to do, also if that still hurts.

Everything"s to be so messed up right here lately / Pretty certain he don"t wanna be my baby / Oh, he don"t love me, that don"t love me / the don"t love me, the don"t love me / however that"s ok / "Cause ns love me, yeah, ns love me

Loving someone that doesn"t love you back can it is in messy. In do the efforts to win someone else"s affection, you might sacrifice your dignity or make yourself vulnerable. Yet as Bebe Rexha sings in "I"m a Mess," it"s yes to put yourself the end there as lengthy as friend still love yourself with it all.

Right before I nearby my eye / The just thing that"s on mine mind / been dreamin" the you feeling it as well / i wonder what it"s like to be loved by you

Staying up late to daydream about your crush could be poor for her sleep schedule, yet it’s a pretty typical habit as soon as it pertains to unrequited love. Shawn Mendes’ “Wonder” perfectly records that mix the nervousness and excitement the goes together with a brand-new crush.

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Unrequited love sucks, and I don"t think anyone have the right to disagree with that. However unrequited love did an outcome in every one of these an excellent bops, so i guess it"s good for something.