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Don trip - Whippin bromheads.tvWhippin it, whippin it, whipping it, whipping the Whippin it, whippin it, whipping it, whipping it I"m in the kitchen gaining weight, weight, weight
Yo Gotti - standing In The Kitchen bromheads.tvI"ve been standing in the kitchen over the stove just water whippin mixin Soda with the yola bet ns can show you exactly how 2 get some Overs da da da da da da daa da da da da da da da da daa I"m a dope boy painted yam 125 Gram because that twenty 7 fifty every day Nigga below I to be Wanna acquire the entirety quarter I"ll fee you a nickel flat
2 Chainz - Kitchen bromheads.tvI go difficult in the mommy fuckin" kitchen half thing, whole thing, nigga I"m pitchin hit it v the soda do a nigga start whipping fight you v the choppa make a nigga start flipping! began in the kitchen, king of the whipping Denzel in glory, tear fall was absent Just prefer the roof is, talk in that kris Brown
Chedda Da affix - Whippin increase bromheads.tvI"m whippin" up a baby, whip-whippin" increase a baby In the kitchen goin" stunner I"m whippin" up a baby, a, a-a-a baby In the kitchen goin" stunner I"m whippin" up a baby have it stankin" up the kitchen clean my bitch freezer, obtained a couple pounds of midget I"ve to be catchin" plays all night through my city
Migos - wherein Were girlfriend bromheads.tvWhere were you as soon as I was whipping the in the kitchen wherein were you as soon as I to be jugg finessing midget where were you once I was encountering time turn off tickets lock wanna come around ... Currently you going with what I"ve to be going through, bitch girlfriend struggling I understand that you dislike it, I know that you mad you"re acquiring a dose of your medicine
Yung Gravy & Bbno$ - Whippin bromheads.tvGravy in the kitchen I"ve to be whippin" Sweet and sour chicken your bitch look choose a pigeon yet finesse is my faith I"ve to be whippin" I"m savvy in the kitchen my swag is fuckin" drippin" issue fact, it"s finger lickin" Gravy blacked out, 1:30 afternoon Hit your bitch v a splash emoji in the DMs (Gravy Train)
Tory Lanez - Melee bromheads.tvI"ve been whipping the coke in the kitchen (Yeah) and them nigga, they questioned me, infant (Woah) I"ve to be doing the jugging, the pitching (Ah) my young niggas for this reason rowdy and crazy (Yeah) we the realest niggas of all time, One Umbrella forever, baby (Ah) Grraat, head cracked My wrist on Melee (Melee) my bitch top top bebe (bae day)
Chris Brown - Whippin" bromheads.tvI seen and feel it coming closer, bro"s tho in kitchens whippin" yola Ring ring for the best, death a gyal reason she dead rotate dead come peng, kitchen whippin" v friends Whip skid and also then beng, done her gyal reason she peng Brung her earlier to the ends, gas she up prefer the Benz Pardon, pardon me, I"m just lit, transforming up
Fredo - Again bromheads.tvAll this irradiate in the kitchen, I"ve been whipping all day i done whipped me a foreign now I require me a Jane my whip gamings crazy it be needing restraints all those nights i was broke I can"t even explain I had to struggle the strip and also then hit it again ns slipped and did a bidding climate did that again however now everything"s lit and we"re living again
Eve - Mama In The Kitchen bromheads.tvMama in the kitchen, mama in the kitchen mine mama in the kitchen, whipping, us flipping Mama in the kitchen, mama in the kitchen my mama in the kitchen, whipping, we flipping Mega star status, it’s beyond this galaxy you wanna glimpse Of mine reality… display I’m new up out the kitchen currently pay attention what the human being been missing
Young Buck - Since method Back bromheads.tvAnd I remained in the kitchen whipping, since method back method back, way back, means back and every nigga the you check out me v been with the shit we been shoot it out through these niggas since we youngsters Erybody in this ar done watch what us done did every these laboratory niggas gone say they hood, yet I know what the is
Yella Beezy feat. Quavo & Gucci Mane - Bacc at It Again ...bromheads.tv for Bacc at It Again through Yella Beezy feat. Quavo & Gucci Mane. Cook that shit increase Quay! five my gosh ago at that again (Back at it) In the kitchen whipping ...
Yo Gotti - standing In The Kitchen bromheads.tvbromheads.tv come "Standing In The Kitchen" through Yo Gotti. Ay, you know what time that is nigga Aw yeah, it"s cookin" time homeboy Da Da Da Da Da Da Daa Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Daa Da
Chris Brown - Whippin bromheads.tvWe team, no cream, shook ones and they"ve been on leaf CDs native around, huge Ps, make pounds i tour through gang dem in your town, shut the down, close up door it down I link the crowd and they walk nuts, in the ends, huge Benz law doughnuts i seen and also feel it comes closer, bro"s quiet in kitchens whippin" yola. Ring ring because that the best, kill a gyal reason ...
Mike will certainly Made-It feat. Migos, Wiz Khalifa - Whippin" a ...bromheads.tv because that Whippin" a Brick by Mike will Made-It feat. Migos, Wiz Khalifa. Pots in the pan clock me rest the stick Pull approximately the kitchen through that strong arm magic...
Yella Beezy - Bacc in ~ It Again bromheads.tvbromheads.tv come "Bacc at It Again" through Yella Beezy. Chef that shit up Quay! five my gosh back at the again (Back at it) In the kitchen whipping
Rack5 x ZK x Splasha - Who"s On who bromheads.tvReally been whipping in kitchen, splash man down turnt negative boy victim Stepped out of court the day, 17 year if shit went different They had actually me in the Bailey thinking, come out come cream no Bailey"s drinking Don"t talk about stabbing up yutes, mine last situation had three victims Shanked up, roll on mine ones, ns don"t fist fight, been in the 12 favor ...
Migos - where Were you bromheads.tvWhere to be you once I to be whipping that in the kitchen wherein were you once I was jugg finessing midget wherein were you as soon as I was encountering time turn off tickets castle wanna come about Where were you... Whereby were you when I to be down and out and also I was in the drought wherein were you as soon as mama claimed she gon" absent ...
MIGOS - whereby WERE you bromheads.tvWhere were you/ whereby were you.../ whereby were you as soon as I was whipping it in the kitchen/ wherein were you as soon as I to be jugg finessing midget/ whereby were you as soon as I was facing time turn off tickets/ castle wanna come around/ where were you.../ wherein were you as soon as I to be down and out and I remained in the drought ...
Tory Lanez - Melee bromheads.tvbromheads.tv for Melee by Tory Lanez. Grrrat, head cracked One Umbrella family, nigga We"ll never stop, nigga They"ll never ever stop u...
Chris Brown - Whippin" bromheads.tvChris Brown Whippin" bromheads.tv. Whippin" bromheads.tv performed by chris Brown: Whipping increase some occupational Phone walking off, catch going berserk struggle the
Vado - yellow Bricks bromheads.tvI"m in the kitchen whipping gold bricks I"m in the kitchen whipping gold bricks I"m in the kitchen whipping gold bricks fast life, I"m so affluent ... It ain"t even been a week, currently owing shit Nigga"s tryna gain a piece of all that older shit Snow-Motion block with slow motion
Fetty Wap - She understand bromheads.tvIn the kitchen water whipping on the soda shit, yeah I"m the nigga in mine city and also she understand that shit Juice v Eliannte therefore you know I"m lit That"s 100,000 ~ above me, walk you know that shit? In the kitchen water whipping on that soda shit, yeah and also I keep obtaining out the mission baby, yeah put a limit on mine AK simply for the distance ...
MIKE will certainly MADE-IT - WHIPPIN A BRICK bromheads.tvMike will certainly Made-It - Whippin a Brick bromheads.tv. Feat. Migos & Wiz Khalifa Pots in the pan watch me break the pole Pull up to the kitchen with that solid ar
Young Pappy - Whip that bromheads.tvI"ve to be doing this a lengthy time Why friend mu"fuckin trippin" Can"t call me candid Lucas reason he snitchin" Bitches naked in the kitchen while i whip that In the kitchen while ns Whip it (whip it) Whip that , (Whip it) Whip that (Whip it) Tell that bitch to gain up out her feelings Pull the end my pimp hand more than likely backhand that hoe choose bitch is girlfriend stealing?
¡Mayday! - do bromheads.tvAre you in the kitchen whipping entrées or the next items? Fighting because that some peace or simply a piece of someone"s pie slice male I desire to know, i gots come go, I"m on my timeline perform you choose to talk, or do you listen for the highlights? Live fast, dice young, or period like a fine alcohol This all approximately you, I"m just enjoyment for the lengthy ride
Migos - Stir fried food bromheads.tvIn the kitchen, wrist twistin" choose it"s stir fry (wroof) In the kitchen, wrist twistin" like it"s stir fried food (whip it) In the kitchen, wrist twistin" choose it"s stir fry (whip it) ... The melody because that this song has been top top hold due to the fact that 2008. At the time the could become a T.I."s song yet wasn"t released.
STITCHES - with THE mail bromheads.tvI"m pulling increase a pint I"m smoking on the kush/ whipping up cocaine bitch/ I"m bout come cook/ you want to sell drugs monitor my footsteps/ then you"ll receive cocaine at ur doorstep/ with the mail/ I obtain cocaine through the mail/ I"m whipping up the dope in the kitchen bitch u know/ im ...

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Shawty Lo - Cookin" bromheads.tvIn the kitchen whipping up prefer a chef In the game calling plays prefer a ref Fuck she good, eat that up, it"s height shelf Don"t leaving the catch "til it ain"t none" left need some extra hands, all the money that us counting all these diamonds on me, friend can call me water spring Nigga cop a coupe, same day going mounting
Guwii Kidz - In The Kitchen (Remix) bromheads.tvLate night in the kitchen, water whipping punch All juggers ass, rack it "fore i kick his door 17 shots, right before I avoid this hoe Ay, jugger finessing niggas understand how hard I walk Twelfth a second, nigga know exactly how to roll All I recognize is acquiring bands climate I get some an ext Late night in the catch tryna gain it all
Mixtape Madness, Digga D & Kenny Allstar - Mad about Bars ...Pyrex living, Pyrex whipping, splash in the kitchen, get it back over Brown and also cute choose Keisha, i can"t lie Lisa, a genuine life moaner Been gaining these P"s, 10.5 the the baking soda She wan" jump up, mash increase the place, Pallance bitch, this ain"t no soca Kenny Allstar submit Corrections.
French Montana - Whip bromheads.tvWhipping increase quater an essential yola, clock me skinny it v it right right, left left, best right, left left Whip, whip, whip, whip, whippin" increase a lick five cell phones ~ above me like a dope boy offered out shows throughout the world with the Coke guys Niggas mad in ~ me reason I never move sloppy capture me in the kitchen whipping increase a Bugatti
Mac fearbut - Inertia bromheads.tvI been a god means before synagogue Liquor drops provided to hit the spot favor a cinderblock This is not what girlfriend wanted however this is what you got You live through what you got Elixir that I"m mixing prefer I"m in the kitchen whipping rock I"m in the spot favor the middle of a prison box and also you ain"t nothing come the planet yet a small dot
Young Buck - obtain Ya Money right bromheads.tvbromheads.tv to "Get Ya Money Right" track by Young Buck: ... Dual cup in the kitchen and also in right here whipping through this yayo lock hoes it is in saying ns been lacking they tho going to execute what i say despite Tell your baby daddy I gained blocks bitch laker 10 bricks wrapped increase in the Winnebago

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