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From time to time, buyers and sellers may want to review an eBay listing because that an auction the has already closed. Sellers may want come see exactly how they noted a specific item in the past, while buyers might want to consult a listing they winner if the items they got does not match the summary they remember.

In either case, eBay walk archive auction listings. Only listings that have finished within the critical 90 days, however, are easily accessible through the eBay website. After ~ 90 days, auction listings are gotten rid of from view and also can only be accessed through official eBay channels. Usually, this occurs just when necessary as proof in legitimate matters. Occasionally, though, customer company may be ready to provide information or copies from together listings.

To accessibility archived listings, you deserve to use one of two people the my eBay device or search by article number if you know the variety of the listing the you desire to see.

Accessing Archives making use of My eBay

To accessibility archived auctions utilizing the my eBay system, follow these steps:

Click top top the native "My eBay" at the optimal of any type of eBay website page.On the sidebar in ~ the left side of the page, click on the link that defines your connection to the auction listing in question:Click "Won" if the listing is for an item that friend won.Click "Didn't Win" if the listing is for an item that girlfriend didn't win.Click "Sold" if the listing is for things that you sold.Click "Unsold" if the listing is for an object that you noted but the did no sell.In the "Won," "Didn't Win," "Sold," or "Unsold" ar of the following page, pick the "Last 60 days" choice from the "Period" drop-down perform at the appropriate side the the display.

You must see your item in the list and can click on its location to view the listing. If friend don't watch it ~ above the list, friend will must search because that the article by number.

Accessing Archives by item Number

Accessing archived item by article number is fairly simple. Enter the article number into the find box in ~ the upper-right of any eBay website display and click "Search." If you execute not understand the item"s number, then you can discover it if either the buyer or the seller left feedback in the transaction.

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Simply visit your very own feedback profile or the feedback profile of your trading companion in the auction and locate the item in the list. The item number for each auction in the feedback perform is presented in the far-right column and can be entered into the find box in ~ the upper-right of any kind of page. To find your commerce partner"s feedback profile, get in their eBay User ID into the uncover a Member tool, part of eBay"s advanced Search system.