Sam Smith to be born ~ above 19th may 1992 and also grew up in a rural town on the border of Hertfordshire and also Cambridgeshire, the nearest city being Bishops Stortford. They’re the oldest of three siblings and are claimed to be close to your younger sisters. Their mom is a successful City that London trader and also their dad a stay-at-home dad who lugged up the children.

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Smith showed very early talent because that singing, and their parental responded by arranging to sing lessons from the period of eight with expert jazz singer and also songwriter, Joanna Eden. In ~ the at an early stage age the seventeen, castle left college to pursue their dream, life in a tiny one-bed flat and working in a London pub, however ended up isolated and also beset through loneliness.

Sam knew they were gay, they said, for as lengthy as they could remember. They endured bullying at school and also were shocked to find that even in London—close to gay communities—they were based on homophobic attacks. These negative experiences, combined with an naturally emotional nature, notify their songwriting and also delivery. The soulful, beautifully well-off tone of your voice and also the topic of the text ‘speak’ to many people and also have resulted in their success.

It to be through teamwork with Disclosure’s “Latch” and Naughty Boy’s “La La La”, Smith discovered themselves more and more in-demand throughout 2012 and also 2013. They publicly came out together gay shortly before releasing your debut album In the Lonely Hour top top 26 might 2014, which lock wrote because they to be in love through a guy who “didn’t love back”.

In 2015 Sam won the Grammys because that Best new Artist, record of the Year and Best popular music Vocal Album. Your popular single “Stay through Me” won the 2015 Grammy for track of the Year.

In 2017 Sam came out together non-binary stating “I feel as lot a woman as I to be a man”, and also in 2019 announced on Instagram that they were changing their pronouns to the gender neutral they/them. In succeeding interviews Sam confessed that “… gender, for me, has been nothing but traumatising” and also that they weren’t prepared for the “ridicule” that was command at them.

In state of skilled life, Sam’s career has been nothing yet successful. In September 2017 Sam’s solitary ‘Too good at Goodbyes’, the lead single of their sophomore album, to be released. It topped the charts in their residence country and reached the top five in the U.S. That has accumulated over a billion see on the streaming service, YouTube. In beforehand November, their album ‘The Thrill Of that All’ managed to top the official charts that eleven countries.

On march 20, 2018, Sam started their “The Thrill of it All civilization Tour” in Sheffield, England. It visited Europe, north America, Asia, brand-new Zealand and also Australia. The south Africa leg of the tour started in Cape Town, however was cut quick by what at the time was claimed to it is in voice strain and Sam’s are afraid that castle would damage their voice more if the tour continued. However, they ultimately admitted come panic and also stress adhering to the grief the their split with ex-boyfriend, Brandon Flynn.

On 27 in march 2018, they released “Pray” featuring American rapper Logic. Top top 17 august 2018, the singer collaborated as the key vocalist on Calvin Harris’s brand-new track “Promises”. The song came to be Smith’s seventh number one struggle on the UK Singles Chart.

In January 2019, Sam blacksmith released the R&B-tinged, somewhat autobiographical ‘"Dancing v a Stranger", a timely cooperation with 5th Harmony’s starlet Normani – a girl team that Sam has been a large fan of.

In July 2019 “How execute You Sleep" was released, attach by a music video clip that garnered a hundred million see in much less than two months. Sam has actually said in an interview v Kiss Radio that the story behind the tune is generally autobiographical.

In October 2019 Sam got the human of the Year award from Attitude Magazine because that their campaigning on behalf of the non-binary community.

On first November 2019 Sam released a cover, to hopeful reviews, of ns Feel Love, initially released by Donna Summer in 1977.

Sam’s prolific output didn’t end in 2019. In 2020 Sam’s solitary To die For was released in February 2020. Intended together the title monitor of your album, planned at first for relax in May, this was deferred since of the an international Coronavirus pandemic. The title and content were understood inappropriate have actually been revised.

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On 18th September 2020 the 2nd single Diamonds native Sam’s third album, re-titled Love Goes was released. The full album reduce on 30th October 2020. A significant proportion the the tracks have actually been deadline by Sam self to your relationship and break-up through Brandon Flynn.