Are you all set to shot Monat? whether Monat samples were sent out to friend or ordered via our sample site, girlfriend should discover this information helpful. If you were directed below by another market partner, make sure to contact him or her as soon as you have questions or when you are prepared to acquire started.

A Different type of Shampoo

The one thing you must know is that Monat is different. Our ingredients, our standards, how our products work. I say it all the time; friend can’t get various results adhering to old processes or making use of your old products. So, throw out what you previously knew about hair products and also how to use them. Her hair doesn’t “used to” a shampoo, and also you more than likely don’t have to wash your hair every day. 

What renders Monat Different

The bulk of hair products are topical assets that work on the surface. Castle coat the hair, often using a hefty silicone or petroleum-based product, and also produce the preferred result. They carry out quick results through a an easy process. But, the outcomes are temporary.

Monat consists of powerful, naturally based ingredients. The most important, in my opinion, is rejuveniqe oil. Together we age, we develop less and also less of our herbal oils and often eliminate these through our day-to-day use that hair and body products. Rejuveniqe oil is a blend of 13+ distinct ingredients, consisting of Abyssinian oil, antioxidants, beta-carotene, and omega-3 fat acids.

Pure oils space lightweight, absorb quickly, and leave the skin and also hair through a natural healthy glow. Rejuveniqe is therefore compatible with our hair and also skin the it can easily absorb without greasiness and also replenish the hair and scalp v much-needed nourishment. For this reason, rejuveniqe comes in your sample set. Rejuvenique oil is infused into most of our products, also “the champ” conditioning dry shampoo. I’ll explain below how to perform a rejuveniqe oil therapy on your hair and also scalp.

Highly Concentrated

Did you understand the majority of shampoos are mainly water? perform you feel choose you are saving money by gaining colossal gallon size bottles? Monat shampoos are highly focused using a USP Pharmacopeia grade water. So, you can use much less for every wash, a dime come quarter dimension amount. One 8-ounce party of Monat lasts me twice as lengthy as those old gallon bottles i was buying!

For this reason, girlfriend will require to include water. We’ll talk about it below. But, remember constantly to add water, emulsify her shampoo, and rinse well.

Hair Spa Experience

To be clear, few people have actually time for a 5-product hair wash, and I don’t suppose you to carry out this every time! A usual wash v Monat is shampoo and also conditioner only. However the Monat samples you obtained are considered a “hair spa” and also designed to provide you the absolute ideal results.

There is no perfect method to sample these products, and also results come with continued use. But, this set of samples should provide you a good experience. Below are part tips for setup you up because that success.

Monat Sample-Step One-Rejuveniqe Oil 


Before girlfriend shampoo next:

Take the Rejuvenique oil sample, bag a feet in the foil packet, usage the advice of your fingers with drops the oil top top them come massage the oil right into your scalp.Do this 5 or 6 times and also until you’ve included oil to all the locations of her scalp.Use the remainder of the packet on your hair strands, concentrating on the ends. Work-related it into your hair strands until they feeling greasy, but not dripping. You have the right to use the totality packet if needed.Brush the oil right into your hair under to the ends. Put your hair increase in a damage-free hair tie. Don’t worry, if you provide it 10 or 15 minute to soak in, it won’t deliver to your clothing or pillow. Walk to sleep if the oil works! Or, if you room a night washer or simply not a planner, you have the right to do this therapy anytime before you usage Monat shampoo. Just let the oil work-related its magic for 30 minutes before washing it out.

***I think this action is essential. But, if you space too skeptical about trying or don’t believe me, then simply wash! conserve the oil for your skin or cuticles and also move top top to step 2.

Monat Sample-Step 2-Shampoo


After the oil treatment:

 In the shower, obtain your hair soaking wet. If you have thick hair, friend may new to section it to execute so. Make sure it is dripping wet. Use a nickel to quarter size amount depending on hair thickness and length. Occupational the shampoo right into a lather in her hands before applying to your hair. Emphasis on her scalp. Leave in because that 1-2 minutes before you rinse. Rinse well. Once you feel like you’ve rinsed it all, to wash again. If you have thick hair, you may need to component it into sections and rinse each area.

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***During the first wash, the shampoo will not lather much. Don’t worry; the product is working correctly. The first wash is going to rid your hair of accumulation and environmental toxins. 

Monat Sample-Step 3-Shampoo


After your first shampoo:

Yes, you’re going to shampoo again. Monat is sulfate-free, and you will constantly wash twice through Monat (whether you to wash every work or as soon as a week).

Reapply a quarter size amount just as friend did before. This time you must experience whipped cream-like lather! If you don’t gain a good lather, go ahead and also rinse after ~ a minute and lather again v a quarter-sized portion. You have to shampoo until you acquire a lather. Always let the shampoo sit on her scalp for at least a minute. Rinse well just just like your an initial wash (rinse, rinse, rinse).Squeeze some of the water out of her hair.

***If her hair begins to feel sticky or tangled in ~ this point, that’s normal. The stickiness may be environmental, or product builds up coming turn off the hair. In addition to that, this naturally-based products don’t save on computer waxy substances to coat the hair and give it a false feeling of slip. ~ you gain a bubbly lather and also rinse, her hair might be naked because that the an initial time in a while. The conditioning agents friend use next will include that feeling of on slide back.

Monat Sample-Step 4-Masque and Conditioner


After your 2 shampoos and a bubbly lather:

The masque must feel choose butter, soft greasy, but not goopy. It’s ideal to usage a conditioner v or ~ a hair masque. I’ll save you the details top top pH and when the hair cuticle closes. Just know you should seal that in. Leaving both the those on because that a minimum that 2 minutes, longer if you have the right to (5-10 minutes is ideal). Rinse as if her life depends on it. Towel dry her hair by wringing or blotting, not rubbing. Shot not utilizing styling assets after this experience, therefore you can see just just how awesome her hair is. 

***A hair masque is a as soon as a main treatment, and also you should gain at the very least two offers out of the sample pack.

One to wash Miracle?

All and all, this procedure could take under 5 minutes in the shower and also leave your hair feeling soft. Again, you might experience part tangling after shampooing. Typically, the stickiness environmental and also product build-up coming turn off the hair. And, without the silicones, her hair will certainly be less slippery. That’s okay.

I have actually a feeling that you were expecting to view a massive distinction from a single wash. Ns hope girlfriend did! But, everyone’s suffer is different, and also depending on your current products and the state of her hair, it may take longer. Her hair may also go v a healing procedure (sticky roots/ dry ends/etc.) execute NOT WORRY. Sampling is more about feeling, touching, smell the products, and trying the wash process. Outcomes come with continued use.

The BEST way to sample

Hands down, the best means to sample Monat is to use the consistently for at least 30 days. Walk you understand that Monat has a 30-day money-back guarantee? from the work your products arrive, you have the right to use castle as regularly as friend want, end up the entirety bottle if girlfriend desire, and then send them ago within 30 days because that a refund (minus shipping).

I hope you discovered this info helpful. I hear people say lock “didn’t see a difference” with their sample or that the sample made their hair emotion tangly. My an initial thought is the the industry Partner fail in providing appropriate education. Monat is a an excellent product line. But, once you room different, you’re often misunderstood. It’s mine job and mission to educate, counsel, and troubleshoot with you, so you get the finest results.

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Have you supplied your samples yet? Make sure to reach out when friend do, and send me some feedback. I hope come hear from you soon!