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CategoriesNooks and also cranniesYesteryearSemantic enigmasThe human body beautifulRed tape, white liesSpeculative scienceThis sceptred isleRoot of every evilEthical conundrumsThis sporting lifeStage and screenBirds and also the bees THE human body BEAUTIFULIs it feasible to remember gift born? Possibly, yet most world don\"t recognize they\"re born. Fiona Sampson, London Yes, yet not if you have actually too lot to drink. Ian Osborne, Horsford, Norfolk ray Bradbury (the sci-fi author) declared he could remember every detail of being born, indigenous his head gift crushed to all of sudden being surrounding by bright lights. Liz Piggott The hippocampus is a mind structure believed to it is in crucially involved in the development of storage for facts and also events. At birth and in at an early stage childhood this structure is not fully grown, and so memory of bear is unlikely. What\"s amazing is that the mind structure for emotional memory, the amygdala, is mature in infancy - the result of these two facts being that an emotionally far-ranging event throughout infancy may impact the way a boy behaves later in life regardless of them not being able come remember the yes, really event. David Sant, Oxford it is generally embraced that no-one have the right to recall their birth. Most human being generally do not psychic anything prior to the period of three, back some theorists (e.g. Usher and also Neisser, 1993) argue the adults deserve to remember vital events - such as the birth of a sibling - when they emerged as early as the age of two. This is no to indicate that children cannot remember anything before this age. Even newborn infants deserve to remember straightforward colour and also shape combinations for a 24 hour period, through the sophistication and also duration the recall raising with age, such the by the age of two kids can remember occasions which happened to lock 12 months earlier. Together memories, however, would indeed not it is in recalled in later on life. Explanations because that these findings centre on the development of the hippocampus, and cognitive structures vital for true autobiographical memory. John Dent, Middlesbrough, UK ns can\"t remember gift born, yet I can clearly remember, both visually and also aurally, points from being about 2 months old. I can even \"smell\" the lining of my pram, and also I might take you round a house we left when I to be 3 months old and also to which I have never returned.Last week or yesterday, but - you\"ve obtained me there ... Prof. Feliz Forde-Bennett, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia back I have ben told the is difficult to remind your at an early stage childhood, i for a truth can recall v some vivdness, occasions that took location when ns was just 4 or 5 months old. I don\"t have a memory of every day, however when describing occasions to my parents we calculated they had actually taken ar when ns was only 4 or 5 month old. Terence Druffield, Harrogate Spa Our an initial child spooked us as soon as he was small, by informing us the an initial thing the remembered was a white window opening and also a guy reaching for him.He to be born by Caesarian, unknown to him in ~ the time. Mike Whittaker, Peplow my daughter, in ~ the age of ripe months, heard a woman giving birth during a regime on TV. She held onto her ears v a look at of good alarm, and also tried to host her breath. I am persuaded she had actually a memory of birth at the moment. Man Bramwells, Peterborough UK I have not check out the publication myself, yet I execute remember analysis in the Guardian part decade or so back that the first 11 pages of Salvador Dali\"s autobiography were specialized to his storage of what is was favor to it is in in the womb prior to he to be born. Colin Boyd, Saskatoon Canada mine son, that is currently 6 has actually been may be to describe events in detail around his \"In utero\" experience since he could an initial speak (roughly 2 1/2). Tom Smith, sector Harborough England once my daughter was 3 1/2 i asked her if she liked being in my womb.She said...Yes, at very first she might move roughly but then she couldn\"t and she was prepared to come out.I then asked she if she could remember being born.She said yes, and also she descibed the room and the events that took place, (she to be born at home, We relocated when she was 2 yrs) The following year i asked she again and she had no storage of it and also did not remember telling me the story. I am glad I wrote it under earlier.After our move she would remember smells indigenous the old house when she came upon something, this particular day smells will still create old residence memories.I contact it her storage #1 and also memory #2,I think those early on years room so complete of stuggles that growing and also dependence we desire to forget it. Who wants to psychic wet diapers?! Joyce, Calif USA Whilst stuggling to gain my daughter, aged about 2, into a tight polo necked jumper, she suddenly claimed \"it\"s like being borned\". Jane, Edinburgh UK After reading some of this answers, i asked my kid Alfie aged 3 if he could remember being within mummy\"s tummy. He sadi \"Yeah\", so ns asked that what it was like. He said \"soft\" and also \"dark\" and then as soon as asked what that looked like he claimed \"shiny\" (odd answer? no if you\"ve ever before seen a placenta). I asked the if he could remember coming out and he claimed \"yes, it hurt me.\" Can\"t wait till my little girl has the vocabulary to tell me what she thought! Jo Walker, Canterbury UK would we really desire to remember? SJ, Glasgow Scotland Surely memory is connected to speech. If we have the ability to put something right into words then we have actually the capability to store it and recall it. Isn\"t it likely that memory starts as soon as language (that is understanding basic language, not necessarily speaking) is learned, making recollection of birth unlikely? VC, Kent, UK It offered me great comfort analysis this, as nobody wants to think me as soon as I tell them ns remember events that take it place at an early stage in my life (moving residence at 11 months, my first birthday, my mother being pregnant and giving birth to mine brother as soon as I to be 20 month old). I am very grateful to my parents, who spoke to me like I to be \"a genuine person\" (which ns obviously was) since I was a new-born. This offered me a language and also a vocabulary prior to I can speak, and must have improved my capacity to remember. Klara S., Bergen Norway ns remember being born. I tried for a moment to call the civilization who were around me that we FORGET! This is due to the fact that the minute I to be born, ns watched the storage of where I had been before birth leaving me. Mark, i don\"t remember being born, yet do remember rooms and also corners of wherein I lived prior to the period of one. I additionally remeember, aged 18 months, meeting my newborn brothers from hospital in the back of a dark auto in the rain. I gave him grapes somehow. Cursed I wanted those grapes! A friend of mine lived in Germany until the age of 8 and doesn\"t remember noþeles whatsoever that it, yet then she deserve to organise she life much better than me. Jonno, London, UK my son, age two and a fifty percent to three, would often talk of the time prior to he was born saying how he and his friend Joe had combated together in the wars. I asked him wherein they had actually fought and also he said it was in the skies prior to he was ever before born. The was an extremely matter the fact around it all. He would sometimes come to be annoyed as soon as I confessed ns couldn\"t view his girlfriend Joe, that apparently had actually a favourite edge in the sitting room wherein he liked to sit. My boy would go to this corner and also have conversations through Joe, sometimes requesting a drink or part food because that him. (When given, never consumed because, \"Joe didn\"t realy feel like having it.\") I found it all an extremely disturbing and also was glad once Joe ultimately seemed to slip out of the way. An extremely soon after the time, my son conveniently forgot all about Joe. Sheila Kirby, Esbjerg Denmark i don\"t remember gift born yet am sure the memory could be remembered through regression therapy/hypnosis. I do remember being 2 years old, the neighborhood I lived in, walking down the street v my brother and stopping at a neighbour\"s home for cookies and milk. That was 3 doors under from ours house. Then my brother and also I would walk v the back alley and down to an old barn that had an old washing maker in it and also we\"d ~ do so to execute laundry. I was two and also he to be 4 1/2. I always wondered, where was mine mother... Katherine Connors, Columbia, Maryland USA I have three beforehand memories. The very first is strange and quite inexplicable. Every three are in the order they occurred.I remember floating through the hospital window and see my mom lying in a bed when holding a baby. My father and brothers to be standing roughly the bed. The 2nd is the looking over the left shoulder the my mommy as we drove far from the hospital. This was no a health-nurse visit.The third was the being chest fed. Ns hopped turn off the boob and also turned roughly to check out \"The Love Boat\" ~ above TV. Mine mum stopped breastfeeding me by 9 months. Steve Bergen, Frankston, Australia I had actually a strange endure recently. Ns was being audited in an organisation referred to as Dianetics. This involved a human being sitting the contrary me and also asking me to recall different events. I was genuinely surprised once I was able to give accounts on two occasions where I to be observing mine birth and also hearing the conversation and also seeing my mother and father together they were at that time. I have to state that i am the world\"s biggest sceptic and still am but I can\"t refuse what happened.I\"m also 67 year old. Samuel Brown, Belfast, unified Kingdom once i to be born,i was so traumatised that i couldn\"t speak for 2 years. Rory Moylan, Manchester, England I had a dream as soon as I was around four year old the I\"ve never forgotten. Ns dreamt that ns was suck up by my mum\"s vacuum cleaner, the type with the long hose and also cylinder body and also lay curled up in it. In my dream I believed I\"d died. The other odd point was that i was spanned in short hair. At the moment I had actually no idea whereby babies came from, nor that they were curled up precisely as I witnessed myself. And it was only years later at institution that I discovered out that a foetus is hairy in ~ one allude in its development. I think mine dream was a back-to-front storage of being born and being in the womb. Kathryn Borg, Leicester, UK I had actually a memory for a long time the being held high in a room, hearing a sirloin of noise while peering despite a hand end my challenge - i figured this to it is in my bear by Caesarian practically 2 month premature.I remember gift breastfed, being fed in the highchair, steering in the car, finding out to walk ... I especially remember the disappointed of discovering I wanted to gain somewhere, pulling myself increase on furniture and the crash the falling under on wet nappies. My mother denies ns could because I to be nine month old. I remember my first birthday - not the fact it was my first birthday, i was may be to describe a existing I had in former of me and my mother scoffed that i couldn\"t have actually remembered it together it to be my first birthday. But I certain remember the carpet and also vinyl tiles gotten rid of from the house prior to I to be one - I invested a lot of time ~ above those. I certainly remember being pre-verbal - of trying come tell my mother I wanted a drink but she couldn\"t understand. Then there to be two stays in hospital before the period of 17 months, that was much more about the colours and shapes of points that i didn\"t understand what they to be then, but due to the fact that I deserve to still view them every so visibly now I can name the experience ... Heaps an ext I can tell you ... Yet this thing could run out of spac... Paula, new Zealand my 3 year old daughter is obsessed with wanting come get ago into mine belly. When ever she\"s sad or emotion clingy, she says \"mummy deserve to I get earlier in her belly?\" I automatically ask her if she has forgotten something in there and also she states \"No, it\"s just nice\". Charlene Walker, Gillingham England ns can\"t remember gift born yet I deserve to remember the an initial time ns was offered semi-solid food ~ nothing but warm milk (bottle fed, through the way) - that felt for this reason strange that it didn\"t just slip down easily, and I had to make an initiative to swallow. I deserve to remember slewing party in my highchair in reaction. Ns was less than a year old, for sure. Ns can additionally remember the terrible sensation of the chop \"swaddling\" apparel an old mrs (grandmother?) tried to wrap me in so i couldn\"t kick and also wriggle. I\"ve hated tight garments or tucked-in bed-linen ever since. I can additionally remember breaking a window at 18 month old. I\"m always amazed that people can\"t remember prior to the age of 3. And also no, this memories aren\"t attached to indigenous / language - i remember sensations and images. C Laugesen, Leyland UK I have actually a vague storage of being lugged out come my mommy who to be laying ~ above a hospital bed. I must have been a baby because I remained in the palms of their hands. I additionally have vivid storage from as soon as I to be 12 month old.The human being mind is a very an effective tool. You can unlock noþeles if friend try. Kirsten, QLD Australia ns remember together if it was yesterday what I\"m going to shot to explain. I was in a bedroom in my cot looking in ~ the sunlight shining trough the home window and curtains. I know it was when i remained in my an initial year because it is my great nana\"s home that ns describe. I was born in ~ my good grandma\"s house at her home and remained there until i to be 9 month old. I additionally remember all this in image type but in particular, DETAIL. Danny Mousley, Sydenham, Australia i think that some world can psychic the moment when she or he born however I think this is feasible only when you are in a session of psychotherapy (regression) due to the fact that the psychologist is one expert and can manage the totality process. Alma, Colima, Mexico I have actually phenomenal irreversible memory.My mother declared that I created a finish sentence at 9 months old. I was born in Australia, and also traveled come the US once I was close come 2.I have the right to remember the ship we took to Honolulu, Hawaii, and the passengers playing shuffleboard top top the deck. The deck chairs were forest green canvas. Ns remember the hula dancers in Hawaii, and also that they every wore various colored pastel hula outfits. Probably I mental this particularly, because the colors were so beautiful.As well, i remember life in Australia, and also some that the furniture in the houses there, favor an old angique piano the was shipped from Hamburg, Germany in the 1860\"s by my great-grandfather, and also was at my great grandmother\"s house. Ns remember play under the piano together a child. Ns remember having actually Sunday dinners there through my grandparents and my an excellent grandmother. Ns remember mine Uncle sit me ~ above a Persian form carpet and also pretending it was a magic carpet, and also that we traveled all over the world. He to be the driver and also sat in ~ the front and also I was a passenger and sat at the back. He would say, \"next prevent is England, next stop Arabia, etc.\" This to be so lot fun.On this plank it was proclaimed that if one had the ability to speak at an early age, climate he or she would have the ability to remember, as well.However, I perform recall prior to I was able to speak, when I was simply a few months old, (maybe 6 or 7 months) the I preferred Vanilla ice cream. My mom bought various flavors, and also vanilla was my favorite. One time she offered me strawberry (her favorite) ice cream cream. I wanted to tell she I hate strawberry ice cream cream. Why don\"t you provide me vanilla instead? I believe this to be the factor I speak at an early age. I think I simply wanted come tell my mother, and also the others, what i liked and what i didn\"t like.Further, i remember number of incidences that developed before I was able to talk. I knew plainly in my mind what I want to say, however the words simply wouldn\"t come out.Although ns couldn\"t speak, ns knew what I wanted to say. Ns remember being extremely frustrated that ns couldn\"t tell them what i wanted. Incidences such as these more than likely compelled me come speak at an early age. So, in mine opinion, we space able come remember points months prior to we space able to formulate a sentence. Once we are finally able to formulate a sentence, we remember points from that suggest on, plus us remember points that we were unable to articulate months prior to we could talk.I additionally believe if we have been through a traumatic experience, then that experience remains in ours sub-conscious mind, and also we would have the ability to articulate that endure years later.We may at very first see flashbacks, and then eventually, the entire picture. As these type of traumatic experience are carried into our mindful mind, we space able come relate the experience verbally, at a later date in time.Long ax memory probably depends on, as was mentioned on this board, how at an early stage we room able to articulate sentences. Tamara Beryl Latham, Brentwood, TN USA One point that sort of bothers me is that ns don’t uncover many world that actually remember gift born.I never paid much attention to that due to the fact that for year it was common for me to have that memory.I perform remember me gift born. Ns remember taking my first breath that air very silently and also watching the white wall in the bedroom. Ns remember the people approximately me being concerned around something…and then ns remember the midwife smacking my back I don’t remember any kind of pain indigenous it however what yes, really bugged me was the vibration through every one of my body and also I protested. I remember what happened next and I mental what occurred before.Of course ns don’t have a full memory obtainable of my whole life however in some way I recognize I deserve to reach every little thing the is crucial to me.Oh, and I additionally remember times prior to my birth. I execute remember being in my mother’s womb and feeling a bit crowded. Ns remember transforming around in search of a means out and also being puzzled as to how I would fit with such a small passage.And ns remember before that…After some time in my life it began to bother me not knowing anyone else with memories choose that for numerous reasons it makes me feel kind of lonely.Manuel Manuel C., Setubal Portugal ns have always recalled early on memories and also have called many people \"Oh ns remember when I was one year old...\" and they would look at me together if i were crazy or just making it up. I boy you not, I have the right to remember as what ns deem to be infancy lie on my back and feather up at the ceiling of what appears to it is in a hospital and also seeing bright lights. Ns am not certain to now what that memory is of. Periodically I think that was soon after birth. Ns have but described the bedroom in which ns slept and the crib in which i slept in good detail to mine mother. She to be shocked to recognize that i recalled what images were hanging ~ above my wall as an infant. They were of Raggedy Ann and also Andy. I also remember once I fell and also split mine eyebrow open at 18 months. I remember gift rushed in our family automobile to the hospital and being hosted on mine mother\"s lap in the ago seat. She comforted me while i was drink a bottle v apple juice in it. I am not 32, yet when ns told my parents of this recollection i must have been about 20. They asked me just how I might have remembered the in together detail. Susan Tosh, Portland, Oregon United claims It is scientifically difficult to mental events before your mind is sufficiently occurred to organize on to such memories.People below who have claimed memories in the first pair of year of their resides will have developed memories from dreams or various other people\"s recollections. Human being who claim to remember gift in the womb are, to be frank, completely deluded. James Portfield, London UK In a lot of methods you are ideal James.And in a lot of of methods you don’t yes, really know…“People” who case to remember being in the womb proclaimed only that. However you will never ever see me claiming that the part of your mind that was necessary to develop and the way it functions so the you could fully enjoy a movie and remember it later on is the one the would enable you come remember your an initial year that life.I know every one of that though I’m no an professional on the subject.It might seem weird however it is a completely different mind pattern, not based on concepts.Since we are educated through concepts, I had a tough time in school when I essential to leave behind that “non conceptual” pattern.Sometimes if i make an effort it come back; other times the may take place spontaneously.Now I discover that this capability has been a hopeful thing in mine life and I don’t really care for opinions or science research.It has actually proven to it is in much an ext fulfilling for me come live both by this “non conceptual mind thing” v the assist from the “analytical part” than only with the critical one.In fact, the more I permit the critical mind to dominance in mine life, the much less comfortable that feels.So if ns remember my birth, i am cost-free to say so also if wise world say I’m pulling the wool end somebody\"s eyes…You don’t really know. Manuel C., Setubal Portugal I was in a dark,warm place and also I felt really secure. I could hear a steady,rythmic blip blip blip sound(mother\"s heartbeat) and I to be comforted by it. All of sudden something damaging happened and also it frieghtened me. (mother\"s screams, I\"m sure.)Then the blip blip sound returned and also I thought every little thing was ok. Again the terrible thing happened and this time i knew it would occur again and again. Ns was terrified! my body to be being pains pulled and also squeased, mommy was screaming and also i assumed something terrible, horrible and awful to be happening! then I come out and also the physician said something come me the was friendly and welcoming. I didn\"t recognize the words however I obtained his message! later on I remained in something, most likely the scales and also I looked over and also saw a team of us in white standing end something or someone. Later whenever ns would have fever or something ns would have actually flashbacks of mine birth. I never ever thought i was remembering mine birth. I didn\"t know what that was and also never speak to mine mother around it. I provided birth to two children and still didn\"t get the connection. Ultimately when my daughter remained in labor ns was able placed 2 and 2 together. If my mommy were still alive I would ask she if there to be a huge window in prior of us through the sunlight shining brightly with it and also if the doctor had a black mustashe and also was short and also fat. Ruth Hickman, Clemmons,NC united state I have actually a memory the is very hard come explain. However I will certainly try. Ns have had actually this memory my whole life.... I remember a light and also then every one of a sudden i knew ns was here and I was alive. It might have been right once I was born or maybe when my brain started working?lol i dont know. However it is a actual memory. And also still very clear to me this particular day , ns am 31 now. Tammy, USA that is entirely possible . The just reason i say this is because I execute as well.It has actually made no real affect on mine life, yet still i remember.I was born in 66 the moon landing was 69 ns remember dad built a color console tv we watched the moon landing in b/w yet i was still walk to be an astronaut Shrader, USA USA newly after analysis an sociology monographe ns asked myself what is my earliest memory, or what execute i think is the thing i remember because that utmost time? fine my price is and also was before: a tunnel v strange \"shades\" the light and also a terrifying scream (my mothers voice clearly). For lengthy time i thaught it was a dream ns remembered. It have to be an ext than 25 years since I remember this \"dream\". Im 29 now and I think that is feasible it no a dream. Andy, end the food of mine life (56 years) start in early childhood I had actually these strange sensations from time to time that felt prefer I was relocating through a smooth fleshy channel. Ns was gift pulled and pushed gently through what ns felt to be the equal press of the channel all around me. This was a completely physical sensation. That was and is so the end of the ordinary I have regularly wondered if it to be a pre-verbal recollection of gift born. Having read the entry of the small girl speak that having a pullover pulled over she was prefer being born is just about what i experienced. Tom, Chico, USA ns vaguely psychic something prior to being born, favor skiing, going about a mountain. Then trying so hard to remember something as well. It to be so an extremely important come remember what ever it was. Possibly it was my name. Then following thing i remember was forgetting, climate coming out and seeing things. Lock looked brand-new and familiar at the same time. Ns felt scared as I looked in ~ the white cement block walls... Then because that a minute I felt acknowledgment as mine father organized me. Somehow, ns don\"t remember mine mother and then i remember going under a hall. My next memory is around 8 months old. At about 2 years old and ever since I remember therefore much. Things I\"ve to be told shouldn\"t be able to remember. Jacquelyn H., Dothan USA I have actually no recollection of gift born or any type of early memories as human being have questioned above. However, about 3 years back a girlfriend of mine had actually just freshly qualified in hypnotherapy and also wanted to try some top top me. So together a favour, ns let him shot his battered smoking regime on me. We had actually one session (it worked, only for around 6 month though) and also at the end, he stated we could have a bit of funny by acquisition me earlier to the day/time in my life I wanted to relive. Ns asked because that the day i was born as I didn\"t believe it was possible. He took me there and asked me to explain everything I can see, the room, the world there, what castle looked like, what they might wear, and so on while he wrote it down. I gained in touch with my mother that very evening and also bizarrely she confirmed every little thing I said. Ns didn\"t think in hypnotherapy, hypnosis or something of the type until then. He described to me how all our memories room stored in what he referred to as a \"filing cabinet\" system. He claims all storage (even whilst ~ above the affect of alcohol or to chat drugs) deserve to be retrieved v hypnotherapy. Sound unrealistic to me yet if one desires to think this, then its feasible to remember gift born as well as anything else that has actually happened in our lives. Nila Patel, London England Frankly, ns think many of those that you who feel you have actually memories of birth have actually just imagine them. Ns have plenty of \"memories\" of babyhood too however i always see them in the third person perspective. This leads me to think the i have actually just extrapolation the memory from parents accounts the events and later memories. The man Upstairs, Dublin Ireland i am pregnant again and my 3 year old pair daughter, sarah was kissing mine belly. I asked buy it if she remembered gift in my tummy. She said, \"Yes, that was really dark in there mommy! and Hannah\"s feet maintained kicking mine head and I would look up at her.\" climate she moved her head in one upward motion to present me how she would look up in ~ Hannah. The thing is, we never ever told buy it she was baby A and lower and also Hannah was infant B and also higher, so how did she understand that she would have to look approximately see Hannah? Plus, Hannah was breeched so since they both weren\"t head down, Hannah\"s feet were in truth near Sarah\"s head. I don\"t understand if she can really psychic it but I don\"t understand why she would make up something choose that. Ns guess if i was kicked in the head for 9 months, that would certainly be something come remember! Suzy, Sacramento, USA the is absolutely feasible to psychic something the you can\"t describe remembering. Mine earliest childhood storage was when I was around 5 months old. This memory looks prefer a dream when i\"m remembering it - but it has actually actually happened. I\"m literally having an \"outer body\" experience since i\"m floating in the air close to the ceiling looking down. I\"m in a living/dining room and also there is a lumber dining table in front of me. There space 3 human being there and also a baby laying out on the table. The 3 people are mine mom, dad and my Uncle Joe. It was his an initial time see me and also they to be admiring me. It goes native that, come me gift in my uncles\" arms on a patio and also being thrown in the air over the balcony. Mine uncle to be trying come freak my mother out, and also it worked. The weird thing is, in my memory i have the right to sense mine mom\"s fright and worry I have the right to remember her informing him that\"s enough. Yet I likewise remember praying come God to no let me die. I pertained to my mommy with this and she was shocked, she claimed i couldn\"t maybe remember it.But the reality is, ns do. I can\"t buy right into the concept that it\"s something i may had actually heard and ran with it since in my recollection i have the right to sense what world feel. Nobody can define that come me. I feel the I\"m enlightened and also lucky to have the ability to remember other so early on on, even though it\"s hard for part to believe it. I have actually a few more early on childhood memories but that one to be my earliest. Jackie, Toronto, Ontario, Canada I have been telling people for year that i remember gift born. Anyone thinks ns am crazy, yet my endure was almost exact to that of ray Bradbury\"s. I remember gift crushed and also then glowing lights and also seeing the silhouette the a male grabbing me, however I was no scared that the voice. Steve, Phoenix, USA Yes, it is feasible to remember gift born, due to the fact that I can remember an element of it. I had actually a reoccuring nightmare native as early on as I have the right to remember and also continued consistently until the age of 8. The memory was of a pulsating pains in the eyes, panic and other sensations. There was no vision linked with the storage which made that very challenging to psychic or interpret after the nightmare. Ns remember it as being the many frightening suffer I ever before had and feared having the nightmare. So, in summary, ns remember being a tiny child having actually a nightmare of gift born! Richard Host, Sydney Australia The assumed that anyone can claim to remember gift born is ludicrous. The human mind is merely not occurred enough to store any long hatchet memory. Therefore, how can you probably remember being born. That would be favor saying I understand what\"s walk to take place to me in future. I have the right to go to a psychic, however they can\"t insurance anything, as with nobody can guarantee that they to be born a certain way. Edward Shambrook, Hornchurch, England I have actually memories from previously than 18 month old. I remember my good granddad- very hazy storage of that taking united state for walks and a tiny brass tortoise he offered to store sweets in! i remember sitting by the fire and playing with it. I understand I to be younger than 18 months old since he passed away when i was 18 months. Ns remember my mum being shocked when I recalled this memories to her at a young age so they space not storage I have \"created\" together I\"ve obtained older from other peoples\" stories! The mind is a powerful thing! Lindsey, Manchester UK i think that a memory of being born came ago to me number of times when I to be sick together a child. If I had strep, or the flu, or whatever...I\"d lied on the couch, under blankets indigenous the chills, and also would autumn into a fitful sleep.And sometimes, a dream would involved me. The only recurring dream I\"ve ever had. I must have had actually it 4 or 5 times when sick in childhood.It would certainly be hot, and also I\"d feeling queazy, and also there would simply be blurry light, and these echoing voices. However they echoed in a means I can\"t describe, favor something out of scientific research fiction, choose they were oscillating. And the weirdest thing is the pulsing/squeezing sensation. Like...feeling mine heartbeat every throughout mine skin, choose my skin is expanding and contracting and also \"pounding\" like a headache.And then I\"d wake up up in a warm sweat. It to be unpleasant, but not traumatic. Mark, Lake forest United states 2 days back I drove past the hospital whereby my child (4 yrs 4mths) was born. On informing him he was born there he replied \"yeah, i didn\"t favor it, ns was crying and also there was too much light and also i couldn\"t execute this (covering his eyes through his hands)\" He invested 5 job in special treatment (lit 24 hrs a day) and also 2 job under UV lights and also in UV blankets. The following day ns asked the if the remembered being born he claimed \"yeah, it to be good, you were happy\". I don\"t understand if that remembers gift born, i just hope that doesn\"t mental the hoe pricks - every 15 the them. Nat, QLD Australia i have always had an unchanged, solid memory of being born. The angle ns was facing, the transforming upside down (frustrating, i was comfortable whereby I was) movement, I\"ve attracted a map of rooms and a kitchen the the place we left prior to I turn 1, . Dog falling right into shark invest waters in ~ 6mths, watercraft accident. Simon Visentin, Brisbane Australia After analysis the earlier posted answers, I now realize why most human being are hesitant of everyone who says they remeber gift born. Some human being do but most perform not. The is a significant topic of conversation at the High institution where i teach the I execute remember being born. There to be no sensations at very first and then a great deal the pressure. The glowing lights and the cold air of the outside people made a good impresssion on me. I remember being taken house in the family automobile (a black color one through a shifting bar on the floor), and being inserted in my infant bed. The cycles the dark and light do no sense to me, but that is the method it was and also didn\"t worry about it. I slept a lot and also when I would wake up, the dark/light patterns were random.I remember gift unable to rotate over in my baby bed and also then law the movements that allowed me to achieve that task. Ns remember my brother (27 months older than me) coming right into my room smiling however then nearly touching mine eyes with his finger. I could tell who touched me by the texture of their skin, the dimension of your hands and fingers, yet especially by their odor. Every human being in my family members had a one-of-a-kind odor. Mine dad smelled the sweat and also sawdust. My mommy smelled very an excellent to me. My grandmother was fat and soft. Mine older borther had virtually no odor at all and also I was afraid once he sat on a chair and also held me. I could tell by the feel that he did not know what he was doing.I remember the very first time I gained into a crawling position. The was no too daunting to press myself increase on my arms but getting my knees under my human body was lot worse. Ns then had the ability to clutch the upright spindles that my infant bed and also pull myself come a stand position. Someday while i was standing follow me side the couch in the living room, ns torned around and also took my very first step over to the coffee table. Everyone was so pleased that i was sorry the I had not tried the sooner. The difficulty was the it was such a long method to sit down on the floor if I might not keep by stand posture the it scared me. Ns was less than 1 year old by this time.Before ns was an knowledgeable \"walker\", i remember being brought to the site where my dad was building our brand-new house. I was brought back to the site over the next several months and also watched the walls of the basement \"magically\" appear, the floor and walls spring up, the home being finished, and also our family moving in. Howdy Doody to be a favorite with my enlarge brother and also me. Ns remember attract diapers and crawling throughout the floor, city hall the dust motes float in the air once the sunshine came with the life room window.I remember staying with my grandparents as soon as I was 31 months old and arranging the canned items in the lower kitchen cabinet, according to the photos on the cans. I was irritated when there were so few of each form and not sufficient room to spread out them the end so each type of can can have its own row.We moved from St. Louis, Missouri, to Phoenix, Arizona as soon as I to be 3 years old. Ns remember the 1949, maroon colored Nash Ambassador auto we travelled in. Dad hung a water bag top top the outside mirror of the vehicle so we would have cool drinking water yet the fast flow of air evaporated every one of the water so conveniently that there was no water as soon as we were ready for a drink. Ns remember being worried the we can not ever get any more water.These storage are component of the conintuous awarenesos i have had actually all my life. My parents never talked to me around any that the memory I have actually recounted so i was no \"prompted\" into false memories. Ns am now 59 years old and also these memories room comforting. Ns think I would feel choose a component of mine life was absent if I can not remember these facts.Lon BrouseColorado - USA Lon Brouse, Delta, Colorado USA I think you can due to the fact that I think that that is possible to tap memory of at an early stage childhood no matter what those \"experts\" say around only being able to remember anything over the age of 3.I remember acquiring out of my mom\"s womb. It to be warm yet then after I acquired out (I gained out yes, really fast because I was a really tiny baby though no premature) and also then ns felt cold and also then I began to cry, I have the right to remember my very first breath and when I opened up my eyes, there was nothing however a blinding white light. That\"s every I deserve to remember minus gasping because that air.Then I might remember my first swim approximately a year and a half old, I was in a yellow baby-floater tube thing.I\"m 16 best now. Josef, Columbia United claims I have really early memories including thoughts prior to birth. Although, no clue regarding how long before my birth, as I had actually no time reference. Looking earlier it seems not very long prior to birth. Those thoughts were choose an unspoken conversation through another, greater entity. I had this sensation of being loved and also sense of belonging with this entity. The urge to remain where ns was at this minute was my only desire. However, ns was make to know that I had actually to be separated and also go elsewhere first. A most saddening realization. I remember trying to somehow do a case for my staying in this all-embracing love. My effort failed and also I accepted begrudgingly. Please, reader be assured these were complete non-verbal thoughts and emotions. Nobody of this is comprised or embellished. After this occasion there appeared to be a period of sleep-like calm. Till the minute of birth. Quite than remembering a collection of contractions i felt only, what seemed like, one massive event. This was my calm environment collapsing in on me. Terror and also helplessness hardly describes what i felt at this moment. In ~ some allude I remember see light but nothing was clear. I was being moved upside down towards a left direction. Eventually, i was near my mother and this is whereby my bear memories shroud over. Other beforehand event memories include nursing on my mother\"s breast and falling asleep. Or one more time being taken off her left breast before I\"d finished drinking, rather upsetting. A hernia procedure at six months. The doctor doing other to mine belly-button. I looked down and also watched calmly till I felt the emotion of pains (turned the end to it is in an incising scalpel) and also started crying.I have countless other early on memories. Yet I conclude v the aforementioned. Every one of this sound odd to people that hear my story. Come me, these room memories the have constantly been part of me. Ns don\"t know why i remember while countless don\"t. Nor execute I recognize the meaning of it. Uneven this way that the occasion of death might be comparable in scope and also that over there is a higher LOVE waiting for us. And also that LOVE is yes, really all we desire from the beginning of our existence. Norbert Meyer, Calgary, Canada i don\"t remember specific detail but I perform remember a emotion of being stuck in a chop place and also not able to breathe. All v my childhood I had actually terrifying nightmares around being grounding in this place, but i couldn\"t explain to anyone what the nightmare was about. It came as no surprised to me to find out as one adult that i was born through the umbilical cord roughly my neck, alarms ringing and also had to be taken away and revived. My mother thought i was going to die. Camilla, Copenhagen, Denmark Yes. It\"s challenging to describe, however. I\"m 42 now and I have been plagued by the nightmare of my birth for, well, every my life. All ns remember, indigenous as early on as ns remember - a constant, nightly occasion - is the every night I would certainly re-live the emotion of suffocation, of pressure about my head and also eyes, and of fall ever-so-slowly falling, not being able come breathe. Every night. It was so poor that I preserved myself wake up to protect against it, and also consequently used to wet the bed all the moment (also quite upsetting) due to the fact that I was so worn down that i couldn\"t wake myself up to go to the toilet.This has actually caused a an excellent deal of challenge in my life. Specifically that I have actually been so exhausted for - well, forever.After that ns remember my an initial steps (9 months), mine feelings for my mother (not good) and also family holidays prior to I to be 2. There room things around humanity that are not understood, yet are certainly true.I\"m a an elderly teacher. I\"m not provided to making stuff up. My life, however, speak it\"s very own story. It keeps imploding. Is that due to the fact that I\"m self-aware or simply not other-people-aware? Or since of i remember my birth? Sam Brook, Bolton, UK As far as \"solid\" memory go, ns remember my sister gift born when I to be aged 2 and also a good deal before that - waking in the morning and all kinds of lovely, cosy, day-to-day details. Though there was always these \"night terrors\" full of indescribable imagery, sensations, weird and also immense feelings. I\"ve never been able come properly define them, despite they constantly had something of a bizarre trauma around them. I\"ve doubt they were birth memories, or possibly memories the the thin terror of life experience and sensation in those first days and weeks of my life. The night terror went away years ago, yet their disturbing, unknowable nature still has me wondering. As impossible as they are to describe, they seem to have actually a \"before\", \"during\" and \"after\" sequence of events to them; the strongness of experience enhancing with each step. I\"ll most likely never recognize for sure(!) Lee Giles, Leicester UK ns remember a childhood nightmare whereby a white egg shaped thing retained coming towards me. Once I awoke every sound in the residence seemed abnormally loud. It took me years to number out that it must have been my birth experience. The white egg shaped irradiate from the vaginal opening and also then the sounds no longer muffled as they were inside the womb.Seems type of odd however it to be within my realm of endure so might have been merely a memory. The other truly remarkable memory was a emotion of lying on my side on the leaf of infinity. The was more exhilarating than scary. Probably this is where I was prior to I to be born? Rolloff deBunk, Toronto Canada ns was kidnapped as an infant and also I practically died the starvation. I remember ultimately being went back to my family and also their panic at mine condition. They asked me if ns was hungry and I stuck the end my hands and said \"m.... Mmmmmillllk\". They rushed a bottle to me which ns frantically drank down. Later on I arisen pneumonia and also spent some time in hospital and was distressed by the plastic tent ns was in. I deserve to recall make the efforts to with my Mother and also my Aunt native there and not gift successful. I would not believe it myself yet I have actually lots of memories of a home we lived in until i was two. My mommy says ns was an early talker and perhaps language is tied come memory. I also remember gift frustrated when I couldn\"t understand what adult were saying. I might give you a tourism of that house even to this day. The coal chutes which the orange cat would walk on. The basement i wasn\"t allowed to go close to for are afraid of falling under the steps. The crib in my room, the complete sized bed through the large bright window at the former of the house. The garden with the roses mine Grandmother would grow and the large porcelain sink the my sister and I would certainly be bathed in. It\"s bits and pieces and not complete, yet those are as lively as any memory I\"ve had since.My mother never called me this things. I told her and also she confirmed them. There room no picture of that house yet my descriptions are completely accurate.I don\"t treatment what specialists say. Lock cannot action inside our minds. They deserve to only do an educated guess. We all build differently. Who is come say the memories can not be retained prior to the period of 2 or 1, or also at birth?I cannot remember birth but I\"ve had actually plenty of human being say castle can\"t remember anything that taken place to them as babies. D Watling, Toronto, Canada it is absolutely possible, and I know because I dreamy my very own birth generally during the very first thirteen years of my life. It was terrifying, constantly awakening me. In the dream I remained in a heat moist dark red place, quite comfortable until unexpectedly the red walls started squeezing me, i beg your pardon I found quite frightening, and also it go on for part time. Climate I would certainly awaken, and also for the first few moments everything roughly me appeared enormous. The sheets on mine bed seemed as coarse together burlap to my fingertips. If I had actually had any type of knowledge the the birth process at the periods at i beg your pardon I had these dreams, they can have been described as projections of part sort; however I was totally sexually naive, and could not imagine what the dream represented: only that it was terrifying. Dean Bevan, Lawrence, Kansas, U.S.A. It\"s funny the directly above my answer is an account of a very similar birth storage dream. Ns remember a dream; a recurring dream, that I started having at approximately 3 year old. That did not stay with me for much more than 2 years and was forget for numerous decades. It came earlier to me in adulthood as soon as I might make feeling of it. The was more stressful 보다 terrifying. The emotion were an extremely similar. Rubbing and squeezing end my whole body and also the the inner rubbing \"sound\" in mine head with each contraction. Choose the prior account, the dream appeared to walk on for part time. There to be a veiled, darkened light together well. Judith Garel, Acton, Canada ns am not exactly sure if mine is a \"birth\" memory however my earliest memory is being surrounding by blackness (or I can have had a blanket over mine head) and I was thinking \"well I have to go v all that learning again\". It was no a comforting thought! yet it has lead come a really deep belief in reincarnation! Vicky Harriosn, Northampton, UK Yes, like plenty of of you i remember such an experience: a warm, red environment, lying on my ideal side, moving in a really \"stop start\" fashion v a small tunnel. The strangest point is that i seem to remember an old male talking come me, ns think a little harshly. Then ns remember no an ext about the birth, yet I mental loads about being a baby: crying in mine cot, gift fed rusks, etc. I\"ve constantly accepted these memories and I assumed they to be normal, share them through friends. Needless come say, lock all had me down as a bit of a nut. But the memories space at the really \"core\" the myself and also I perform not inquiry them at all. Lisa Jones, Ross-on-Wye, England I have actually bits and pieces of memories native the day ns was born. Ns remember gift in the plastic tub on a cart that was being wheeled down the hallway the the hospital. My check out was the ceiling and also I could see every florescent irradiate fixture as I passed under it. The reason I understand this memory comes from my an initial day right here is since I likewise remember a nurse peering in at me. She looked in ~ me because that a while, and as i watched her ns noticed her eyes would blink. I instantly copied her and also that\"s just how I learned to blink. I additionally had been crying once inhaling and also exhaling. I noticed an extremely quickly civilization were just making their voice occupational while exhaling, so i quit utilizing my vocal cords once inhaling. Babies find out by copy everything. Babies are an extremely aware of their surroundings. Many babies execute not remember much, but the know-it-alls that say children under period 3 can\"t remember due to the mind not being developed enough isn\"t considering the possibility that other viable explanations exist. The mind is the many impressive organ and also we have a lot come learn about it\"s mysteries. I have quite a few memories that things before age 3. I am currently 48 year old and these memories have actually stayed consistent my entire life. It could be rare, however it\"s very feasible to mental details from once you were born. Laura Luke, Colorado, united States all of my life I have been able to remember very early occasions in mine life. I have the right to remember the pain of acquiring wind, of being in nappies, make the efforts to focus my eyes on the walls. Ns remember resting in the same room as my parents (they split when ns was about 2.5) and asking for a drink, castle couldn\"t recognize my words yet eventually guessed what i wanted. I remember being walked roughly the room and asked to try to walk to my dad from the sofa. Mine earliest memories room of a really basic type and choose names, castle come and also go. I first remembered being born as soon as I tried to imagine what a dying loved one must have gone through. Ns suddenly gained this feeling of huge pressure on my head and also shoulders and the emotion that I can not was standing it anymore, with it come a ns of something, hope. Yet I survived, I also recall something very different to any type of thing I had known, light. Mine impression that my first sights are of a lifeless nsignificant picture, i didn\"t understand what, if anything, was important, I absolutely didn\"t recognize what a human was or what one looked like. It to be meaningless. That took part time to associate a challenge with the one that cared for me. On one more occasion ns recall being organized up to the mirror and also told ns was there. I experienced the familiar picture of the powerful being that ruled my world and also thought that that need to be me, however was told that no, ns was the very small insignificant blond thing he was holding. J C W, Oldham, England Yes!! Many civilization I\"ve told have said the it can\"t be true. Ns remember there was nothing and then unexpectedly light. Ns remember hearing together if friend come the end of the water. Yet nothing else, can\"t tell you whereby it taken place or what the human being looked like approximately me. I guess it\"s since I didn\"t recognize anything, choose what are civilization or what is a room or i guess anything. Ns mean, that\"s once you start learning. Mario Agra, Pretoria, southern Africa i knew ns wasn\"t crazy! ns remember telling my sixth grade teacher that i remember gift born and also she believed I was going nuts. She laughed and also said \"That\"s impossible\", yet I didn\"t care. Ns still think that ns remembered my birth. All ns remember is gift taken native somewhere, i knew ns existed before, however it to be darkness and also when I came out, my eyes were lastly open, i remember being inserted on some kind of table with bright lamp above. Ns wasn\"t scared, i felt no pain and also I couldn\"t hear. I simply know i felt safe and that every little thing was going to it is in okay. I likewise remember occasions of acquiring my diapers readjusted and points from when I was 1 and 2. Phillip Little, North new Jersey, USA no one of my household seem to think me yet I\"m pretty certain that i remember gift in my mother womb. That was complete darkness, ns remember it gift echoey and also kind of favor shininess in the distance yet I mental no an ext and climate can\"t recall any type of other memory of my at an early stage childhood James Girling, Nottingham, England, UK I have actually asked countless of mine friends & relations if they have the right to remember being a baby. Sad come write, nobody has ever before said yes. I have actually so many vivid memory of my babyhood, all great and bad. Ns remember gift ill and in the hospital all the time. My first couple of months of life was invested at the hospital. My late mom told me she was ultimately able to take me home when ns was 3 1/2 month old. I did not favor those old steel cribs castle used, the people that became jail-like once the sides to be lifted. My happy times was as soon as my mother came to visit and also the negative times once she left.Another storage was as soon as I was ultimately home. Ns sat ~ above the floor next to my brothers\" bunk bed. That looked so big and so vast. My brothers Michael, that was ~ above the peak bunk, started teasing me since I to be not enabled up. I began crying due to the fact that I knew I want to it is in up there through him. My mother came right into the room and picked me up and told Michael he must be nice come his baby sister. Lisa Morrisseau, Thunder Bay, Canada i think I understand why most world do no remember being in the womb. Every due to the fact that I was a kid I have had actually dreams and also recurring emotion of being part of what I referred to as a \"flesh machine.\" There are very specific bodily sensations and muffled voices connected with it. Ns think us don\"t commonly remember being in the womb because it involves a state the consciousness, rather than a usual type of memory, and one has to be in the state of awareness to access the complete flavor the it. If meditating at age 21, I found I might summon up this achingly familiar auditory, spatial and somatic sensations virtually at will, and also it was then that I made decision that the was nearly certainly a womb memory. Due to the fact that then, I\"ve re-experienced it many times, and also I i think it is what ns felt if ensconsed in my mother\"s womb. Mine earliest verifiable, simple sort of memory arisen when i was about 18 month old. Us were ~ above their means to Burtonwood Air force Base to fly to the U.S., whereby we would certainly live native that allude on. Ns was sitting on mine father\"s lap in the earlier seat the a vehicle, looking out at row dwellings to my right. In former of me was my mommy in the former passenger seat. She had actually on a black color hat, which had a specific kind of black netting. After ~ describing this to my mother several times end the years, she has actually repeatedly evidenced that us were in a cab, that ns was on mine father\"s lap, and also that she was in the front seat, wearing the hat.While experience hypnotherapy, I likewise remembered being in my pram and also having a women through bright painted lips coming at me because that a kiss. I was not able to verify this even earlier memory. Over there is voluminous anecdotal proof from researchers trying out with psychedelic drugs, specifically Stanislav Grof, that civilization can remember various stage of gestation and also birth. This is interesting, because these accounts additionally involve entering various states of consciousness. Michael E. Arth, DeLand, FL USA as soon as I was very tiny I had actually very powerful sensations the I can never occupational out, nor put into words. But they have actually stayed with me and I sometimes experience the today. That is a very very intense and also unpleasant emotion of gift trapped and also trying to discover a method out, however I couldn\"t...Of emotion confused and also panicked, something is happening roughly me however I feeling helpless. It is difficult to put a sensation into words, but I believe these are flashbacks of my birth. I have actually an exceptional memory of mine childhood and also even of being a baby. I deserve to remember plainly the fun I had in the infant bouncer and also and can also remember being in the pram through my twin brother the other end and staring up at faces. Sarah W, Tewkesbury England I have several memory in my very first year, i beg your pardon I have never discussed. They are flagrant with feeling alone, very alone, wet and cold or too hot next to the fire. Or remembering gift flung top top the couch together they fought and also being afraid i would fall. I remember being really aware and also alert as as well these two people held mine life in their hands and I can not move. Ns remember this. I have actually three or four memories, 2 being my an initial year and when I can not move and knowing the I had to find out ASAP or it is in hurt. Samantha, Linton uk I also had horrific nightmares because that many, many years that ns couldn\"t ar or define until I taken the birth endure with an adult mind. There to be two varieties of nightmares the an initial had no intuitive elements. They were purely physics - each part of my human body being compressed and suffocating, and the darkest most hopeless emotion overtaking me. As a child I would certainly wake up crying and also go right into my parent\"s room come tell castle I had a bad dream. Lock asked me to explain it, but I had no words other than \"its parts\" together in human body parts. The dreams only reduced when I understood what lock were, and also I rarely had them afterwards, yet it to be well right into my teenage years. Now I can\"t recall the last time I have actually dreamed this. Anne, Waterloo, united state I have memories from before 3 years old. Ns remember i was stand in my crib, the door to be slightly open and light native the hallway to be shining through. Climate my dad came in, he was wearing his job-related shirt and he kissed me top top the head, laid me back down, and also walked out. I had actually a wet diaper, so i was mad the he didn\"t readjust it. The many amazing memory I have actually was roughly 2 year old, my mommy was giving me a bath in the kitchen sink and my dad was watching \"The Flintstones\", which to be prime time in 1968. I was looking in ~ the full moon exterior the home window and thinking \"I wish I live on the moon due to the fact that its really quiet there\". These 2 memories are an extremely clear and also I have had actually them my entire life. As soon as I told mine parents around the last memory they stated we moved out of that duplex as soon as I was 2 years old. Lock knew which one the was because I described the absent fireplace beside the TV come a \"T\". Debbie, Carmichael, USA I do remember being born, I have actually never told anybody other than for mine wife since I know exactly how crazy it sounds and also of food my wife doesn\"t think me and also i have no evidence so that she would. I don\"t mental the actual objects or civilization in the room. What I execute remember is the feeling and also emotions i went through at the time of birth. I remember being in a dark warm and comfortable place. I remember something make the efforts to take it me the end of this warm dark place, i felt cold because that a split second and ns tried come fight to stay in the warmth dark place, then all of sudden I remember bright light and feeling very cold and also uncomfortable. Ns felt so cold and uncomfortable the it must have actually imprinted a long-term memory of this event. The occasion which was my birth. Mario, Union City USA i vividly recall seeing the old steel bedframe, a dimly lighted room (no electrical lights in ~ the time) and also the encounters of my aunt and also a neighbor. (no doctor) i don\"t recall sounds. No too plenty of people believe the story however what the heck, I certainly do!! Jerry Irons, Cisco, Okla USA when I was an extremely young (toddler age) I often had a recurring dream whereby I feeling myself gift lifted increase on what felt choose some sort of carpet and the dream would constantly end with me seeing a bright, bluish face. Once I woke i would have actually a strange tingling emotion in mine navel and also a strange odor in my nose. Uriah, united state I think this warrants investigation.I perform not remember being born. I\"ve only met one human being who says they do. Mine earliest memory was at (~3?) years remembering the storage of feeling the smooth baby bath on my earlier and warm water. I saw the infant bath and that reminded me of the previously memory. Ns was an extremely confused in ~ the time because that intended I must have been a lot smaller. What perplexed me later on, and also prompted a most introspection was as a toddler, mental the reality of tardy I had actually as a baby, which was a lot much more `passive`, for want of a far better word; just percieving. Touch gift stronger and also emotions/feelings too. It\"s favor 90% of your mind is top top a mothers smile. The whole world could it is in exploding and you wouldn\"t notice so lengthy as mother\"s happy. I likewise have to stress that putting this right into words automatically makes the recount inaccurate due to the fact that there to be no words in ~ both points.I think when a memory is of no use to you anymore it goes to the bottom the the pile uneven you reaccess it. The crucial thing over there is that what you think can be of attention to you is not constantly really what you truely want. Thus, a past life memory, even if it is true or false has little value to most world deep down. However, because that some people the _emotional_ echo/imprint/whatever the birth, for example, possibly feeling cheated with it, can be much more accessabile to remember. I think that warrants investigation. It\"s testable. Jago Pearce, Plymouth, UK Well, first I need to say it feels quite hurtful that my mum doesn\"t believe I remember being born. I read some of the entries here and also at very first was struck with shock like \"yeah, right,\" so the made me understand far better how mine parents can not believe me. Yet it\"s still offensive to me the they don\"t think me.I mental looking roughly in total blackness, reasoning \"where does the end? does it walk on forever?\" i remember in the darkness feeling so wonderfully peaceful and also weightless, like just how one might imagine maybe floating in space. I can say I have actually a wonderful storage of that feeling. Really wonderful and peaceful, and I can\"t think the a feeling that do me feel together nice together that. Anyway, ns don\"t recognize if there to be a break or not between this memory and the next, yet the following memory I have is that the sound that water in her ears, and also then ns remember hearing crying (which I\"m sure was me, it to be high pitched crying), then i remember an extremely wobbly voices (when ns think the the voices best now, ns imagine it\"s mine mom\"s voice gift urgent and also wobbly through emotion, but I\"m not sure), and really blurry numbers of color, greatly white blurriness. My guess is it to be a medical professional (nurse maybe?) in a white cloak pulling me out. And also that\"s it. Most likely like 15-25 seconds of memory, however you know, it was day 0 because that me so I\"m sure my sense of time can be totally off. It was comforting to check out this thread, I have to admit. For the skeptics, ns just got done reading an article on a chase Britton that was born without a cerebellum. The is supposed to be difficult for this son to have actually balance, present emotion, and also many various other things. He\"s also absent his pons, which western medicine thought controlled sleeping and breathing. Ns capitalize the previous tense because, obviously, numerous doctors and experts space befuddled and realize they need to rethink what they assumed they knew about the person brain. Unbelievable feel totally free to Google it. Joshua Carlson, Huron, southern Dakota, us I don\"t remember gift born, but I have actually a few memories from gift young. I remember being in the kitchen, and also seeing mine Mum\"s legs near the kitchen counter. She dropped something ~ above the floor, and also I crawled over and put it in my mouth, and also it tasted yes, really bad. I know that it was raw potato now. An additional is being in the hospital playroom, make the efforts to rise on height of a huge red ball and I fell off it. I was over there all the time for my small brother who\"s head wouldn\"t relocate from his left side. My brothers is 21 month younger then me, and he had actually the treatment for his neck together an infant, so i was under three. Also my Dad left mine Mum when I was 24 months and didn\"t make call at every for 6 months, and I psychic him being at the hospital, so yeah, ns was absolutely under the period of 3 Taylor, Newcastle, Australia I had a 10 lb baby and of course ns was really sore. I was in the maximum ground bathroom and the baby monitor remained in the following room. And also the baby downstairs v the receiving monitor downstairs with my Mom. In the bathroom i m sorry getting around or doing daily \"tasks\" were very painful. Anyway ns moaned and cried in pains which the downstairs monitor picked up. Mine daughter to be sound asleep to be startled awake and also started screaming as told by my mother. I always wondered if she was having actually a recall to the moment of she birth (a an overwhelming one in ~ that). What carry out you think? Colleem, Picton, Canada i have constantly found myself different, weird and abstract native others...I remember not just being born but conception! I recognize it sounds crazy. I did have a short conversation through a soul mate in a location that appeared to be heaven. I even promised him that I would certainly wait for him. Ns was told by part authority the I had actually to \"Go Back\". I recognize there is a class here. I remember picking my father, mother, sisters and brothers. Throughout the procedure I was encased in the egg throughout fertilization. I prospered within my mothers womb; the same, similar thing the universe. Come many human being this sound pretty insane ns know. Through such lively memories and also telling my mom at the age of 2 that i \" choose Her\". Was obviously scary! The reason I know that mine life is what I made decision is every little thing I to be told prior to coming here happened. Mine mother died of cancer...Unfortunately ns knew she would. I still have these weird abilities that make me ponder. No, ns am not managing life through a dream or making believe I to be special. I have actually been evaluated and I am not mentally insane:) ns don\"t carry out drugs or drink. I just want to recognize is over there anyone rather that has actually experienced this? permit me know! Jo-Bean, Denver us I remember. More I psychic the womb and also not the womb. I remember the first steady clean noise ns heard. I have because confirmed there to be a tv on in the restore room as soon as I to be born (and that the show in inquiry was ~ above at the moment of mine birth). Us did not have a tv at home. I remember the theme song to the television display that was playing. Ns remember a lot, and also understand there room others choose me, found by researcher in synesthesia who have actually come throughout test subjects who also have AS. Everyone who states NO ONE can remember is a bigot that isn\"t listening. The thought processes change a great deal over the first few years. Part people pick to bring over at an early stage memories come the lexicon. Sean, mountain Antonio, TX USA i don\"t remember being born yet I perform remember as soon as I remained in my cot (around 6 months old?), and also having a dream the there was water approximately my cot, and also I must have actually screamed.

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I remember trying come tell my parents what I had actually seen through pointing come the floor. Ns don\"t think castle understood, yet they responded through there\"s nothing there