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Before us dive into how to use scented wax melts lets start v a an easy most question, what are wax melts?

A an excellent way to make sense of what wax melts are is come imagine a fragrant candle without a wick. Castle come in a selection of shapes, sizes, and also scents.

Much favor scented candles, wax melts do offer off a pleasant scent at room temperature, yet they are finest used warm, which causes them to melt and also release a an ext potent aroma.

A wax warmer can facilitate this melting!

Wax warmers come in a vast range of colors and shapes which is helpful when you’re in search of one that will complement the décor of her home!


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How to usage Wax Melts?

How to usage Wax Melts?

One of the benefits of wax melts is what they allow you to perform with them.

You’re able come experiment with various combinations of fragrant by utilizing them in either electrical tart warmers or flame-powered tart warmers.

Oil Burners

Many world who usage oil burners in ~ home and had never used wax melts have a question in mind whether they deserve to you usage wax melts in one oil burner or not?

Fortunately, the prize is Yes.

Since wax warmers and oil warmers usage a similar method to warm their contents, that is entirely feasible to use a warmer for wax also if it was specially designed for oil.

You may find that the hardened wax in her oil warmer melts again after gift rewarmed and also mixes with your oil.

This no a destructive issue, but if the 2 aromas space not entirely compatible, girlfriend may find yourself with a not-so-pleasant odor.

How to use Wax Melts for Oil Burners?

Without Burner

The undisputed finest use for your wax melts is come melt the wax, for this reason releasing the aroma.

However, stop say you to be gifted part wax melts, and although the idea appears nice, you nothing necessarily desire to invest right into a burner. (Although, lock are very affordable!)

One alternative you deserve to use to make use of your wax melts is to usage a pan on the stove.

Warm a tiny bit that water in a medium-sized pot, and then location a smaller sized pot in ~ the water and also place your wax in the smaller pan.

This is a an excellent way to reap the aroma without a burner or warmer still.

Just be advised that once the wax dries the re-hardens, and it can be daunting to clean the smaller sized pan.

A great solution come this worry is to line the smaller sized pan v tin foil.

Mixing and matching can be a an excellent way to develop a brand new and original scent for your home.

Try a couple of of these exciting combinations:

Chai and also vanillaPeppermint and pineCoconut and also almondApple and roseVanilla and jasmineChamomile and lavenderChocolate and also cherryCinnamon and appleVanilla and also orangePeppermint and also lemongrassHoneysuckle and also peachJasmine and also basilMango, orange, and also limeClose, sandalwood, and also honeyLavender and ylang-ylangAllspice and also vanillaStrawberry and also kiwiSpring rain and sunflowerFrench vanilla and black coffeeOrange clove and also harvest spiceRose, lavender, and also vanillaLilac, vanilla, and blueberryVanilla and muskStrawberry, vanilla and pina coladaThe sky is the limit!

Have fun experimenting and finding a distinctive fragrance for her home…

Do Wax Melts Evaporate?

It might seem counter-intuitive if you a candle lover, however wax melts carry out not in reality evaporate in the same way candles do.

Instead, their aroma will gradually dissipate after being warmed numerous times, yet the wax itself will certainly remain.

How come Reuse Wax Melts?

The organic next inquiry is how to usage the old scentsy wax if you’d like not just to key ’em.

Here are numerous tips on exactly how to reuse wax melts that has actually lost its lover scent:1. If you have a drawer in her kitchen that captures when you open up or nearby it, using a tiny wax on the rails can make for a smooth glide.

2. If you a camper or survivalist, you can actually make a nifty fire starter using dryer lint and old wax. Dryer lint is exceptionally flammable, and the wax helps it to burn longer.

3. When the ends of your shoelaces come to be frayed, you can melt part wax onto them and also roll the wax in between your thumb and also finger to do a brand-new tip.

4. Melt the old wax into any kind of shape you’d favor using a mold and use the unique type as a decorative piece in her home. (Great because that the mantle!)

5. Zippers ~ above coats, jeans, tents, and sleeping bags sometimes gain worn out and also stick. Rubbing some wax ~ above the zipper provides it glide smoothly again.

6. You have the right to use old wax to deal with ding and also dents in wood furniture or lumber floors. Just run some wax on the scratch, and also you’re good to go!

7. If you desire to allow your inner Victorian character out, you can utilize supplied wax together an old-school letter seal! Drip a few dabs the wax on an envelope and stamp it v a wax seal stamp.

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Can You use Wax Melts To make Candles?

You can absolutely make candles out of wax melts.

Most significant stores or pharmacies offer coated candle wicks that you can purchase.

Once girlfriend melt the wax, you deserve to pour that into everything container you’d like and place the wick in the wax.

As the wax dries, it will certainly secure the wick which you deserve to then light favor a regular store bought candle.

There room a many of creative containers you can use to pour your wax in.

A popular option is mason jars, yet you can likewise use tea cups, coffee mugs, glass cups, believe jars, etc.

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Truly the sky is the limit as lengthy as the container will not melt or record fire!

Wax On

We hope you’re emotion inspired and in-the-know once it involves all things wax melts.

The selection of uses and also ‘re-uses’ for such a basic thing is incredible, and also the fact that girlfriend can make up a brand brand-new scent through combining two or an ext is an amazing idea!